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    Database Project Udløbet left

    SQL ER diagram @!

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    Have a car and can locate the fuse box? I need a video of it! Just take a 30 sec - 2 min video of the outside of the car, walking up to the fuse box, remove the cover, and show the diagram underneath (if it has a diagram). Simple as that! Most cars have two fuse boxes, one inside the passenger area, and one near the engine. I would prefer a video of both fuse boxes. So, two 30 sec - 2 min videos. ...

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    I need help with building a data visualization using Matplotlib in Jupiter notebook for the 3 types of graph, treemap, arc diagram, and bubble map. so the data that you would take in would be a data frame that has the information. I have the sample jupyter notebook which is large, can't upload it here.

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    Need business analytics skills and ability to create a swim lane diagram in a cloud app called Miro. 1 to 1.5 day job Need to start today or tomorrow (Sunday) morning. Experience in Government procurement would be very helpful. Information to create map will come from a existing cloud product and some documentation and in-person guidance. Must be located in Australia.

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    Looking for someone to draw NALSD diagram solutions for specific questions that will be provided. 10 in total. Questions will be provided along with assumptions and set of qualifying questions. We want to see what people come up with and this is a pilot to ascertain if questions can be used for us in interviews. Company name withheld.

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    You are required to develop a new written test script for the “fund-loan” happy path and error path (sad path) shown in the diagram. The test script should cover both scenarios below. -The lender already had a verified bank account on their profile -The lender didn’t have a verified bank account on their profile and has to connect a new bank account Guidelines -The test case ...

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    Have a car and can locate the fuse box? I need a video of it! Just take a 30 sec - 2 min video of the outside of the car, walking up to the fuse box, remove the cover, and show the diagram underneath (if it has a diagram). Simple as that! Most cars have two fuse boxes, one inside the passenger area and one near the engine. I would prefer a video of both fuse boxes. So, two 30 sec - 2 min videos. T...

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    Apply DAG causality diagram to make model for research analysis Use R to construct the model

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    I am going for a contract and need help putting together technical documents including system architectural diagrams. Diagrams need to be created in Powerpoint, so easy for me to edit and should be graphically nice. SAAS/Cloud Solution I am a programmer working with PHP and codeignitor with mysql as a database. I work with a standard hosting provider to support delivery of SAAS learning managem...

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    Preliminary Architecture Proposal 5 dage left

    This project is NOT about the circuit and PCB itself but is a Preliminary architecture proposal. It is required to present 3 different architecture proposals/solutions like type of microprocessor/SoC with a system block diagram able to handle an image processing code with WiFi module. If you a reasonable bid is made and the result is professional, we will proceed with to the second phase with th...

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    Temos toda a descrição de uma aplicação e precisamos fazer a Diagramação nos padrões do cliente. Application Environment Diagram (AED) Diagrama de infraestrutura de tecnologia (TID) Fizemos um diagrama que esta na apresentação em anexo porem nao atende os padrões do cliente.

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    Situation: We have create a simple app based on Python PJSUA library ([log ind for at se URL]) for a Voice bot solution. Simple diagram of a application is in attachment. Application registers via SIP to a telephony (Twilio or a Asterisk) and accepts incoming call from soft-phone or connected phone-number via telephony system. Then it streams audio via web-socket to another application (this work...

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    Ladder diagrams 4 dage left

    Make 2 ladder diagrams in Do more diagram: At the initial moment, none of the bulbs are lit. After pressing the S1 button, the L1 switches on, L2 is extinguished; when you press the S2 button, the L1 goes out, L2 switches on. Pressing S3 turns off both bulbs Ll and L2. Pressing the Sl button, l second with an interval of seconds, switches two bulbs (the cycle is switched off with another button S...

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    I am in process of building a z axis with autofocus and this was a bit over my head. Have the Omron ZX1-LD300A61 NPN output and I need some help with wiring ZX1 to a DM542 step driver and end stop at top of z axis. If someone are familiar with this setup, please help :D Hope pictures will help?

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    Hi, I'm looking to build a human-in-the loop RASA chatbot which will be deployed on a mobile app Functionality expectation is as below 1. When the user sends a message and chat bot responds as per the stored intents (I don't need help on defining intents) 2. When user wishes to talk to a human agent, there should be a hand -off process from bot to a slack group 3. When any of the avail...

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    jest automation test 4 dage left

    using nodejs/typescript/jest to test grpc api 8 grpc api already defined proto file will be given as well as message sequence diagram

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    free body diagram, shear force and bending diagram

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    Hi, I'm looking for someone to make my white board block diagrams into something I can put in a report for my customer. I'm doing this really quickly, and I don't have time to think it through too much. I'd like someone who can bring a clarity, and a little design to make it attractive. Attached is an example block from my whiteboard. There are a few instructions in brackets....

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    identify components within structure and create free body diagram

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    identify supports, types of supports, degrees of freedom, types of structure and free body diagram

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    I need research conducted on the use of Hyperledger in the insurance industry. I need a 12-15 slide Powerpoint presentation in pdf format. Any relevant research presented cited properly in APA format. In five slides, discuss the problems in the insurance industry that distributed ledger technology addresses, discuss why Hyperledger is the correct solution and the rationale for selecting Hyerledger...

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    Hadoop MapReduce- I can pay $10 4 dage left

    Question 1This question is about reliability and scalability in Hadoop.(a) Consider the following scenario. While executing a MapReduce job two replicatedblocks of a HDFS block with a replication factor of 3 are marked as corrupt, a Node-Manager fails and the Application Manager also fails. Does this prevent the job fromrunning successfully? For the job to be successful the results must be the sam...

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    I need someone who can explain me the code of C programming attached below and need to prepare Artifacts,Record,text for VIVA and ER diagram regarding this C programming [log ind for at se URL] should be explained in detail using C programming concepts only. Thank You

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    Project on Mysql and ERD 3 dage left

    hi we have requirement of candidates who are comfortable with database projects looking for candidates comfortable with mysql and Erd (Entity relationship diagram)

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    I researching about selling digital goods on ebay. I want to implement this digital delivery feature on my current website that is currently only creating listing, orders. Please see this diagram as a reference [log ind for at se URL] Secondly, I want to be able to receive / read and reply messages from the Ebay buyers. You must understand Ebay API, PHP and Mysql. This could be an ongoing developm...

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    Trophy icon Design a lifecyle diagram 3 dage left

    Wanting a full lifecycle diagram desgined using the attached rough copy i have put together as a guide and to get all the infomation and steps off. Designers can create their own icons for each step or find images that have the same style for each step. Have also attached our logo to be in one of the top corners of the finshed design to tie it all together

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    Make me a UML activity diagram 3 dage left

    UML activity diagrams for the code provided by me. People having knowledge on Embedded systems please let me know.

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    Trophy icon Floor plan for 3bhk home 3 dage left

    This is a 33 X 55 ft east facing 200 sqyard plot, House construction is for G+2. Ground floor full parking 1st floor is 3bhk.. we need floor plan for this floor 2nd floor will be a rental space, so design not required for now. Except front, in all other sides we have a g+2 houses constructed already. Our house construction has started, so pillar points is fixed, attached the existing diagram wit...

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    Create basic app prototype 3 dage left

    I need to create a basic app that mimics the behavior of the logic in this diagram in a step by step order using dropdowns.

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    I have a Venn diagram that will need all the logo's transparent. I will attach the Venn that does not have the transparent backgrounds. I will send you the logo's when we are ready to begin.

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    Read sample project requirement from this text file , design diagram , identify tables and do wireframes only

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    Read small requirements and only draw a diagram that display software concept, show all database tables required and do screen wireframes

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    Project Report -- 2 2 dage left

    i want same one to help me on Diagram , with my application if you now how to did the 0-level DFD and ,1st-level DFD, 2nd-level DFD, Use-case Diagram, Sequence Diagram, Activity Diagram, ERD, Class Diagram , Context diagram , if you now all of this came to me if you don't Know please don't came I don't have time to chat all with no idea .

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    design very simple basic snake game in quartus. Provide me with the verilog code ,state diagram, design schematic, all codes and instructions for self implementation.

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    design very simple basic snake game in quartus. Provide me with the verilog code ,state diagram, design schematic, all codes and instructions for self implementation.

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    Hi, We are a music studio complex, based in East London with a network of Unifi products that have grown over the last few years, and are needing to get to grips with how to manage, upgrade and maintain it. Currently some of the APs are not working due to outdated firmware, however when consulting the chat support, I find myself out of my depth using code to update the devices! I am fairly comp...

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    The Project is mainly about designing a virtual experimental system including a controller, a DC Motor, a gearbox, an indicator link, and a scale showing 0-360 degrees. The aim is to design a PID controller and to show that precise position control of the gearbox shaft is available. You will also obtain the mathematical model of each component, design a Simulink block diagram with Virtual Reality...

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    I need help building the block diagram. Lower limb exoskeleton robot. As in the attached figure. by MATLAB SIMMECHANICS. design control of robot use matlab simulink (optimal control LQR). simulate kinematic and dynamic motion.

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    To work on a use case (Market analysis): calculate profit of a car-sharing company in last week in different cities (upto 10) calculate a number of cancelled trips in last week, calculate a number of cars available at a nearby location. Create the uml diagram using a tool, showing the connections between database and java application, To create a word document explaining the project. use java and ...

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    Objectives: 1. Create a developer org from [log ind for at se URL] for your fictitious company. 2. Create a Welcome Message on the home page and/or sidebar. 3. For each of the Objects: Account, Contact, Opportunity a. Create two new fields: of the 6 fields (in total) you create one must be a lookup relationship, one must be a picklist with multiple values, and one must be a formula field. b. S...

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    I require guidance to install a Mazda Connect infotainment system into a non mazda vehicle. I haven't been able to get the unit powered up on a test bench yet. This could be due to lack of signal from the BCM (Body control module) but not really sure as this is outside my skill set. The vehicle this system was been taken from is a 2019 model Mazda 3 (Non Bose model) I have the following ...

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    I am looking for someone to read and record several chapters of a midwifery textbook in MP3 format. This would be to listen and re-listen for personal studying only. For now I have 4 chapters (approx 150 pdf pages approx 1/3 images or tables that do not need to be read). More potential reading work available. Looking to have main text read and ability to briefly summarize tables and diagrams (i.e...

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    Plant Stakes Project: • Design the front and back of a plant Stake. (See examples and diagram). • These are the little hard plastic that in plants and flowers that you buy store. • I have a small backyard greenhouse were I grow flowers. • I want images at the top on both sides (Images attached) that will be about the size of nickel. • One side will vertically say Da...

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    We need someone to help us build a web-based app that has below key functionality. More details are disclosed in functional specification and wireframes, which we will share with you later. Please demonstrate your skill set on web app development and your proficiency in languages such as HTML, JavaScript. Input: * Able to read Visio flow charts and transform into interactive objects, so that each ...

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    Hi Merry, I would like to offer you a small project to draw a simple diagram that illustrates a concept for a leadership training course. I would need fairly quick turn around of initial concept although the final is deadline is 10 days. If this works well then I mauy have more small projects. We can discuss any details over chat. Regards, Ian

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    I need a simple sketchup blocking model of two simple buildings on a rectangular site (no topography required), and blocking of a couple of simple neighbouring buildings. One of the buildings has a slightly irregular footprint, the others are standard rectangles. These will need solar diagrams for winter and summer solstices, 4 images for each solstice. I can provide .dwg file and google maps...

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    ONLY THOSE WHO CAN CONVERT ELECTRICAL DRAWINGS INTO LADDER DIAGRAMS NEED BID. Electrical schematic diagram of simple workshop machines (lathe, cutting, grinding machines) to be made in autocad. Total no of drawings ... approximate 22 to 25 drawings. Presently most are made in microsoft paint, some are hand sketch. Also need to convert all the drawing into ladder diagram and make the ladder diagr...

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    Build a small software 18 timer left

    Hello, I hope you are doing great we are a company called Modern Perfume Co. I want to ask if you are able to make a small program fit the next diagram for our warehouse and its stock for windows that is compatible with barcode scanners. Also, an invoice is attached to see how it will show.

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