JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. If you are looking for a website to be created with sophisticated interactivity or in search of an impressive mobile app, using JavaScript is the way to go. With the help of our expert Javascript Developers, you can bring your idea to life.

A Javascript developer on can create dynamic web applications with extended features and improved user experiences. They can also design advanced gaming applications, develop cloud applications, and create powerful websites that work with less coding and low complexity.

Here's some projects that our expert Javascript Developers made real:

  • Developed interactive websites & apps with detailed user accounts experience
  • Created powerful applications that streamline complex data into actionable insights
  • Built custom Windows and Mac software designed to fit client specifications
  • Developed mobile apps that enables customers to access data from their phones
  • Connected databases to web interfaces with easy input/output functionality
  • Optimized existing code for faster loading pages and smoother user workflows

Javascript Developers on know how to turn ideas into reality. They are experienced professionals dedicated to excellence and creating top-notch scripts that are easy to use, reliable and fast. If you have an idea but don’t know how to turn it into technical reality, is the place to post your project. Hire our expert Javascript developers today!

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    I have a Bootstrap 5 menu that I need to have its menu items rearranged. I'm looking for an expert who can carry out this adjustment efficiently. Key Requirements: - Rearranging the existing menu items Additional Details: - The menu needs to be responsive, ensuring it functions smoothly on both mobile and desktop platforms. - No animations or dynamic effects are needed for this project. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Bootstrap 5 - Strong understanding of responsive web design - Prior experience in menu item reorganization - Attention to detail and ability to carry out the task efficiently. Just one very simple modification The same idea as the previous menu I programmed The arrow pointing down is the menu The text next to it is a regular link The mobile phone sup...

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    I need a skilled Pine script coder who can help to enhance my trading view website with real-time algorithms for stock market. Key Tasks: - Develop a system that uses RSI, Moving averages, and Bollinger Bands to trigger levels and alerts. - As for the stocks, I have various interests. I prefer the algorithm to be versatile and adjustable to different stocks. - Emphasis on real-time data rather than historical analysis is a must. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Pine script coding and the ability to implement it on trading view. - Solid understanding of RSI, Moving averages, and Bollinger Bands. - Prior experience in building real-time trading algorithms. - A broad-based knowledge of the stock market. The perfect candidate for this task should be able to provide some examples of simil...

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    I'm in need of a skilled developer who can help me fix some calculation errors in my accounting dashboard, built with Vue.js. This project will require a combination of debugging and implementation, hence the need for a developer with a solid understanding of both Vue.js and accounting principles. Key Tasks: - Diagnosing and correcting calculation errors: The errors are centered around incorrect totals and profit calculations. Specifically, the issues are affecting gross sales, costs of goods sold, and net profit. The errors seem to be date-specific implying a need for a keen eye for detail. - Implementing a date range filter: The dashboard pulls data from an API, and I need to be able to filter this data by date range. This will facilitate better data analysis and decision-making. ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced JavaScript developer who can help me implement a drag functionality in my web application. This project involves dragging elements between multiple containers and onto specific targets. The ideal candidate should: - Have a strong understanding and experience with JQuery and vanilla JS - Be familiar with implementing complex drag and drop functionalities - Be able to efficiently work with DOM manipulation - Have a creative approach to problem-solving as this project involves a bit of complexity The main tasks you will be working on include: - Implementing drag functionality between multiple containers - Enabling drag and drop elements onto specific targets - Ensuring that the application is responsive and user-friendly Please note that experience with...

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    Error Solution in Python code 6 dage left

    I have a Python code for data scraping which was working fine earlier but now I am getting error in that. I need help to solve the error.

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    As an ambitious business, I'm seeking seasoned React.js developers to aid in creating an application for mobile devices. The design aesthetics should echo a corporate and professional demeanor. This will not only add to the appeal of the application, but also align with our brand ethos. Key Functionalities: - The app needs to have a responsive design to provide a seamless experience across all mobile devices. - Integration with specific APIs is another major requirement. Ideal Skills: Deep and thorough knowledge of React.js and API integration is paramount. Familiarity with creating corporate and professional interfaces and understanding of responsive design are also pivotal. Experience: Previous experience in mobile app creation, specifically with React.js, is highly desirable. ...

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    I'm seeking a skilled PHP developer who can connect Razorpay to a web page to facilitate online payments. The project includes the implementation of web page validation and data storage in a MySQL database. This project involves the following: * Razorpay Integration: Integrate Razorpay for online payment processing. * Form Validation: Implement validation where appropriate on the web page. * Data Management: Based on the payment status, if it is successful, store data in the MySQL database. Otherwise, store the information in a separate table for unsuccessful ones. For successful payments, the database should store: * Payment date * Payment status * Multiple other fields from the webpage The ideal candidate should be proficient in PHP and MySQL, familiar with Razorpay integrat...

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    Rise CRM Language Change 6 dage left

    Hello, I am looking for a developer who could build a language change option on Rise CRM. It should be change language while I call url like ?lang=en This should be working if I logged in into rise or not logged in.

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    I'm seeking a DevOps Engineer to facilitate the deployment of our website. Your role will involve CICD automation using Github actions, Docker, and AWS. Key Responsibilities: - Setup and automate the Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CICD) pipeline - Integrate Github actions for CICD - Utilize AWS services such as EC2, ECS, and S3 for hosting and deployment Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in DevOps and deployment automation - Proficiency in setting up CICD pipelines using Github actions - Strong knowledge of Docker for containerization - Hands-on experience with AWS services, specifically EC2, ECS, and S3 - Prior experience with JavaScript programming is a plus Your work will be crucial in ensuring a seamless and efficient deployment process for our...

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    Fix Android Picture Printing Issue 6 dage left

    I've encountered an issue with the 'react-native-bluetooth-escpos-printer' plugin on Android. When trying to print a picture, it displays unnecessary white space above the image, affecting the overall printing quality. I've attempted some troubleshooting steps to address this problem, but unfortunately, none have worked. I am looking for a skilled developer proficient in React Native, with specific experience in the 'react-native-bluetooth-escpos-printer' plugin. The ideal candidate should be able to: - Diagnose the cause of the white space issue when printing pictures - Implement a solution that ensures the image prints correctly on Android devices - Provide support or suggestions for any potential future issues that may arise - The work will be through re...

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    I have a Figma design for a web page that I need to be converted into a fully functional, responsive web page. Project Requirements: Conversion from Figma to HTML/CSS/JS: Convert the provided Figma design into a fully responsive web page. Ensure the design is pixel-perfect and matches the Figma design exactly. Responsiveness: The web page must be fully responsive and should look perfect on all screen sizes (desktop, tablet, mobile). Looking forward to working with a talented and experienced freelancer to bring this design to life! Those are initial informations. More will follow but we estimate the price to be fair.

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    We need to build a custom standalone script: This basically will create contacts in multiple Autoresponders using API.(list of AR listed below). User should be able to add multiple accounts of same ARs. process will be - 1. User will upload this script to his domain. 2. He will build opt-in on any platforms. But as soon as he install the script on his domain - we will give them a webhook URL to which he should send all the opt-ins tasks in detail(not final, as a developer, you can decide) - Create a super admin login - create sub-users - manage packages - generate a licence on each purchase - Create user login - validate licence on login - dashboard to list captured data - list account connected and settings to enable and disable connected third-party accounts (10 ac...

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    Dynamic Website Creation 6 dage left

    I'm in need of a professional who can create a dynamic, informative website for my business. The main aim of this site is to inform potential customers about the services we offer. Key deliverables: - Development of a dynamic, user-friendly website - Ensuring the content management system is easy to manage and update - Integration of a payment portal for processing transactions Ideal candidate: - Experienced web developer with a portfolio of informational websites - Proficient in web design and development - Familiar with integrating payment gateways - Knowledgeable in creating and managing dynamic, interactive websites - Good communication skills to understand our service offerings and implementing them effectively into the site. Please apply with your past work samples and rel...

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    I'm seeking a skilled professional to help me integrate Snyk's SAST & SCA tools into our software development process. Key Project Requirements: - Expertise in JavaScript and Java: Our project is primarily built in these languages, so a thorough understanding is essential. - Snyk experience: Proficiency in using Snyk for static application security testing (SAST) and software composition analysis (SCA) is crucial. - Security Vulnerabilities Focus: The main goal of this project is to identify and fix potential security vulnerabilities in the codebase. Integration Approach: - Manual Scans: We prefer to integrate the security tool through manual scans before deployment. The successful candidate should be comfortable with this approach. To sum up, the ideal candidate would b...

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    Customize auction plugin 6 dage left

    We are looking professionals to customize auction. Please find thorough details in document attached.

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to help me create a custom video player for YouTube video. The primary requirements for this project are: - The video player should be able to stream live events smoothly and without interruptions. - It needs to have a feature for viewer polls, allowing viewers to interact with the content by answering questions and seeing real-time feedback. Please include examples of similar projects you've worked on in the past in your proposal. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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    I'm in need of an experienced part-time developer who can assist me in filtering potential candidates for my position. Candidates can work part time on this role and 2 interviews ever day on their own schedule. Every interview would be about 1 hour. 1 hour technical interview will include - 10mins: React, Node tech questions - 10 mins: architecture, cloud service questions - 20 mins: React coding - 20 mins: Algorithm test After every interviews you should submit reports. Expected monthly salary requirement is $100.

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    I'm in need of a skilled individual with experience in creating scripts for Google ads. The project involves scripting for a Google Ads campaign. I need to modify the script that I attached, now it's only for one account, and I want it for MCC. Furthermore it have to do this extra thing: The MCC script must creates one google sheet for each account in your MCC (I need to choose the account ID). The sheet must gives you 3 main insights: where Google is showing your ads (shopping, display, video or search/other) which search categories your ads are showing for (sorta like search queries) a ‘product matrix’ that puts all products into 1 of 6 buckets based on performance the list of placement in display network, with the performance For all of these, you get...

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    I'm looking for a web developer to build an Automatic Betting BOT specifically for BC Game or 1Win. Key requirements: - The BOT should be able to interact with the betting platforms to place bets and manage my bets - It should have the capability to work automatically without human intervention - The system should be efficient and reliable The betting website already has a Sandbox where we can upload our own script to play the Crash game automatically without human interaction. You can visit the link to see how it works or watch the attached video. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Web development with a focus on automation - Familiarity with betting platforms such as BC Game or 1Win - Experience in building bots would be a plus The project needs to be completed ASAP...

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    I'm in need of a full-fledged e-pharmacy app that merges the best features of popular healthcare apps like PharmEasy and Zomato. Please consider the following details regarding the project: - Key Features: The app should allow users to easily order medications online, conduct a hassle-free search for medicines, and upload their prescriptions. Furthermore, I'd like to incorporate a delivery portal, akin to Zomato's, ensuring seamless and efficient delivery services. - User Registration: The registration process should be user-friendly and varied, offering options for email registration, social media logins, and phone number verification. This multifaceted approach will appeal to a broad spectrum of users, making the sign-up process as easy and accessible as possible. - Pay...

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    Site management 6 dage left

    A skilled developer who can manage my website and give nice update to it

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    I am managing a network of WordPress websites, each catering to different languages and hosted on separate domains and databases. Here are the websites: English: French: Spanish: Russian: Arabic: Each website has around 1500 subpages. For instance: о-нас معلومات-عنا I would like to integrate these websites so that a visitor can easily switch between languages and be redirected to the corresponding page in the selected language. For example: If a user is on and selects French, they should be redirected to Similarly, selecting Spanish should redirect to , and so forth. To achieve this without using a language plugin, I am considering a solution using a database table that maps URLs across different languages, like that: id engl...

    €170 (Avg Bid)
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    Looking for an expert to collaborate with for desired website design, correct format/placement, code, export etc. Further details upon contact. Will consider all types of New Freelancers and Experienced.

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    A system where the admin can add members and the members should be displayed on the website

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    I'm looking for an experienced developer to create a dynamic and user-friendly mobile app centered around a sales dashboard. This application should provide: - Real-time sales data to help stay on top of performance - Graphical representations of this data to help visualise trends - Filter and search functionalities to easily navigate this data and focus on specifics. Applicants should have a background in mobile app development, particularly those that involve data collection and analysis, and should be sufficiently skilled in creating interfaces that can handle and effectively display complex data sets. Your experience or understanding of sales and e-commerce processes will be highly advantageous. If you have the necessary skills and experience, I encourage you to bid for this pro...

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    Modern Stock Portfolio Website 6 dage left

    I'm looking to build a modern stock portfolio website from scratch. We are seeking skilled freelancers to help us develop a comprehensive and user-friendly stock portfolio website. Our platform will provide users with tailored stock portfolios based on their financial situation, risk tolerance, and investment goals. Users will answer a series of questions, and based on their responses, our system will generate a personalized investment strategy using data from our database. Key Functions: - User Questionnaire: Interactive and dynamic questions to gather user information. - Portfolio Generation: Algorithms to create customized stock portfolios. - Real-time Stock Data: Implementing a live feed or API to display the latest stock market information. - Dashboard: A powerful and intuitive ...

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    I'm in the initial stages of building a new application and I'm looking for an experienced React and Node developer to assist with API integration and development. Key Responsibilities: - Collaborate on designing the frontend - Implementing the necessary API integration - Developing the backend using Node.js I'm seeking someone with a strong understanding of React and Node, who can help me navigate the complexities of building a new application. Experience with API development and integration is crucial. The ideal candidate will: - Have a solid portfolio showcasing successful projects - Be adept at both frontend and backend development - Possess excellent communication skills and be a reliable team player

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    My project involves developing a top-down adventure game using to be compatible with web browsers. The game should be able to engage all users, hence, I'm looking for creative ideas to keep the gameplay sophisticated You must use p5js and the game must launch in the browser. 2) Using appropriate data structures and algorithms to hold a game world that includes at least one location, fitting within the size of your canvas, one controllable character, and at least one collectable item. a) Example environments/locations: a library, a market square, a church, a shop. Examples of items are keys, books, fruits, etc. 3) Controlling the character using the keyboard or the mouse. 4) Including at least one obstacle, external borders/walls, one exit point for each environment / location. 5) ...

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    Description: We are seeking a freelancer with experience in the Frappe framework to develop and integrate an app. The project will involve creating an application, integrating web templates, and implementing various functionalities including user authentication, dashboard design, and data integration. Although Frappe provides many built-in features and an underlying structure to expedite app development, we require someone to take leverage of these capabilities to design app. Responsibilities: * Develop an app using the Frappe framework. * Integrate web templates into the app. * Implement login functionality and email activation for the website. * Design and connect the dashboard. * Integrate data from various data sources to support dashboard functionalities. * Ensure smooth data flow ...

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    USDT Flashing Software Development 6 dage left

    I need a developer who can create a portable USDT Flashing Software with specific features and essential security measures. Key Requirements: 1) The software can perform flash of the USDT, as well as the flashed USDT should be transferable from/to unlimited wallets with blockchain confirmations. since it is flash btc it must be visible in BTC wallet address for 365 days. There will be no transaction fee while sending from "flash s/w" to "btc wallet" as it will be no confirmations. There will be no limitation for daily transfer for usdt. It can’t be tracked as a fake transaction. should take normal time to send btc one wallet to another wallet in a normal internet connection. 2) These usdt will disappear after 365 days. (negotiable) Note:- There should be some...

    €839 (Avg Bid)
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    Spin Game has 3 screens and all resources will be provided. You will build this Game for web browser with mobile responsive. Check attached brief and send me message for it.

    €285 (Avg Bid)
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    43 bud

    Project Description: Google Chrome Extension Maker Functionality: - refresh the page - looks if there is a job posted - click it asap

    €76 (Avg Bid)
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    17 bud
    PHP CircleCI Image Build Debugging 6 dage left

    I need an expert in PHP and CircleCI to help me troubleshoot failing tests at git As part of my project, I'm building a Docker image using CI/CD tool CircleCI. The tests are failing at git. I need an expert who can assist me in identifying the root cause of this issue and fixing it. Ideal skills and experience: - Strong proficiency in PHP - Extensive experience with CircleCI - In-depth knowledge of Docker - Prior experience with CI/CD pipeline debugging - Ability to troubleshoot issues at git Your main tasks will be: - Investigating the failing tests at git - Providing a detailed explanation of the problem - Implementing necessary fixes to ensure successful image building Please, only apply if you have the necessary skills and experience to take on this task.

    €17 (Avg Bid)
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    We are looking for an experienced developer with a deep understanding of websockets, financial markets, and third-party API integrations. This project involves creating a real-time trading system that can efficiently process live data for accurate and timely trade executions. **Key Requirements**: - **Expertise in Websockets**: Must have proven experience in using websockets for real-time data streaming. - **Financial Market Knowledge**: Solid understanding of financial markets to make informed decisions based on live data. - **Third-party APIs Integration**: Experience in integrating with various financial market data APIs for comprehensive market insights. **Proficiency in Python**: Strong programming skills in Python, preferred for its efficiency in financial applications. The ideal c...

    €440 (Avg Bid)
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    --- Project Scope Your task is to create a B2C e-commerce in WooCommerce according to our requirements under the tab "Technical function & explanations" We provide you as a developer with a sketch in which all graphic guidelines are stated, such as colors, font and layout. For the subpages that are not designed, we expect you to create and interpret them based on the specified graphic guidelines. All sub-pages that must exist are also specified under the heading "content & sub-pages". ---Timeline Project is ready to start now. We want to show client results in mid june. ---About the customer is a family-owned company run by mother and daughter in Gothenburg. They started their journey by selling treatments and after time they started offering their cust...

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    3D Character Viewer Enhancement 6 dage left

    I'm in need of a skilled 3D view developer to update an existing 3D viewer module. Key Requirements: - The new 3D viewer should allow users to see the 3D character as an 'improper fraction'. (image attached) - Enhanced rendering quality is highly essential for the new module. - Users should be able to control the animations of the 3D characters. The updated 3D viewer is primarily intended for use on a website. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in 3D development and rendering - Experience with 3D character modeling and animation - Profound knowledge of updating and integrating 3D viewer modules - Prior work on enhancing rendering quality - Good understanding of web-based 3D viewer integration

    €112 (Avg Bid)
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    SVG Icon to Cross-Browser Font 6 dage left

    As someone seeking to enhance my website's overall performance, I'm interested in having an expert who can convert our SVG icons into a more flexible, high-performing font. This process is expected to ensure: - Improved site performance - Achievable cross-browser compatibility - Scalable icons Ideal candidates should be able to provide evidence of their expertise and experience in related projects. Understanding of SVG and Font technologies, and ability to work with different styling (Serif, Sans-serif, Script) is paramount even though there's no particular preferred styling. I look forward to receiving a detailed note on your capabilities and a projection of how you intend to accomplish this task.

    €355 (Avg Bid)
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    47 bud
    Convert PHP Backend to Nodejs 6 dage left

    I have a PHP backend that I need to be converted to Nodejs, with some features to be added. I'm looking for a developer who can effectively and efficiently convert my PHP backend. I would also appreciate if you could help me add some features to the Nodejs backend, as I'm looking to improve the functionality of my application. Your responsibilities will include: - Successfully converting my PHP backend to Nodejs - Ensuring that the new Nodejs backend is fully functional and bug-free - Adding new features to the Nodejs backend. Please place your bid if you're certain you can handle this project seamlessly.

    €284 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a skilled backend developer to help bring my vision to life. - Your primary responsibilities will include setting up user registration and logins, as well as facilitating medicine ordering and delivery, and prescription upload functionalities. - The app's backend needs to be built using Node.js, and I require someone well-versed in this tech stack to ensure seamless and robust development. - Additionally, you'll need to implement integration with external services, such as payment gateways, SMS/Email notification services, and maps/location services. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in Node.js - Experience in developing e-commerce apps, particularly in the healthcare/pharmacy sector, will be a big plus - Prior work involving integrating external ...

    €310 (Avg Bid)
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    39 bud
    Custom Login/Register Android App 6 dage left

    Job Description: We are seeking an Android Developer who can enhance our mobile application by identifying user IP addresses at login and customizing the user interface and features based on the user's country. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in Android development and experience in implementing location-based services. Responsibilities: Develop and maintain Android applications. Implement functionality to identify user IP addresses during login. Customize the user interface and features according to the user's country. Ensure the performance, quality, and responsiveness of applications. Identify and correct bottlenecks and fix bugs. Proven experience as an Android Developer. Proficient in Java. Strong understanding of Android SDK, different versions of Andro...

    €5 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    29 bud

    We are Technology company in Vietnam, the No.1 Parking Ecosystem. We want to find Java Outsource to join our Projects. Thank you

    €2096 (Avg Bid)
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    48 bud
    MERN Stack Developer 6 dage left

    Looking for a MERN developer with strong command and at least 5 years experience. You need to have a quick turnaround for work and be available daily to debug, iterate, and push for production. Include the total of this puzzle (14-6=?) at the beginning of your bid. This is a long-term commitment for the right candidate.

    €547 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking for someone to help me add a new feature to my website. - I want to implement 6 buttons in the header section that will allow users to toggle between different views of single listings. These views include: - Map view - 360 view - Google Street View - Image gallery - Video - Featured image Ideal skills and experience for this project would include: - Proficiency with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML - Experience with implementing interactive features on websites - Knowledge of integrating media types like 360 views, Google Street View, etc. - Understanding of UI/UX principles to ensure a seamless and user-friendly experience - Previous experience with similar projects would be a plus. If you think you have the necessary skills and experience to help me with this p...

    €111 (Avg Bid)
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    72 bud
    Existing Hotspot Optimization 6 dage left

    We need to add additional input fields to the existing SMS login flow on our hotspot solution. The new fields will be age group, gender, and nationality, in addition to the already existing fields for mobile number, first name, last name, and email ID. This will bring the total to seven fields. Additionally, we need to collect these inputs on the first page itself. We also need to gather this information from the admin console and have the capability to export it as a report in both Excel and PDF formats. We currently have the option to export as PDF and HTML reports. If the existing export functionality requires any patchwork, that will also be necessary.

    €156 (Avg Bid)
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    10 bud
    Custom WordPress Plugin -- 2 6 dage left

    I'm seeking an experienced WordPress developer to create a bespoke photo gallery plugin with filter features. Key Features: - A user-friendly photo gallery for intuitive navigation. - Filter functionality, enabling users to sort images by specific categories or colors. - The plugin should be able to easily integrate into any WordPress website without conflicts. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in WordPress plugin development. - Experience with creating user-friendly interfaces. - Strong knowledge of filter function integration. Your task will be to create a visually appealing and functional photo gallery plugin. Please provide examples of previous work or similar projects you've completed.

    €272 (Avg Bid)
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    33 bud

    5+ years of experience in .NET development with C# as the programming language Strong proficiency in React and other front-end technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. Experience with ASP.NET MVC, .Net Corr, Web API, Entity Framework, and other .NET frameworks. Solid understanding of software design principles and patterns. Experience with database technologies such as SQL Server and MongoDB. Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced environment. Relevant certifications (e.g., Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate) are a bonus. DevOps experience is an added advantage. Experience in python is an added advantage IT is a work from home full time job role.

    €11 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €11 / hr Gns Bud
    39 bud

    Job Description: We are looking for agencies only ( If independent freelancers applied I will report their profile) We are seeking a on bench skilled full-stack developer proficient in Java and React.js for a 6-month contract position. The ideal candidate will have experience in building robust web applications, integrating APIs, and working in agile environments. Key Responsibilities: - Develop and maintain web applications using Java (backend) and React.js (frontend). - Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features. - Write clean, scalable, and efficient code. - Troubleshoot and debug applications. - Ensure the performance, quality, and responsiveness of applications. Requirements: - Strong proficiency in the Java and Spring frameworks. - Solid ex...

    €1367 (Avg Bid)
    €1367 Gns Bud
    47 bud

    I'm seeking a skilled developer to build a telegram bot tailored for cryptocurrency usage. This bot will largely resemble "Hamster Kombat", but with a few unique modifications: -the main background should be used, namely, instead of a hamster, there should be a dog -Integration with a tethered wallet that allows real currency deposits which can be converted into coins -Implementation of a casino roulette feature, allowing users to play using coins mined within the bot -I also want to have a separate tab so that a person can remotely enter funds into the wallet and use them in the form of "doge coins" -Mining system with exposure modes just as it is depicted in “Tronix app” -all currency must be in the form of doge coins and the payment system must ...

    €546 (Avg Bid)
    €546 Gns Bud
    33 bud

    I'm looking for a skilled professional to develop a React Native app for both iOS and Android platforms. The exact functionalities of the app are yet to be determined and the UI/UX design aspects will be discussed as they've not yet been supplied or defined. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proven experience in developing React Native applications for iOS and Android - Ability to create a functional and pleasing user interface - Strong communication and problem-solving abilities, as the specifics of the project are yet to be defined - Flexibility to adapt to changes as the project evolves and the requirements become clearer If this sounds like a challenge you're up for, I look forward to seeing your proposal.

    €117 (Avg Bid)
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    Necesito un asesor programador en python para acompañarme a realizar sistema web que utiliza como backend el framework flask con api rest junto a una aplicación front end realizada con webpack con javascript, css y html, la base de datos es mysql

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