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AWS Redshift SQL I need some guidance/code on AWS Redshift hierarchy levels to assist with some work I am doing probably 1 -2 hours 0 Redshift, Coding Apr 22, 2018 I dag6d 23h -
Read data from a serial port and convert it to a keypress I am looking for someone to create a simple application that works in Windows XP and later. It would take the data from a serial port and convert it to a key press. Similar to this one - [url fjernet, log ind for visning] 6 Software Udvikling, Coding, Programming Apr 22, 2018 I dag6d 22h €138
simio project help me to finish my simio project 6 Software Udvikling, Coding, Programming Apr 22, 2018 I dag6d 20h €29
i need a coder 150$ is my price i need an android appdeveloper 4 Spil Design, Coding Apr 22, 2018 I dag6d 19h €134
Zencart: Product List Sorter Plugin + HTML plugin Please read and understand that you can fulfill both before you bid.. thank you. 1. Need someone to upload product list sorter plugin (link below) to our site. Do note that the plugin has some code that clashes with product filter (link below) that is used on our site. Some code modification is needed. Sorter: [url fjernet, log ind for visning] Filter: [url fjernet, log ind for visning] 2.... 4 PHP, Zen Indkøbsvogn, MySQL, HTML, Coding Apr 22, 2018 I dag6d 10h €20
Understanding code in hotmail account I am an individual, and have been having issues with someone who seems to know a lot of things about me they shouldn't I have run a diagnostic report on my hotmail account (ie a print out of inbox rules) and there are a couple of email addresses I do not recognise. I would like someone to confirm (in lay terms) what the code is doing and why these addresses appear. 1 Coding, Programming Apr 22, 2018 I dag6d 8h €169
I need an app We sell Mp3s online and need to convert that traffic into app ecosphere. 5 Coding Apr 21, 2018 I dag6d 5h €410
Need Excel VBA programming skills Hello, I am currently working on a project: creating an Excel "tool" that list some risk management strategies to be implemented when a company wants to go export based on the ranking of worldwide countries. I have already produced a draft, but it needs to be improved (design, print...). 37 Coding, Excel VBA Apr 21, 2018 Apr 21, 20185d 19h €444
Project for Syam M. -- 2 Hi Syam M.,The VWAP bands that you wrote for me has [url fjernet, log ind for visning] VWAP is never straight line but your vwap indi that you have coded comes as straight line and since the entire indicator is based on VWAP i feel its [url fjernet, log ind for visning] you please recode it for me. 2 PHP, C programmering, Visual Basic, Metahandel, , Coding Apr 21, 2018 Apr 21, 20188d 11h €214
Bus Identification System for the visually impaired using RFID. I need somebody to help me with only the code for a project which is BUS IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM for the visually impaired using RFID. No help required in regards to the circuit only the code needs to be done in Arduino 7 Arduino, Coding Apr 21, 2018 Apr 21, 20185d 11h €18
i need someone to make me a hangman for a school project I need a fairly simple 2 player hangman game, with user inputs for the word, at least one subroutine, for loops and while loops. The code has to be original and work on python 3. 6 Coding Apr 21, 2018 Apr 21, 20185d 9h €33
Excel Spread sheet VBA Need someone to take an 2013 Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet with VBA code and convert it to new office 31 Excel, Coding, Excel VBA Apr 20, 2018 Apr 20, 20184d 23h €90
i need a lawyer read and write contracts, follow regulations and help risks to our business 8 Kontrakter, Coding Apr 20, 2018 Apr 20, 20184d 22h €228
Dropship Lister ebay / Amazon integration I need a tool or software to be built so that I can list items to amazon store. The software needs be synced to the amazon store and ebay. I will be buying from ebay and selling on amazon for example. Buyer buys item from our amazon store , we then buuy from ebay and ship to amazon customer I would like the developer to go through [url fjernet, log ind for visning] Register and under... 16 Java, Software Arkitektur, Software Udvikling, Coding, Programming Apr 20, 2018 Apr 20, 20184d 20h €795
Custom Product Option in Big Commerce I am looking for a custom product option creating in Big Commerce. I want to sell a product that will be charged per square metre. The customer will be able to enter their measurements, e.g....5metres wide x 3metres long = 15 square metres. I will set the square metre rate (e.g. £5.00) so 15x £5.00 = £75.00 Please only bid on this if you have past experience with Big Commer... 22 PHP, eHandel, HTML, BigCommerce, Coding Apr 20, 2018 Apr 20, 20184d 19h €140
Tradingview Pine Script write custom strategy in pine script for tradingview 4 Coding, Programming Apr 20, 2018 Apr 20, 20184d 16h €124
Make me a game advantage I need something coded regarding a game advantage, something that makes the game easier for me. Game does not have an anti! Tell me if u are able to code this for me. 5 Python, Coding, Programming Apr 20, 2018 Apr 20, 20184d 16h €500
website developer I need someone to help to develop my new e-business in term of website, coding and design... 58 Web Design, eHandel, Coding, Programming Apr 20, 2018 Apr 20, 20184d 10h €155
recede for Unicode with scripting Font i have a font for that i want Unicode recede and join letters scripting in-script keyboard and phonetic keyboard and its related to font designing 3 Java, C++ Programmering, Software Udvikling, Coding, Design Apr 20, 2018 Apr 20, 20184d 8h €129
React Native developer I have made a project but have some build errors that I need help with. If you are experienced with React Native, this should be easy for you. 7 Coding Apr 19, 2018 Apr 19, 20183d 23h €274
REVERSE ENGINEERING Infineon Processor in a Car Engine Computer looking for someone with skills in Protocols: K-Line (ISO 9141, ISO 14230), CAN (ISO 15765-4), KW1281, KWP2000, ISO-TP (ISO 15765-2), UDS (ISO 14229), VW TP2.0 and who is able to reverse engineer a Infineon Processor and add special functions to it. 7 C programmering, Algoritme, Microcontroller, Coding, Programming Apr 19, 2018 Apr 19, 20183d 23h €487
I need a coder The task is to, given various screenshots the 2048 game, identify which tiles are currently on the board! Represent the game board as a 2D matrix of numeric values; each entry in the matrix corresponds to a tile in the game. As well as develop code to move the tiles in either the up, down, left, or right direction. Given the location of the tiles, calculate how the tiles and score will change ... 3 C++ Programmering, Coding Apr 19, 2018 Apr 19, 20183d 22h €142
Create an AI software on a website Looking for a website developed that is a marketplace to buy and sell websites and apps. Like [url fjernet, log ind for visning] but with a better user interface 12 Coding, Web Development Apr 19, 2018 Apr 19, 20183d 20h €966
Alternating codes that have been already written to produce different results in Biomix I am working on a research project. I am using the Linux system biomix. The research has been done before and the professors have given me their program and codes to set up and rerun it. I have finished the setting up part and ran their program successfully. Now it is finally my turn to rerun the program by switching up the codes and produce different results. 3 Research, Biologi, Datasøgning, Programmering af database, Coding Apr 19, 2018 Apr 19, 20183d 19h €458
embedded system snack vending machine code writer 5 Coding Apr 19, 2018 Apr 19, 20183d 18h €726
Customization of Woo Commerce Template in Word Press child theme A recent update has "broken" the responsiveness of our "Category" template. We need a fix now! 22 WordPress, Skabeloner, WooCommerce, Coding Apr 19, 2018 Apr 19, 20183d 17h €106
Morningstar Platform API Hello Everyone, I am looking for a code that will help me to retrieve into excel the holdings of a list of mutual funds from the Morningstar Platform. I heard that there is an API which connects Morningstar to Excel that may help, if that is not the best solution I am happy to hear other options. Thank you! Cristobal 0 API, Coding Apr 19, 2018 Apr 19, 20183d 16h €8
I need a Unity dev Tomorrow I got an evaluation for my 2nd grade in Unity Engine, the problem is that I don't give a single fuck about C# as I work with Unreal Engine. I need someone tomorrow Friday 20/04/2018 from 10:00 AM to 13:00. Quality is rewarded with cash $_$ 1 Coding Apr 19, 2018 Apr 19, 20183d 15h €23
Website design and coding2 Changes and design/code changes to existing website with photography template, integration with lightroom NNNB 19 Web Design, Coding, Programming Apr 19, 2018 Apr 19, 20183d 12h €71
F# functional question A f# functional problem to be solve 3 Coding, f# Apr 19, 2018 Apr 19, 20183d 7h €16
Coding, Programming, Computer Science Apr 19, 2018 Apr 19, 20183d 6h
Betaflight code modification for FPV QUAD Model aircraft Betaflight and Butterflight Model Aircraft Flight controller firmware code is available on GitHub. I would like the following modifications done to the code with flight controller hardware targets of: PyrodroneF4 (Betaflight) OmnibusF4SD (Betaflight) HelioRCSpring (Butterflight code) The modifications are: Flight Path Vector The flight path vector will show the direction that the vehic... 2 Aeronautisk Ingeniør Videnskab, Software Udvikling, Coding Apr 19, 2018 Apr 19, 20183d 5h €452
mounting website on server i got all the file i need some one to mount a website on the server, 12 Coding, phpMyAdmin Apr 18, 2018 Apr 18, 20183d 2h €25
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business central Extension We need a minor extension to the functionality of Business center invoices where the Description from the first invoice line will be inserted into the posting description of the Sales invoice header. This line description would replace the generic invoice number that posts to the customer ledger and GL 6 Coding Apr 18, 2018 Apr 18, 20182d 22h €436
Automate Powerpoint Generation Hello Everyone, The goal of this contest is to build a tool that will generate a slide with three graphs that come from two different workbooks. The presentation must have one slide per "Bucket" (China, US, EM ASIA, etc) and the three graphs for each slide must be consistent with the Bucket of the slide. The two workbooks contain a data base, which is then used to generate a pivot tab... 1 Coding, Excel VBA, Powerpoint Apr 18, 2018 Apr 18, 20182d 21h €8
Color Map and Data Hello everyone! The goal of this contest is to create a tool which will color different countries of a Map using as input percentages for each country stated on an excel file. Fell free to use any coding language that you would like. Attached> 1. EEM holdings: Input data, you will find a table with the country name and the weight. 2. Example: This is how the map (final output) should loo... 3 Coding, Excel VBA, Photoshop Kodning Apr 18, 2018 Apr 18, 20182d 20h €8
Build me a website and a Host a page I want to host a website and a page 45 Microsoft Access, Software Testning, Web Hosting, Coding, Programming Apr 18, 2018 Apr 18, 20182d 17h €15
Need a code/script for a website I need a code for a website which runs automation scripts, simple job for those who can do easy codes. 31 PHP, Javascript, HTML, Coding, Scripting Apr 18, 2018 Apr 18, 20182d 16h €81
front end app control centre wanting to finish off a poor app he is the url [url fjernet, log ind for visning]%E5%BC%80%E5%85%B3%E9%81%A5%E6%8E%A7%E5%99%A8/id934706803?platform=ipad&preserveScrollPosition=true#platform/ipad I need timers pulse on / off and a page for a plan of the house and another item is have all app apps on one front front air con music lighting security water sprinklers etc etc and a... 2 Coding Apr 18, 2018 Apr 18, 20182d 13h €234
Need a Ninja Trader Trading 2 I need to develop some Ninja Trader Trading Bot that would make use of a strategy in Ninja Trader. To be awarded this role - Describe how to apply an indicator and strategy in Ninja trader. only then I would know you are conversant with the software. 1 Software Arkitektur, Metahandel, Software Testning, Coding, Programming Apr 18, 2018 Apr 18, 20182d 10h €20
New Project (already underway) - need another software engineer to join us on an equity basis. This is not paid work, you will receive an equity agreement within the business once it has launched and is profitable. Details to follow, NDA will need to be signed. Can work collaboratively with our current engineer. 7 Web Design, Software Udvikling, Coding Apr 18, 2018 Apr 18, 20182d 9h €15
Are you a Shopify and SEO Expert? We are looking for a Shopify and SEO expert to assist us with ongoing tasks. We are currently undergoing a rebrand for our online store. Tasks will include setting up menus, store fixes, coding and ongoing SEO support. 90 SEO, Indkøbsvogne, eHandel, Shopify, Coding Apr 18, 2018 Apr 18, 20182d 9h €7
Creating a Tokyo Ghoul Mod for my server I'm making a tokyo ghoul mod at the moment for a tokyo ghoul server.. i will deff pay my modcreators but i will also give them a % of the donations that are coming in since that seems fair and to get more updates... seeing as there are no good mods or good servers this could be big and we could start earning 10/20k monthly and the modders will get a 10/20 % cut! [url fjernet, log ind for visn... 1 Java, Javascript, Grafisk Design, Coding, Programming Apr 17, 2018 Apr 17, 20182d 1h €23
Need a coder for a small game we are looking to design. Willing to pay 30 after game is complete. Need a Coder for a small game. 1st person shooter. 5 Spil Design, Spiludvikling, Coding Apr 17, 2018 Apr 17, 20182d 1h €20
Create Blockly or JavaScript + VR course for kids I'm launching kids coding school this fall and want to use VR platform CoSpaces as part of my curriculum. CoSpaces support Blockly and JavaScript, so either one will work. I would need to build few exercises for kids 8-14 y.o. to build some VR worlds and do some programming on it. For example: Build a forest and program how to make a interactive camp site or Build a construction sit... 5 Javascript, Uddannelse & Tutoring, Augmented Reality, Kurser, Coding Apr 17, 2018 Apr 17, 20181d 23h €431
Python coder I need a programmer who can work on python language conveniently. Work will be on Linux operating system in fields like image processing, IOT, fuzzy algorithms and some similar basic functionalities. 15 Python, Linux, Coding, Raspberry Pi, Image Processing Apr 17, 2018 Apr 17, 20181d 18h €95
Embedded Java programmer CDL supply Internet of Things solutions to major industrial companies. Located in Worcester we have a need to transpose our existing AWS based web portal onto the Siemens Mindsphere platform 14 Java, Coding Apr 17, 2018 Apr 17, 20181d 17h €663
need a worpress site developer Need a expert worpress freelancer who can intigrate chaneel manager,payment gate way , site customisation in short period of time 4 Coding Apr 17, 2018 Apr 17, 20181d 17h €97
Debugging a matlab code that contains some errors as well as reviewing the formulation of a convective heat transfer problem for which the code has been prepared I have a problem of CFD. The problem is of convective heat transfer of air flow in the passages of solar chimney power plant. There is a scheme of FVM numerical solution has already been prepared for that problem. Furthermore, a matlab code has been developed to handle the said numerical solution. This code contains some errors. I'm in need for an expert in both matlab as well as CFD, especi... 10 Matlab and Mathematica, Software Arkitektur, Matematik, Coding, Programming Apr 17, 2018 Apr 17, 20181d 16h €111
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