Computer Security is a critical and demanding field that involves the protection of data, networks, software and other information-related assets. It uses a number of tools and practices to stop malicious attacks while avoiding compromising the usability or availability of the resources needed by your organization. A Computer Security Consultant can provide customizable advice to tailor your organization’s security infrastructure. They can audit your existing security systems to identify potential weakness, offer suggestions on how to best protect against attacks, and develop an overall strategy for protecting digital resources. Furthermore, they will help create security policies for staff and make sure data is secure both in storage and when it’s transmitted between different systems.

Here's some projects that our expert Computer Security Consultant made real:

  • Establishing secure network infrastructure
  • Improving system performance and leveraging encryption
  • Developing security frameworks for organizations
  • Implementing authentication measures for digital identification
  • Evaluating risks of cyber incident exposure
  • Researching the latest security regulations for compliance
  • Crafting secure policies for employee engagement

Our experts have a proven track record of using Computer Security best practices to make sure businesses always stay ahead of any possible threat. From protecting against malicious actors to crafting secure disaster recovery plans, they bring a wealth of knowledge they can plug into existing security infrastructure to strengthen defences. With their help businesses stay on top of new vulnerabilities while running efficiently – without compromising the mission.

With the help of an expert Computer Security Consultant, businesses are able to stay one step ahead of potential threats such as cybercrime or theft. If you're ready to take the next step in proactively protecting your IT infrastructure and want a tailored solution that fits your needs – post a project today on and hire an experienced Computer Security Consultant to guarantee you’re always safe online!

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    SERVER PROJECT 6 dage left

    I am looking for a skilled freelancer to help me optimize my existing server. The ideal candidate should have experience in server optimization and be able to provide examples of their past work in this area. Project requirements: - Optimize the performance and efficiency of the existing server - Identify and resolve any bottlenecks or issues that may be affecting the server's performance - Implement best practices for server optimization and security Skills and experience required: - Strong knowledge of server optimization techniques and tools - Experience in identifying and resolving server performance issues - Familiarity with server security best practices - Excellent problem-solving and troubleshooting skills Timeframe: - This project is urgent and needs to be completed withi...

    €8 - €14 / hr
    €8 - €14 / hr
    0 bud

    I am looking for a skilled professional who can provide me with a detailed technical comparison between the Macbook Pro and Macbook Air. My main objective is to determine the best option for my needs, with a priority on performance. Skills and experience needed: - Extensive knowledge and expertise in both Macbook Pro and Macbook Air - Strong understanding of technical specifications and performance benchmarks - Ability to provide a thorough analysis of the key differences between the two products - Excellent communication skills to clearly explain the technical details in a way that is understandable for non-technical users

    €12 (Avg Bid)
    3 indlæg
    Port Forward on Cisco 1100 router 6 dage left

    I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can help me with port forwarding on my Cisco 1100 router. Purpose: - The main purpose of this project is to enable L2TP VPN access to a specific device. Credentials: - I have the necessary credentials to access the router's settings. Number of Ports: - I need to forward 1-3 ports. Skills and Experience: - Experience with Cisco routers and port forwarding is required. - Knowledge of network configuration and troubleshooting is necessary. - Attention to detail and the ability to follow instructions accurately is essential. If you have the necessary expertise and skills, please contact me with your relevant experience and a proposal for this project.

    €20 (Avg Bid)
    €20 Gns Bud
    9 bud
    VYOS Router BGP Communities 6 dage left

    I am looking for a freelancer to assist me in implementing BGP communities on my VYOS router. The main purpose of this implementation is to enhance traffic engineering capabilities. Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in VYOS router configuration - Expertise in BGP communities and their implementation - Troubleshooting skills to identify and resolve any issues with the existing setup Project Scope: - Troubleshooting the current VYOS router configuration - Implementing BGP communities to enhance traffic engineering capabilities - Collaborating with the freelancer to determine the best troubleshooting method based on their expertise Please provide examples of previous projects and relevant experience when submitting your proposal.

    €99 (Avg Bid)
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    8 bud
    Hack a website 5 dage left

    Project Title: Website Vulnerability Testing I am looking for a skilled individual to conduct a website vulnerability test for me. The purpose of this project is to test for vulnerabilities in order to ensure the security of my website. Requirements: - Experience in website vulnerability testing - Knowledge of various hacking techniques and tools - Ability to identify and exploit vulnerabilities - Familiarity with web application security best practices - Strong understanding of network protocols and systems Legal Permissions: I have obtained written permission from the owner of the website to conduct this test. Therefore, the selected candidate must adhere to ethical hacking practices and ensure that no harm or damage is done to the website. Reporting: After the test, I require a sum...

    €15 (Avg Bid)
    €15 Gns Bud
    12 bud

    Hello everyone we are looking for a trainer who can deliver training on Understanding Cisco Collaboration Foundations Implementing Mode : Onsite (Italy) Training dates: 25-29 Sep. Need : Trainer +labs.

    €527 (Avg Bid)
    €527 Gns Bud
    2 bud

    - Project Title: Computer Server Setup for Storing and Managing Data - Server Setup: Synology - Purpose of the Server: Storing and Managing Data - Security Measures: No Special Requirements We are looking for a skilled freelancer to help set up a computer server for our organization. The server will be primarily used for storing and managing data. We have chosen Synology as the preferred server setup. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in setting up computer servers, specifically Synology servers - Knowledge of data storage and management systems - Familiarity with network configurations and security protocols Responsibilities: - Install and configure the Synology server - Set up user accounts and permissions for data access - Ensure smooth integration with existing systems and a...

    €412 (Avg Bid)
    €412 Gns Bud
    29 bud

    Networking capstone Project The company in this scenario which has hired your consulting services has four offices. The company is headquartered in Toronto, Ontario (500 employees) They have a large branch site in Vancouver, British Columbia (350 employees) There is a medium size branch office at Montreal, Quebec (135 employees) Lastly, there is a small satellite office in Calgary, Alberta (15 employees)

    €91 (Avg Bid)
    €91 Gns Bud
    16 bud
    Cisco Network Engineer 4 dage left

    I am looking for a Cisco Network Engineer who can assist me with advanced network design tasks using a specific model/series of Cisco equipment. The ideal candidate should have experience and expertise in the following areas: - Network Design: The candidate should have a strong understanding of advanced network design principles and be able to create complex network designs. - Cisco Equipment: The candidate should have experience working with the specific model/series of Cisco equipment that we are using. - Network Configuration: The candidate should be able to configure the network according to the advanced network design, ensuring optimal performance and security. - Network Troubleshooting: The candidate should have strong troubleshooting skills and be able to quickly identify and resol...

    €143 (Avg Bid)
    €143 Gns Bud
    22 bud
    High Level Design for Network 4 dage left

    I am looking for a professional network designer who can create a high-level design for our network. The purpose of this network design is to optimize network performance, increase network security, and improve network scalability. As for specific requirements or constraints, I am open to suggestions and don't have any specific requirements in mind. However, the expected timeline for this project is quite tight, as I would like to have the design completed within 1 day. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong knowledge and experience in network design - Proficiency in optimizing network performance, increasing network security, and improving network scalability - Ability to work efficiently under tight deadlines - Good communication skills to understand and addre...

    €25 (Avg Bid)
    €25 Gns Bud
    12 bud

    I am looking for an experienced freelancer to implement a secure mikrotik ROS firewall on an RB4011 device for my small WISP. I would like the firewall to be set up with advanced level security. Although I don't have specific requirements in terms of the firewall's configuration, I do have some preferences which I hope can be taken into consideration. Additionally, I can handle the setup of the NAT masquerade on the client's CPE without any assistance. If you believe you possess the necessary expertise to complete this project, please apply for my listing.

    €19 (Avg Bid)
    €19 Gns Bud
    7 bud

    Need assistance reviewing 365 security including SSO, intune / MDM enrollment & policies, defender and any other items associated with improving Microsoft's Security Score. Phase I will be to review the environment and Phase II will be to make and assist with implementation of all recommendations to achieve a 100% score or as close to 100% as possible.

    €493 (Avg Bid)
    €493 Gns Bud
    23 bud

    Project Title: One-on-One Online Training on Cyber Security for a Beginner Overview: I am seeking a knowledgeable cybersecurity expert who can provide one-on-one online training on cyber security. As a beginner in this area, I am looking for a tutor who can guide me in understanding the fundamentals and best practices of cyber security. Specific Requirements: The ideal candidate should have expertise in cyber security and be able to cover the following topics: - Network architecture and protocols - Firewalls and intrusion detection systems - Secure network design and implementation - Network monitoring and incident response - Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing Skills and Experience: To successfully complete this project, the freelancer should have: - Extensive knowledge an...

    €287 (Avg Bid)
    €287 Gns Bud
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    aws dev ops 4 dage left

    Task 1. Security Testing and Vulnerability Analysis of the Assignment 1 Project (30 Marks) For this task, you should use the ZAP project to conduct automated and manual security testing of the project. Describe in detail the steps of your testing and discuss the outcomes of the testing results. You may discuss whether a testing approach is more effective and what you have done to enhance the number and/or the accuracy of the detected vulnerabilities. You are required to analyze 3 potential security vulnerabilities. The 3 vulnerabilities you identify should be of 3 different classes, and you should classify them using 3 distinct CWE codes. Higher marks will be given to vulnerabilities that cover a broader range or are very different in nature. For each of the vulnerabilities, you should wri...

    €51 (Avg Bid)
    €51 Gns Bud
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    Spam email issues 3 dage left

    Project Description: I am looking for a freelancer to help me resolve my spam email issues on Outlook. I am unsure if I am receiving spam emails from a specific sender or multiple senders. Therefore, I would like assistance in identifying and blocking these spam emails. Additionally, I would like to report the senders to the email service provider to prevent future spam emails. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Outlook and familiar with its spam email management features - Experienced in identifying and blocking spam emails - Knowledgeable in reporting spam emails to email service providers - Strong attention to detail and ability to accurately identify spam emails - Excellent communication skills to provide clear instructions and updates throughout the project

    €6 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €6 / hr Gns Bud
    16 bud

    Overview: We are seeking experienced GRC CMMC experts to join our team and help us launch a subscription-based or one-time fee service for businesses in need of GRC CMMC auditing services. As cybersecurity and compliance become increasingly important, we are looking for talented professionals who can assist our clients in achieving and maintaining CMMC certification. Responsibilities: Conduct comprehensive GRC assessments for clients to determine their current cybersecurity posture. Develop tailored strategies and roadmaps to guide clients towards achieving CMMC certification. Assist clients in implementing necessary cybersecurity controls and processes. Stay updated with the latest CMMC requirements and compliance standards. Collaborate with our team to create subscription-based or one-t...

    €51 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €51 / hr Gns Bud
    5 bud

    I'm in need of securing my website and I need assistance with network security. Currently, I don't have any security measures in place, so I need a full setup. This is an urgent task and I'm looking for someone to complete the project within the week. If you are able to help me out please submit a bid. Thanks.

    €1030 (Avg Bid)
    €1030 Gns Bud
    49 bud

    I am in need of a skilled professional to assist me in resolving a hacking incident that has affected my brother's social media account Instagram Requirements: - Expertise in cybersecurity and hacking prevention - Strong knowledge of social media platforms and their security systems - Experience in resolving hacking incidents and recovering compromised accounts Responsibilities: - Assess the extent of the hacking incident and identify potential vulnerabilities - Implement security measures to prevent further unauthorized access - Recover the compromised account and restore access to my brother - Conduct a thorough investigation to identify the attacker and gather evidence for legal actions if necessary Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in resolving hacking incidents and r...

    €28 (Avg Bid)
    €28 Gns Bud
    14 bud

    I am looking to hire server admins and network engineers who are experienced in setting up and configuring the BIRD internet routing daemon. The goal is to configure the routing daemon so that the traffic server can successfully communicate with other ISPs. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in setting up and configuring the BIRD internet routing daemon - Experience in working with both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols - Knowledge of load balancing and fault tolerance techniques Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in server administration and network engineering - Familiarity with BIRD, Quagga, or FRRouting - Expertise in configuring routing protocols for both IPv4 and IPv6 - Understanding of load balancing and fault tolerance concepts If you have the necessary skills and experience, ...

    €145 (Avg Bid)
    €145 Gns Bud
    16 bud

    I am looking for a freelancer who has extensive knowledge of ASIC chips and their architecture, specifically in the context of firewalls. Main Goal: The main goal of this project is to understand the architecture of ASIC chips in firewalls. Timeline: The preferred timeline for completing this project is today. Skills and Experience: Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Extensive knowledge of ASIC chips and their architecture - Experience in working with firewalls

    €17 (Avg Bid)
    €17 Gns Bud
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    cybersecurity project -- 2 2 dage left

    I'm looking for an experienced and knowledgeable coder who can help me with a cybersecurity project. I don't have any specific requirement or guidelines, but need a professional who can help me with this project and suggest the best solutions. I'm pretty flexible with the timeline, so there's no strict deadline. Whether it's network security, data encryption, or web application security, I'm sure the right person can help me with this project, and I'm open to suggestions and guidance.

    €26 (Avg Bid)
    €26 Gns Bud
    19 bud
    cisco sdwan 2 dage left

    I'm seeking assistance from someone who can provide a comprehensive explanation of Cisco SD-WAN policy architecture.

    €18 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €18 / hr Gns Bud
    6 bud
    ethical hacking 2 dage left

    I am looking for a skilled ethical hacker to conduct a penetration testing on our network and web applications. The scope of the project includes network penetration testing, web application security testing, and social engineering testing. The project needs to be completed within a tight timeframe of less than 1 week. After the hacking test, I would like a summary report that provides an overview of the vulnerabilities and recommendations for improvement. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficient in network penetration testing, web application security testing, and social engineering testing - Strong knowledge of common security vulnerabilities and best practices - Experience in conducting ethical hacking assessments and providing detailed recommendations - Exce...

    €17 (Avg Bid)
    €17 Gns Bud
    15 bud

    I am looking for a skilled professional who can conduct a forensic examination of spoofed emails and provide a detailed analysis with supporting data. Purpose of the forensic examination: - Analyze the contents of the spoofed emails Level of detail required in the report: - Detailed analysis with supporting data Email accounts/domains to be examined: - Just the emails that will be provided for the examination Ideal skills and experience for the job: - Strong background in forensic examination of emails - Knowledge of email spoofing techniques - Experience in analyzing email contents and identifying potential evidence - Ability to provide detailed analysis and supporting data in a comprehensive report

    €282 (Avg Bid)
    €282 Gns Bud
    39 bud

    Hi, My laptop is running very slow, Apps often not responding, etc. It might have some kind of malware since I can see Antimalware Service Executable all the time and it takes some memory, I cant stop it. I tried with Norton Antivirus before, didn't find anything. I need an expert to examine what's happening and how to fix it.

    €13 (Avg Bid)
    €13 Gns Bud
    35 bud

    I am seeking a cyber security expert with a focus on data security. The ideal candidate will have experience in ongoing security management, as this project requires ongoing support rather than a one-time consultation. The expected timeline for this project is less than a month. Skills and experience required: - Expertise in data security - Experience in ongoing security management - Familiarity with the latest cyber security threats and best practices - Strong problem-solving and analytical skills - Excellent communication and collaboration abilities

    €84 (Avg Bid)
    €84 Gns Bud
    14 bud

    I am in need of assistance to log in to my Facebook account as it has been hacked and locked. Requirements: - Experience in resolving account lockouts and hacking incidents - Knowledge of Facebook's security protocols and procedures - Ability to troubleshoot and diagnose login issues Project Details: - I am receiving an error message stating that my account is locked when attempting to log in - I have access to the email address associated with my Facebook account - I have tried resetting my password, but it did not work Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Facebook's account recovery process - Familiarity with common hacking techniques and prevention measures - Excellent problem-solving and communication skills If you have the necessary skills and experience to help me...

    €23 (Avg Bid)
    €23 Gns Bud
    10 bud

    **Job Title: Senior Server Administrator and Full-Stack Developer - Groom Site Enhancement** **Job Location: Remote** ** Web URL: ** **Job Description:** Are you a versatile tech maestro with a passion for shaping the future of beauty and wellness services? Groom is on the hunt for a dynamic Senior Server Administrator and Full-Stack Developer to help us supercharge our platform. In this role, you'll be the driving force behind the evolution of our website, turning dreams into code and user experiences into digital artistry. **Responsibilities:** **Server Administration (Server Admin)** - Architect, configure, and maintain our server infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance, security, and scalability. - Collaborate with the development team to deploy web applications and s...

    €1160 (Avg Bid)
    €1160 Gns Bud
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    Ipv4 related query 1 dag left

    Project Title: IPv4 Address Allocation - Detailed Explanation for Basic Knowledge Improvement The IP range `` doesn't not represent a single valid CIDR. I am using this website to see in which CIDRs those IPs are present and it resulted into 3. Is it possible to move all of them to a single CIDR?

    €8 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €8 / hr Gns Bud
    18 bud
    i want hackers 23 timer left

    I am in need of an experienced hacker for ongoing support of my website security. Specifically, I am looking for someone who is an expert in website hacking, who can monitor and maintain my website security on a regular basis so as to ensure that my data is safe and secure. I need their services as soon as possible, so I'm hoping to have someone on board within the week.

    €2276 (Avg Bid)
    €2276 Gns Bud
    17 bud

    I am looking for a freelancer to help me set up a digital ocean server for my gaming site. I prefer to use Ubuntu as the operating system for the server. For the gaming site, I have specific types of games in mind that I would like to feature. In terms of server security, I require an intermediate level of security to ensure the safety of user information and prevent any unauthorized access. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in setting up digital ocean servers - Proficiency in Ubuntu - Knowledge of gaming platforms and game development - Strong understanding of server security measures and protocols

    €19 (Avg Bid)
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    google workspace configuration 5 timer left

    Project Description: Google Workspace Configuration I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with the setup and configuration of Gmail in Google Workspace. Specifically, I need assistance in the following areas: - Setting up Gmail accounts for 1-10 users - Configuring email settings and preferences - Setting up email aliases and filters - Configuring security settings, including spam filters and two-factor authentication Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in setting up and configuring Gmail in Google Workspace - Familiarity with Google Workspace admin console - Knowledge of email security best practices - Strong communication skills and ability to provide clear instructions for users If you have experience in Google Workspace administration and are proficient in Gmail se...

    €32 (Avg Bid)
    €32 Gns Bud
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    IP rotation 2 timer left

    IP Rotation for Load Balancing on Linux - Purpose: The client requires an IP rotation system for load balancing purposes. - Existing System: The client does not have an IP rotation system in place and requires a new system. - Preferred Platform: The client prefers the IP rotation system to be implemented on Linux. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in IP rotation techniques and load balancing. - Proficiency in Linux system administration and networking. - Familiarity with IP rotation software and tools on the Linux platform. - Ability to configure and optimize the IP rotation system for efficient load balancing. - Understanding of security considerations and best practices for IP rotation implementation. - Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to p...

    €80 (Avg Bid)
    €80 Gns Bud
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    System networking 1 time left

    Need someone to help in Ethical hacking in the area of Network

    €43 (Avg Bid)
    €43 Gns Bud
    11 bud

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