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    ESP32C3 BLE-Mesh example (IDF) 5 dage left

    ...client, have the service for reading the counter in any other server node. From the client, have the service for writing the counter in any other server node. The features above permit us, from the free android nRF-Mesh app, to create the BLE-mesh network and do the following functions: 1) Control the server nodes, subscribing to them in a group and controlling their LEDs and counters (the present example in IDF) 2) Control the server nodes from the client node. In this, we want to control any server node in the Mesh network, communicating only with the client node. The client exposes the services like: a) Green LED (on/off): switch on and off the green LEDs in any server node in the ble-mesh network. b) Counter service node "ID1" (read/write) Read and write the count...

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    This project is to make a very simple app that demonstrates the basic functions such as connection and sending data (such as step count and calories) to Myfitnesspal, which is an app from the company Under Armour. Myfitnesspal provides a RESTful APIs. Requests and responses use JSON in a familiar REST style. Clients use standard HTTP methods – POST, GET, PUT, DELETE, to update resources. The link below describes this API. The following link below describes about the API.

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    We have a Native React component that displays a wheel. The wheel can be rotated and a different value is selected. The wheels are native for Android using and for IOS using C++ We need an example React Native program that shows how to use the native components and interact with React. See example layout. As the wheel rotates it currently shows the selected value within the native component. We would like this value to update in the React page as well (Selected Value box) We also need the option to enter a value in React (Selected Value input box) and when the button is pressed it will update the wheel. The Android java will need to be updated to allow a change programmatically, the C++ appears to have a function to set the wheel but may

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    Need to example/template App to use as an example so I can learn how to patch Nested Galleries. Form Set up: 1 Header Record, Many Line Item Records (child to Header), and Many Fiscal year Detail Records (child to Line Items). I need to be able to submit header form, and on success, Patch the Line Item changes, and Patch the Fiscal Year Changes. Attached shows the 3 objects and the fields.

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    Hi, As you know, material cards can expand to reveal information (see the video). I want an example code (implemented for the web) of how to do this in a single HTML file in the client using a direct link to the CDN material CSS. (not installing any package) The task is to have three cards, each card has a short text on one face and long text on the other face. If the user clicks on a card, the card should reveal the long text. Note: one card only should be expanded at the time. Note: the card must not have an image (like the attached screenshot)

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    Choose a company and research five of their most common vulnerabilities, threats, and risks. Consider what steps the company took to mitigate these vulnerabilities, threats, and risks. Which of these was the company unable to fix? Create a table comparing 10 of the vulnerabilities, threats, and risks for the real-world security incident discussed by the class, along with related vulnerabilities that may have contributed to the security incident. Include the following as at least 3 of the comparisons used in the table. How was the vulnerability detected? What protocol was attacked? How were steps taken to resolve the vulnerability? Note: The last page of your table should include a narrative with your account of the trends revealed in the table. Include additional detail, co...

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    Hi, I am looking for a motion designer to make 30-40 second animation like the attached example

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    Hi Coders, Need some help for building a Simple example KPI with in Power BI with Charticulator. Msg me for details.

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    hello - looking for a terraform example to build out a virtual box ubuntu server I have a Linux Ubuntu and would like to build virtual box VM with Ubuntu? let me know your thoughts and any questions There is hope you can give your “best” price; unemployed, and have cancer with bills backing up, $12 possible? Glowing paragraph of feedback 5 stars My funds are low but will pay quick and leave 5 stars. Please give your best possible for your bid ? (something reasonable?) Please note there is hope we can mutually complete this task; we can leave each other nice comments and 5 stars for each? Look at feedback on my profile, feedback I left for many others. Here is the project: SINCERELY WOULD BE NICE TO MEET YOU PLEASE ANY THOUGHTS ? Please note project is due in tw...

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    ...code through the AWS serverless example (here) which uses SAM to deploy function + cursor + event trigger. Solution Outcome First lambda (downloadTweets) capture tweets in json files on S3 from twitter from random sample feed (e.g. no search term) and capture additional details (language, location, meta ata etc.) Trigger 2nd processing step (2nd, empty empty/lambda docker for now) to process downloaded S3 files (triggered by end of successful execution of first lambda): 2nd lambda docker config to support GPU for future use case We record the last downloaded tweet id and the date time of the last tweet captured in a dynamodb. Note currently these are not used for the sample download: the lambda will run, say every 5min and just get the retrieved data (note example code he...

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    Hey there, I need you to do my C++ function implementation at class type, please message me for details.

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    I need some graphic design editing of the shutter stock image to add my real estate company logo to the building in the middle and sort of connect all the different buildings to the one in the middle. Add a bank logo to the building on the side. Add captions to each building to show the different services we offer and a heading on top. This will be used in a publication.

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    Hi, I need to create Graph like attached image. You can use something like this or you can make it any other way as well. Please only bid serious bidders. thanks Chirag

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    as with my other projects, new persons trying for a good rating are of interest to me provided you can demonstrate a bit of what I am after. what you bid is what I will accept. any attempting to negotiate after the bid by PM will be muted and noted to not be accepted in future projects. I am looking for someone to create a quick example of an ajax form. I don't want anything overly fancy, just basics as I am using this as a learning tool for myself. I don't want any 3rd party php classes. requirements: -4 steps of form elements (see below) -only step at a time, remaining steps are loaded as needed via a page -form and steps should load into a <DIV> on a page. -paging function (back step / forward step / continue / reset form) as options -can only use HTML,CS...

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    I need someone to write a simple (ie as simple as possible) example .Net C# WinForms app, together with a managed C++ CLR dll and and unmanaged C++ dll. The unmanaged C++ dll must be completely separate from the managed dll and .Net environment so that it can be run from a normal C++ console app (you should provide the console app too to show that the solution works without .Net). The unmanaged dll just needs to have one function that starts a background thread which calls a callback every second. The callback can simply pass an integer value that is incremented each time the callback is called. I expect it will be necessary for the unmanaged function to accept a callback pointer so that the background thread knows what to call. The managed dll will need to expose the same functi...

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    looking for simple example for azure functions using cosmodb which run in my pc

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    looking for sample project cosmodb with azure functions

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    I would like this website emulated. mrlawnmower dot ca i need it done in four days

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    I currently live on Ko Lanta in Thailand. I have seen how the pandemic makes life a struggle for many. Many thais speak english and have a Android or iPhone. This makes them valid for usertesting online. The income at a minimum pr month is 20 euro, about 800baht, on average the monthly pay Will be 2200baht. Not alot for us but can cover 20% of a persons monthly income, and this in less then two hours pr month. So by teaching then how to do this, and it works ive done it My self, and then give then the AFFILIATE sign up link, that means I Will have a small percentage back from everyone I get signed up. Also the ones that sign up under my client. In short a " pyramid" where there can be no losses and have potential to be huge. Behind this is a greater project wich is to develop use...

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    Create telegram bot of java example, create a bot that listens to what is said in the chat and returns each message that is sent, also determined by a boolean, any test text should be sent, budget 20 euros delivery date 1 day

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    For this assignment, start from the book example threads/thread_incr_mutex.c and change it to do the following: [20 points] 1. In the main() function, after each succesfull pthread_create() print the following: "First thread id: <thread1_id>" - for the first thread "Second thread id: <thread2_id>" - for the second thread [30 points] 2. In threadFunc(), check if the current thread id is <thread1_id>; If so, for "loops", increment the glob variable with 2 instead of 1. If the current thread id is <thread2_id>, increment the glob variable with 1 (as originally done by thread_incr_mutex.c).

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    ...tier: current menu ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (2) Category Listing Clicking on a category takes you to this page. Example of a "category listing" page (As you'd notice, the vendors shown on this page can be of three different types: Free, Pro and Premium. Pro and Premium must be identifiable visually - for example, in the current layout, pills are used) Features: - Filters > Category and subcategory Filter > Regions Filter. Selecting a country shows state and cities to select -

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    Hi, i would like you to create the same working cursor mechanism as It's the circle following mouse with magnetic effects on menu item hover. I need you to recreate exactly the same, no jQuery or compiled code from this site. Should working on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

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    Please look the example of the video I will provide photos and music. The photos you have to give them a little effect of movement. video must last 25-30 seconds. All text must be erased. I will provide text to place inside

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    Photoshop editing to brief like example like written brief given by deadline sent in zip file 65 images. refer to brief and google drive link for files

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    I want Android code (java xml), for a snackbar that works in AIDE with Sdk target 28 build 21, with AIDE installed on an Android 9 version (samsung galaxy a10 phone) I want to code a simple Snackbar; no onClickListener, just the code to Show a Snackbar require the complete code ,, ,.; please include import statement code on , and dependencies code for build gradle I create my apps using AIDE template app for java/xml/gradle. I require the code to be compatible with this coding method. Thank You Kim

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    I need a small angular module using date picker inline. you can have this data hardcoded in the module actitivy=[{from: 1649240764, to: 1649413564, desc: "maintenance XXX"}, {from: 1649586364, to: 1649413564, desc: "maintenance XXX"}] User should be able to select any date. If the date is in any of the above range, it needs to be highlighted.

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    i need a professional to make & edit a photo just like the one shown or make a new one just as the example shown. this pic shoud be able to fit in the banner area of my website

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    Photoshop Editing Expert - Great paid job - photoshop and match 50-70 images onto new background and match colour/image crop exactly like example final , send back in full resolution JPEG. Task below. Ongoing work available. See Task files also available on Google Drive for sample:

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    look example MS-Word in attachment Typ smal Website: Effects / Grafic / Website Example pu tI look for a smal Website without Team Organigram:

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    Using a real web service , create a small app written in c# (netframework or .net5) for desktop to explain how to consume a rest API. The example must use a get, a post, a put and a delete and handle errors . The example must explain how to fill request headers and the use of token

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    First of all delete old tables and import new sql dump Generally: When a user creates, changes or deletes a record, the user id and the time should be saved in the corresponding fields. We do not delete records, but use softdelete. () Only those data records should be displayed in the lists that were not created using softdelete. Only those data records should be displayed in the lists that have the same company_id as the company_id of the logged-in user. Change details/edit function 1. show here the fuel type name () if = 1 or 2 show additionally client_vehicles.max_fuel_capacity

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    logo design- business card- corporate identity

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    We need a website and we found a great example. We have to build this in Wordpress.

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    Your fixed price to include; Design and development of a conversion focused landing page Including but not limited to the following elements: Unique Selling Proposition Main headline Supporting headline Reinforcing statement Closing argument The hero shot (image / video) Benefits of your offering Social proof Single conversion goal (CTA) Authority/ trust signals INCLUDED 12.5 hours of web page design Two round's of revisions Google Analytics setup and integration Conversion Tracking setup Addition of Google Remarketing code & Facebook pixel where necessary. CRM Integration so enquiries go directly into your database. CMS Integration so that your landing page displays on your Wordpress website.

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    Hi :) We are seeking a developer who can cost-effectively and quickly create Flutterflow apps for a variety of clients. This is a "demonstration" / sample code / example project to showcase your abilities. PROJECT: Simple Flutterflow + Firestore Example App - 220329 Create a simple (~3 page) app that has the following functions: 1. Authentication - User login via email 2. Navigation - Minimal menu to move between pages 3. Landing Page - User-specific queries from database 4. Profile Editing - User can change name, email and password Note: The project must exclusively use Flutterflow and Firebase (Firestore) and have no external dependencies. Your code / configuration will be reviewed and replicated. Thank you!

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    Example 1 Udløbet left

    Moody / Trap Beat Contact for full beat #music #beat #jingle #voiceover #vocal #instrumental #master #soundtrack

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    convert the CRM system into subscription - subdomain - own domain with different database! example

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    Are you able to create a NFT site that mints and pays out daily when users stake my NFTs? Solana Blockchain Design will be outsourced to another team unless you are excellent in UI/UX Please contact me for more details if you have previous experience and references.

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    Do not tell me about how many websites you have created. If you bid, inform me how you can complete this project. Protocol information attached. Example Java source code attached.

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    make digital menu on wix same design as attached in the attachment menu should be onepage . header design and navigation menu already finished, only make menu menu design menu list also in attachment. only text no products foto needed menu should look like this example; budget is 14€

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    For the right programmer, this should take 1 or 2 hours max. I am looking for a very simple working example of using an ObjectListView to manage a list of tasks including a button to group by task or turn grouping off. This is NOT be connected to a database. Just a list of 5 to 50 tasks tracked in the ObjectListView. It should show which tasks are currently Active and which are not. There are buttons on each task row for marking a task active, stopping a task and editing a task. There are buttons at the top for adding a task and grouping or turning grouping off. Please see the detailed specification attached and the mockup images to see what I am looking for. I am looking for bids closer to $100, and I will award a bonus amount of $50 for work that is done quickly and looks great....

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    I want an example application. This will be a database connected app. Three tables. 1st Table will store the user details. 2nd Table Will store a link for security. 3rd Table Will store a customer database. The following functionality is required. insert customer view customer amend customer delete customer. The user security table. will have an entry for each form and each function. i.e user 1 customer I V A D user 2 customer I V The app is to connect via a secure method to a mysql database available on the internet. App will need to be demonstrated on IOS Mac OS Linux and Windows. Good coding skills with comments is required. The app needs to run on tablets and desktop so design needs to have menu suitable etc. Demonstrate Login Add view customer etc Logout We h...

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    Looking for an order at table system similar to this: It needs to be web based aswell as allowing the merchant to have full control on what he can change om his website. But i would like an ove view of eveything

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    i need to learn about this : can you help make an example, so I can understand about this logic

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