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    LogoDesign 6 dage left

    I need a logo with the letter "L" in one box and the letter "T" in a box next to that box, slightly spaced apart from the first box. The boxes need to be a medium cobolt blue color (or similar) with the letters in white. Following the boxes I need the words "Coaching Center" in the same color of the boxes (medium colbolt blue or similar). My Company name is Life Tr...

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    Trophy icon Logodesign for Soundguard 5 dage left

    Need a clean, stylish logo for the brandname: Soundguard

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    Trophy icon Logodesign Pirates In Black Band Udløbet left

    We are the Pirates In Black, and we play Heavy Metal Rock. We are going to release our first CD soon. Now we need to have our Logo to look more professional. We will need it for the CD and for other merchandising activities, eg. t-shirts. The logo is a pirate skull with two crossed swords. The logo shall not be severely changed. Especially the swords have to look like they look now to avoid lega...

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    Hello guys, we have a digital agency. But we have no time to create a new fresh logo for our company. We are a webdesign and coding company. We consult customers on digital strategies and marketing questions. Our logo is attached. We want maybe a Short Logo just with our Initials or something. We hope you can create a fresh Logo for our company. Without the Claim pls. Please write HAMLET in you...

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    I need logo design for rolls icecream business. it should printable also on large format 1-2m2 for store front. maybe in vectorsfile. Farbconcept like at image pastel colors, pink, light blue.. ice cream cup with loughing face on it all should be child frindly way.

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    LogoDesign Udløbet left

    logo to be designed - expecting creative design Logo Name: wefile2290

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    Trophy icon I need some LogoDesign Udløbet left

    I would like to create a logo for a real estate broker. See attached example. You would need to change the name in the example from 'Homelife' to 'Dominique Lamarre' and change colors and other to make it more unique. The colors to be used would be Black and Fuchsia. Chang est. 2013 to est. 2017. I will need the vector format and the JPG format. Thank you

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    Design project Udløbet left

    logodesign voor mijn website GymAddicts Dit is een fitnessblog Thema van mijn website is rood met zwart en wit het logo graag hierop

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    Trophy icon Logodesign Company Udløbet left

    We are looking for a company logo. The company name is : CWT Distribution The company focuses on hardware distribution. We need the psd or svg file.

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    Project for Jure V. Udløbet left

    Hi Jure, I'm Andreas from Denmark. I'm a graphic designer too and I have my own company called Viah. I sell graphic solutions as logodesign, books, brochures, posters, webdesign, Wordpress solutions, design for exhibitions etc. I'm living on an old farm with my family - it is also here I work as I have made a office in one of the buildings. I have no

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    Logodesign Udløbet left

    I need a logo designed , with fonds .

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    Trophy icon Logodesign Roxana's Lifestyle Udløbet left

    Hello together I need a Logo. The Name is Roxana's Lifestyle and right from the Text i will have the Sollhoutte (only outlines) from the Photo in the attachment. And also only the First Letters RL as Logo (separate). Please use white as background and for the Logo use the colors white or silver, gold, grey, black. We need this Logo for a Fashion Laben and wanna create Beachwear and Lin...

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    Trophy icon Logodesign Winzermarketing - winery Udløbet left

    Text in English below! German: Wir setzen sämtliche Werbeaktivitäten für Weinbauern / Winzer um. Wie der Name schon sagt --> Winzermarketing Im Anhang sind unsere bisherigen Logos mit denen wir nicht wirklich zufrieden sind. Wir wollen es einfach richtig modern, und auf den ersten Blick soll es einen Wiedererkennungswert haben! Wir wollen im Logo mit einem Blick übermi...

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    I need a cool, modern and suitable Logo for...use some kind of icon, please not just a simple camera, filmstripe or aperture blades :) For the colors: i like it clean and simple, so probably mainly black or a quality grey tone and one color-accent on top if suitable. But feel free to give it your own creative stamp. Looking forward to the designs!

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    Trophy icon Logodesign für Studenten Community Udløbet left

    ENGLISH: We are a student community based in the university city Karlsruhe, Germany. Founded way back in 1860, we have a lot of tradition and history. What really sets us apart from other student communities is the fact, that we are not in any way politically motivated or active. Our main goal is to connect students and help them with their studies. Currently we are creating a new corporate ident...

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    logodesign Udløbet left

    I need a logo designed.

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    This is for a Porno site and Sex site and we need a logodesign that is a litte bite the same that i have uploaded

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    Dateandmore Udløbet left

    This is for a Porno site and Sex site and we need a logodesign that is a litte bite the same that i have uploaded

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    Project for Janiina Udløbet left

    logoDesign created

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    Trophy icon New Logodesign Udløbet left

    I need a logo for a company. The company is called "EDUKADO". That means education in esperanto. The company offers prevention lectures in various fields. It should be a simple but nice looking logo. Colors should be some green...or blue

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    Trophy icon LogoDesign Udløbet left

    I need a logo for a motivational web site - Daily Dose Of Good (DDOG) Look for something original and inspirational

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    Project ontwerpen Udløbet left

    ...logo nodig voor Stichting Zwemstimulering. Hier hangen een aantal producten onder die hun eigen logo kennen. Hier moet natuurlijk wel samenhang in zitten. We need some logodesign for our nfo ''Zwemstimulering''. We need a logo for our brand ''Zwemstimulering'' and logo's for our 3 products: Personal Training, Guided Training and Compagny Tr...

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    unique logo for a blockchain startup company

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    Trophy icon Logodesign for a Internet Project Udløbet left

    Hello, we are looking for a good Logodesign for an ICO Project! We want to create articels about ICOs. For example other sites are: [log ind for at se URL], [log ind for at se URL],...... Logo should be modern with an recall value! We need it for a Homepage! The name of our project is "The ICO Checker" ---for this Project name we need a Logo!

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    Hello, we are looking for a good Logodesign for an ICO Project! We want to create articels about ICOs. For example other sites are: [log ind for at se URL], [log ind for at se URL],...... Logo should be modern with an recall value! We need it for a Homepage! You will get the name of the project in chat - so if you are interested, please write me!

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    Logodesign Udløbet left

    I Need a new logo for my comapany. I want a Logo for the company and for det website. I want someone who are creative and who can help me to get attention. Im selling Led lights for heavy machines, and the keyword here is lights and Led!

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    LogoDesign project Udløbet left

    I am a real estate investment I buy distressed homes & rehab them

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    create logo Udløbet left

    hi, i like your logo here. https://www.freelancer.com/contest/make-a-logodesign-from-letters-951915-byentry-12518708.html i want it for letters THOP.

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    Trophy icon Logo design with cannabis Udløbet left

    Logodesign for >WEEDEND< a website for stoners with different content. + Flyer + Flyers + socks, T-shirt.... + business cards + website logo + product logo the connection to weed/hemp should be visible (for example: a hemp leaf in the background) In the center of the logo should be the name> WeedEnd < The logo should be clean, remembered

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    Trophy icon Logodesign for Detoxit / Detox it Udløbet left

    Hello together I need a Logo for fresh Juices to detox your b...Detoxit or Detox it. And the Slogan is: Detox your Körper Please let your creativity free way and make a perfect and good logo. Thank you - The Logo will be show me on a white background and please dont use some mock-ups for present the logo, only clean on white background.

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    Hello i work for Hemp Selection CBD Franchise in Austria, we have a bad logo at the moment and i was wondering, is it possible for a low price to get just some ideas for logodesign, so i can show the executive people, what we could do if they wanted. Currently we are overhauling the complete franchise but the logo is a thing were the people are not

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    Fremhævet Forseglet Topkonkurrence NDA

    we need a custom logo for a veterinarian

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    Trophy icon Vector bird logo Udløbet left

    Looking for a fresh logodesign for my unlaunched website. - The site is related to casino bonuses - Logo should be playful yet professional - Logo should be in editable AI-format to make it easy for me to change colors etc - The logo should include the name "BonusBird" Keywords: Bird, casino, fun, minimalistic, playful, positive vibes

    €21 (Avg Bid)
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    48 indlæg

    Hello, We need a LOGOdesign for our internet page where we sell all kind of products. Our webpage name is MATstore and the company is registred as MAT-Fire. MAT stands for all thre partners (Matic &Tomo & Adam). We sell products on platforms like Amazon, Ebay ... and also on our local web page. We sell all kind of stuff for babies, toddlers and

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    34 indlæg

    I need a logo designed for a textilebrand... for paragling textiles! The name for the lable are „paraART“ and the slogen „the brand for pilots“ we need a icon and a nice font... the logo should be sporty, paraglide like, extremesport, elegance and simple! We dont need a T-shirt design we need the logo.... We are looking forward to your designs ;)

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    Trophy icon I need some Logo and Graphic Design Udløbet left

    I´m from Germany/Bavaria and want to have a very impressive Logodesign for my new product which is unique. The product name is "bike-garash". It is like the name is saying a motorcycle garage. Here are some features of the product, so you get a feeling for it.: its for motorcycles but can also be for bicycles or ATV´s, it is foldable, stackable, watertight

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    Trophy icon Design new company name with logo Udløbet left

    I would like to starting a new Marine Survey & Consulting company and need a cool new company logo design for letterhead, business cards and car advertising. The field o...be in SMALL Letters anywhere in the Logo. Please also try any proposals where's the "X" of Xperts is bigger than the other Letters. And there must be a "Boat" in the Logodesign

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    709 indlæg

    We need a logo for a Kitesurf travel agency

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    Ausgefallenes Logo für Garagentor

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    logodesign Udløbet left

    i want logo for my app to start making design and other stuff

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    Trophy icon Animal clinic Udløbet left

    Logodesign for an animalclinic (small animals: dogs and cats). The logo should also look good in monochrome and in white color on a polo shirt or a window. It also should be compact: square or rectangle. Example: f Additional criterias: not to abstract Main Color: Background: white Ocean blue (RAL 5020) or green blue (RAL 5001) Second color:

    €31 (Avg Bid)
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    56 indlæg

    need to develop website ,logodesign, domain regisstration, get digital marketing and SEO done for one year. marketing includes doing email, video, social media, blogs and campaigning. company is dealing home automation solutions, lightning solutions, home security solutions, smart home, smart enterprises, home audio solutions, home theater solutions

    €388 (Avg Bid)
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    We need a Logo for a company responsible for Linking the students with the right university, for more information : please communicate with me

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    Trophy icon Logodesign Udløbet left

    We ...an old club logo because our club came to life again. the most importan thing is - it has to be in a modern standard - meaning - no 3d effects or something else. I want a clean approach. Our club is an esports organisation called Intelligentplatoon. You can find the old logo attached. I need this logo as a vector item. I will choose 1 logo.

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