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    ...the banner under the company logo and above the magnifier with house logo. The words of the vertical banner content should be inside the concave shape and line up along it's curve. 7. For Vertical Banner 2, the enlarged rim of the magnifying glass should opposite of Vertical Banner 1 and set up the same way as vertical banner 1 with vertical banner 2

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    I am looking for making a simple project involving semiconductor equations, which can program, and plot, and also do some curve fitting. Optimization may also be possible..

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    I require a part in CAD, I will provide a rough laymans drawing. It is a very basic design but is beyond my learning curve/time to work it out! 5mm x 433 essentially a low angled V shape.

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    ...and for any technical questions. This should eliminate a lot of the need to figure out how things are set up and save time, however there will still probably be a learning curve with some time spent figuring out the site structure. Example tasks may include - Making sure SSL is working on all pages Working on custom feature to read data from

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    ...steps because everything is in it, what you need to implement the algorithm. I can also send you my Simulink files, which I've done so far. It is important to get the torque curve as in the paper so with less ripple after the phase failure Please let me know if you can do the work. VG Deadline: 10.04.2018 Price: 150,00 Euro Reg Dom

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    After a few test stores asked and customers begged its time to bring our global brand into stores. This is a test position to see if it can scale to full time. our space are coming to us with order requests, but we focus on our site/Amazon sales. Contact for more details. We are new to this channel so it will be a learning curve for us

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    Australia map travel Ended
    VERIFICERET an image with copyright ... I want that people find that pretty, when they will click on Adelaide I would like the van rolls on the red curve and stops on the city to display below the animation of the text about this city I open the wordpresse page [login to view URL], , the user sees on the screen the map of Australia with the 7 points

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    I have designed the logo on paper. It’s a very simple logo and can be designed on any app. I just need you to give curve to single letter.

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    Converting 9 PDF files into curve text so I can send to my printer.

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    I want someone to create a ROC curve in matlab in the next few hours. Contact to discuss more

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    Trophy icon Design A Logo - DB4482 Ended

    ...Specific Aspects. A) Bull Head (sketch style) B) Goggles On Bull C) Instead Of Horns, The Bull Will Have Antenna (one square + one mushroom style) D) Antenna Horns Should Curve Out On The Sides (like bull horns) E) Big Letter (D) hanging from the bull nose Style: Sketch or Outline Style. Simple and Clean is preferred. Colors: A) Bull Head

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    We take measurements on a product and have to document the measured values. From the values, a curve is created. The document must look exactly like this. Would Windows. We have to be able to spam it as PDF or Word and print it out.

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    I have a logo that I need made. I have one that I want to the design. Very simple logo. Just need to change the "B" to "E" and the word on the curve to "ABSOLUTE"

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    ...needs original art work for the food truck. i like the style this is in. Less guns more butter- more polish. but i like the rotund scantily dressed women sliding down the curve on a stick of butter. Perhaps a bit more color. Would like a vector and png or jpeg. Also you'll need to send something stating ownership of the work is me. Note: While

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    I built a Naive Bayes model and I need someone just to make the Roc Curve. The code is available in github and I have 3 hours to complete.

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    Need game art for Proof of concept development of a 2D game. The following art is required 1. India Map 2. Cities 3. Marketplace 4. Route ( straight and curve) 6. Good Carrier Car ( 3 models: a) One Ton b) 10 Ton and c) 40 Ton ), 3 spright for each indicating movement

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    ...follows: a ball (like a billard ball) is thrown from the left side describing the (physical) curve and is then falling into a (not visible) trampoline where it comes out with even more energy and flies higher then before into the right. The falling and flying curve of the ball shall be represented only by three ball positions and something graphical which

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    A plugin short code (of Easy digital downloads - front en...$postid $post_id {$postid} {$post_id} the_ID ID get_the_ID(); the_title(); get_queried_object_id() My budget is a flat $10 for this. A bit more if you soften the learning curve! Please make sure that your solution works - I'm nearly done trying everything. Thanks so much for going through.

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    The company is INM Self Defense, designed to primarily teach women's self defense and basic self defense seminars....are a badge/shield shape with a crossing banner, INM in the shield and self defense across the banner, as well as a compass styled circle with INM self defense following the curve. I am open to new designs and original ideas as well.

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    Hello, We are in need of a skillful and exp...of a business plan for a small scale cryptocurrency payment processor. Someone with a good understanding of the industry is preferred so that the research time and learning curve can be minimized. Format and components are standard. Timeframe - 10-12 days. Thank you for taking the time to read/apply!

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    This project will create a new logo for a baseball team called "South Bay Curve". The design will be used to create a metal pin. The pins are traded by baseball players at a national tournament. A few background items Curve has historically meant waves (we're a coastal team) The more highly valued pins are gaudy, i.e. with glitter, have baseballs

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    ...see: *Angle of letters follow the corresponding lug angle on bolt face if possible *curved portions at the upper portion of the bottom of the V to follow the curve or circle of the ouside of the bolt face *The the spread of the legs on the A should be slightly wider just enough to throw off the X shape that is created from overlapping

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    in this we just want a simple mathematical design in simulink by using simple formulas and get 3.2 kw power and curve of power vs wind speed.

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    Design a log cabin resort with 35 rooms with in the cabin. The cabin should be a curve shape so the rooms may align a custom lake.

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    ...more at [login to view URL]). I see that you have a profile that could match our requirements. Would you be interested? We are looking for someone long term, so that the learning curve is worth the investment. Ideally 30% to 50%. Let me know if you have the time and interest and we can discuss it further. Best wishes, Mariano P.S.: the $10 project is

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    ...storefront. The name of the business is The Crafty Bugbear. I'm envisioning a tavern sign with the name of the business in an Old-English type font following the top and bottom curve. In the center I'd like the face of a cartoon bugbear (a fantasy creature- sample artwork attached) encircled by a sewing needle and thread. I craft products designed for gamers

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    ... 1. Plot the time of onset for each person (the "epidemic" curve), using one-day intervals for each day of the month. The histogram should be clearly-labelled (title, y and x axis) and easily read, and should clearly show the time of onset. 2. Next, plot the "elapsed time" curve which shows a time of 'zero' for each person's tower shift, ...

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    ...tool, fix any noticeable imperfections (lint or hair on coats, uneven looking skirt hems, etc.), bring out details using the (high pass overlay layer) if necessary, and use curve and levels layers to perfect the highlights, brightness, shadows and contrast and then convert to the proper color profile and save as a PSD file and a jpeg file that's under

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    I am looking f...MACD crossing the signal line to indicate long or short position, I want the long position to be at the lowest point of the MACD curve, just before it is ascending. The short position should be at the top of the MACD curve, just before it starts to descend, Also, I want this strategy so I can back test specific dates in the past.

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    ...lighter shade of grey) # Have a solid understanding and interest in modern web layout and trends and are always looking to create designs that are one step ahead of the curve What will you be doing? - Design the first important 5 of a 400-page website using Sketch or PSD? We like simple and minimalistic white themes. - Once the 5 pages are

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    the concept is to create a fish logo,in a format that would replicate a stained glass [login to view URL] logo would be used horizontally for...of Prince Edward [login to view URL] script should be freehand and [login to view URL] logo will be used on both white and turquoise colored t [login to view URL] words SEA LOVE , and SEAFOOD must curve around the fish as shown on the sketch.

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    ...Compilation 1 All the drawings will be shown as a covered shape as shown in the attached sample image. For Compilation 2 All drawings till be shown/rendered as a straight with the curve from starting towards end. Material For Render: The material used for the render in the sample image is soft touch plastic in solidworks and the results should remain the

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    ... The first scheduled due day is 15 Mar. we need power point presentation to demonstrate all the things that was needed to achieve that. Explain and compare it with the I-V curve from the article. Also the simulation of it in lumerical. The second due is one month later and the instruction will be given later. [login to view URL]

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    ...therapies business - Stepping Stones to Health. I am after zen like stepping stones in a half circle on the left side, set against a background of water / the sea. The stones curve around a ripple in the water.. I would the logo to be supplied with and without my business name. I'm after a nature type feel to the design as it represents the journey to

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    Trophy icon Designing a simple logo Ended

    ...Globular, and they do data analysis consulting on biological data. What they have in mind as a start, is to have a globe instead of "O" and then something like histograms and curve below the globe to show the analytics/statistics. If that helps Globule also means cell (white/red blood cells, which can be also replaced by O). They have a very limited

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    ...any way to establish secret keys or how to authenticate users. I needed someone's help to implement the key exchange between clients, and key handling needs to be in Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman key agreement as a method of key exchange as part of the chat system. Basically Diffie-Hellman class is needed for the following purpose, each client will send

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    ...any way to establish secret keys or how to authenticate users. I needed someone's help to implement the key exchange between clients, and key handling needs to be in Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman key agreement as a method of key exchange as part of the chat system. Basically Diffie-Hellman class is needed for the following purpose, each client will send

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    ...any way to establish secret keys or how to authenticate users. I needed someone's help to implement the key exchange between clients, and key handling needs to be in Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman key agreement as a method of key exchange as part of the chat system. Basically Diffie-Hellman class is needed for the following purpose, each client will send

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    ...any way to establish secret keys or how to authenticate users. I needed someone's help to implement the key exchange between clients, and key handling needs to be in Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman key agreement as a method of key exchange as part of the chat system. Basically Diffie-Hellman class is needed for the following purpose, each client will send

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    I need to submit a formula/function to my program for it to be able to calculate the value of the curve. I can not figure out the formula myself, so I need some help. Please note, that there has been 3 mathematicians who were not able to provide me with a solution, so this might be tricky. I will be available in chat if more information is needed during

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    ...(Australia) cultures: the infinite dream and infinite land and waves (the top tip of the logo). It nevers ends and it starts again, regenerating, like a wave, remind the Fibonacci curve (the perfect number) 7- Berber (Morocco) culture: a new wave of surfing culture The creative part is what will illustrate those cultures: images? Existing signs...

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    25 bud processed. No hatches, no text, no pen width, no bitmap data. The splines found in the input file must be written as splines into the DXF file. All other entities must be written as simple elements into the DXF file. Tesselation to line pieces is not needed and not wanted. Also the layer of the spline or curve must be found in the DXF file.

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    An easy cyphering Matlab program based on the ECC and Diffie-Helman theory with its correspondent deciphering program.

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    .../demos/designer. As per designer, we demand similar behavior when it comes to categories creation, seat-row creation [any direction, drag and drop, with ability to specify curve], Zooming functionality, tables creation [rounded and rectangulars with ability to specify seat count], adding labels,setting the focal point and adding some background [or

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    I need a Poster designed - A1 size by 1/3/18. You will follow our brand guidelines. Our logo must be used and you must use our brand colours with our 'Whale' and curve Graphics I've attached a MAP (Marketing Action Plan) which is our brief of the job. I've attached the content needed for the Poster (Poster [login to view URL]) I've attached a selection

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    I have a database of 50 patients who underwent laparoscopic surgery - either by single-port or multiple-port approach. I need a basic data analysis ...multiple-port approach. I need a basic data analysis of several variables as well as a comparison between early and more recent surgeries (there was a significant learning curve for the surgical staff).

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    ...Want to market your company to: 5,000 magazines 30,000 email subscribers 70,000 online viewers 130,000 social media followers CMYK ONLY Please embed images and curve text 154mm x 108mm (including a 3mm bleed all round, landscape) Then please add our contact details and logo onto the flyer Contact Athena: Email icon:mag@[login to view URL]

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    33 indlæg an error in calculation for one of the fields. Once the error and the query details are understood it should not take 1 hour, to correct, but we understand the learning curve to start the work and are looking for a professionl that can do about 10hrs/week after this inicial test task. Please see the photo which has the excel spreadsheet print

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