Requirement for UNIX App


"Introduction & Overview of IT Infrastructure components

Introduction to Data-Center

Information/Cyber Security

External and Internal Security of Organization

Detection and Prevention Mechanism

Application & Device Programming

Difference between Computer and Server

Generic Booting Process , Software Development Life Cycle (Agile)"

"Setting up Operating System Enviornment

Basic Architecture & Components of Operating System

Opensource Concept

Types of Operating System ( Unix vs Linux)

Linux|Unix Features

Introduction to Hyperviosers

Installation of Hypervioser

Installation Virtual machine using Hypervisor

Installation of Operating System

Cloing and taking backup of VM

Deleteing Virtual machines"

"File and Directory creation commands

Block, piped and character file creation

Input output directions


Read, write and Execute



Access Control List

Special Permissions

Compression and Decompression techniques

File attributes

Access Control List

Shredding "

"User creation and its parameters

Group Creation

User and group modification

User database

Aging parameters


Skel, profile, banner, version, issues, services "

"Storage: Disk Geometry

Understanding disk partitions

Partitions: Creation , Mounting , deleteing , Fstab, Automount

Filesystem Types,Inodes, blocks and superblocks, hard and soft links"

"Architecture of SAN,NAS, SAN Switches

LVM & RAID – Fundamentals and Configuration "


• Scheduler -- cron , anacron, at & Batch

• Quota

• Sudoers

• Syslog"

"Application Benchmarking

Performance Bottlenecks:

(Detection and Optimization techniques)

• Hardware Resources -- Hardware Info

• Network Resources

• Process Management -- Process, /proc Review

• Code Review

• All monitoring commands"


Subnetting – Setting up Private LAN

Gateway, Routing Table

IPV4 and IPV6 Configuration

Monitoring and Packet Capturing - Tcpdump and Wireshark




Firewall-- Iptables and Firewalld"

"Repository Server:

YUM , Wget, Patch & Package Management

Remote Login Protocols:

SSH, FTP, Telnet , Serial Login , Console Mangement


"Client-Server Architecture and Troubleshooting File Server Configuration:



"Setting up Webshosting Server

Apache- Web Hosting, Virtual Hosting

Tomcat/Websphere Application Servers - Install, configure, troubleshoot​"

Shell Scripting- Fundamentals, Functions, Arrays, Positional Parameters, Use Case: Backups , Working on Users and files

"Advanced Shell Scripting

AWK, SED, Arrays

Backup Scripts, Monitoring Scripts"

"DNS Server Configuration

Mariadb/Mysql installation and Configuration

Database backup and restoration process"

Programming in C, Data Structures, Loops & Functions, Arrays and Pointers, Structured Data Types, Expressions and Control Flow, Working with C Libraries.

C programming --- 50+ Exercises

Overview of C

Constants, Variables and Datatypes

Operators and Expressions

Managing Input and Output Operations

Decision Making and Branching

Decision Making and Looping


Character Arrays and Strings

User-defined Functions

Structures and Unions


File Management in C

Dynamic Memory Allocation and Linked Lists

The Preprocessor

Capstone Project

Problem Defination /Execution

Project Execution

Project Completion and Presentation to Business Leaders

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