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hyderabad, india
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Tilmeldt marts 28, 2006
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Ankit S.


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$10 USD / time
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hyderabad, india
$10 USD / time
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Software Testing and Creative Writing

Have been in the Software Testing industry for about 8 years now and expert at Test Automation. My passion has always been writing and i have published multiple Business Case Studies, Technical Specs, Motivational articles and Abstract thought work in my current and past organisations ..

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great work thanks
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9 år siden


"Medals" do not make "Heroes" ... "Passion" does ..

Ankit Saxena
This is the second time I am writing about a movie that has profoundly impacted me by the string message that it conveys. (See my previous blog Always stand by your wingman) . I recently watched an animation movie - "Wreck it Ralph". Some of must be thinking what is a grown up man seeing an animation movie that too one about arcade games :) .Well in my defense I am really a die-hard fan of this genre and the reviews about the movie were very encouraging !!. This movie is the story of an arcade game

Customer Satisfaction - The Holy grail of Business ..

Ankit Saxena
One of my creative blogs I recently had an experience that made me think hard on the choices that we make while choosing a vendor for a specific service. Last week my cable TV reception broke down and in spite of 6 calls to their call center no one came to my rescue. What really pushed my buttons was their explanation to the delay in service - Apparently the contract with the franchise that managed the Cable company technical support in my area had run out a week ago and although they had found a new

Speak Your Mind

Ankit Saxena
One of my creative blogs Each one of us has gone through one unique experience in life which I would like to call the "Window of Opportunity", at seldom occasions when I have been in meetings, discussions, Town hall, seminars there was a moment where I had a pertinent question in mind and at the same time there was a strong sense of hesitation in asking the same. The following thoughts fueled my hesitation : Is my question indeed the right one to be asked now? What if people look at me differen

Lower the Defense Shield

Ankit Saxena
One of my creative blogs Are you aware that there is a Defense shield around us that is enabled at all times and protects us constantly from Constructive criticism, Peer feedback and any kind of Good advice for our future endeavors? As you might have figured out by now I am talking about our "Defensive behavior pattern" when it comes to taking feedback from our peers, leads, managers and senior management so that our actions and endeavor are in line with the firm's vision and policies. It is alway

Mailbox Glory

Ankit Saxena
One of my creative blogs A common concern across practitioners across the Services industry is that although they are empowered to assume ownership of their deliverables they still have to go through hoops when it comes to sending the finalized version across to the concerned stakeholder. This creates a feeling of dissatisfaction for the practitioner as he/she feels that they may not get due credit for all their hard work unless they send out the deliverable themselves. I have heard various practition

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