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$65 USD / time
$65 USD / time
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Tilmeldt januar 20, 2008
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Miguel A.


4,3 (10 anmeldelser)
$65 USD / time
$65 USD / time
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Software Developer/Architect

Sept. 2013 - Present Revionics Austin, TX Senior Software Engineer - C#, ASP.NET MVC, JQuery, Backbone.js, RequireJs, ASP.NET WebAPI, Unity, StructureMap, TFS, MSSQL Server, NUnit, RhinoMock, RhinoAutoMocker, MSTest, Moq At Revionics, I am part of the Portal team that is responsible for the web applications for all of the company's products. For most of my time here, I have been working as a lead developer on the new version of the Promotions Management product. This product is a complete rewrite of the existing version and is implemented as a SPA (single page application) with a RESTful API backend. Feb. 2013 - Aug. 2013 SymphonyVideo, Inc. Syracuse, NY Director of Software Development - C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET MVC, JQuery, Prototype, ASP.NET WebAPI, StructureMap, TeamCity, MSSQL Server, NUnit, RhinoMock, RhinoAutoMocker This position was a combination of software engineer, software architect, software development manager as well as project manager. My responsibilities included designing, developing, testing and maintaining features of the [login to view URL] platform. I also manage all software development projects and releases. This includes negotiating with the business side of the company for feature sets to include in releases as well as planning and scheduling all software development efforts. In addition to this, I managed and mentored all of the software developers. The following are some of the things that I accomplished in my time with SymphonyVideo. - Implemented new cloud transcoding service using the Zencoder API ([login to view URL]) to serve as an alternative to the current ProMedia CarbonCoder based implementation. - Implemented IOC/DI using StructureMap. - Implemented abstraction layers and concrete implementations for configuration, logging, caching, file system access, messaging, serialization, services, data access and transcoding. - Implemented continuous integration service using TeamCity. - Implemented unit/integration strategy using NUnit, Should, RhinoMocks and RhinoAutoMocker. - Integrated Echo360, Camtasia Relay and Crestron Fusion output files into the EnsembleVideo workflow framework to import that content into the application. Oct. 2012 - Feb. 2013 Perficient (GreenDot Project) Austin, TX Technical Architect - C#, NServiceBus, RavenDB, MSMQ, MSSQL Server, MSSQL ServiceBroker, SSIS, NUnit I was rehired by Perficient to work as part of the GreenDot engagement in Pasadena California. While on this project, I worked on a few proofs of concept applications using NServiceBus, MSMQ and MSSQL ServiceBroker. I also did a lot of research for a project to upgrade their critical transaction detail table's primary key and performed all of the necessary code changes to support this effort. I also did a lot of analysis of their existing MSSQL Server stored procedures, custom functions, SSIS packages and jobs in order to put together a Technical Design Document for the work to rewrite a number of them as .NET applications. The end goal was that these critical business processes would be written is such a way that they can be better monitored, tested and reused. Aug. 2010 - Sept. 2012 Dell (via SpeakTech/Perficient) Austin, TX Architect/Senior .NET Devoper - C#, ASP.NET MVC3, JQuery, CQRS, REST, StructureMap, MassTransit, RabitMQ, Solr, Topshelf, Nancy, Razor, Memcached, Entity Framework, AutoMapper, Unity, Azure (Queue, Blob, Table, ServiceBus), MSSQL, TFS, NuGet, NUnit, RhinoMocks, Nbuilder, NSubstitute Initially, I was hired to work on a reputation management system that was intended to run in the Azure cloud environment. This system consumed activity information from external applications via a RESTful API and awarded points to those activities. Those points were then used to award badges that were associated with a user's profile. All of this reputation information was then made visible via a RESTful API and javascript widgets that could be plugged in to external applications. After this work was completed, I joined a team working on the administration tool and client facing portals of an affiliate marketplace application. In my time on this project I have architected and developed several distributed and highly scalable enterprise applications including the following. - A system to import merchant product feeds into the applications catalog in various different formats including Google shopping, commission junction, channel intelligence, dozens of custom merchant formats and our own canonical file format. - A notification system with an embedded Razor templating engine that is used to send e-mail and text messages. - A custom CDN implementation with a pluggable resource library backing that can be used to serve images, video, audio, text, and other file formats. I implemented versions of the resource library backend that stored these resources to Azure BlobStorage and to binary files. - A pluggable queuing framework with implementations for Azure Queue, MSMQ and RabbitMQ that allowed us to switch the queuing backend for our applications. - A moderation system for products, images, stores and blog entries that allowed application administrators to moderate these items and reject offensive (or otherwise inappropriate) ones. - A REST API that exposes the product catalog to applications so that they can display our products. Currently, this API is being used to build custom stores fronts, embeddable product list JavaScript widgets and dynamic "hot spot" components that allow users to augment their websites with products from our catalog. - A pixel tracking system that allows us to track conversions from products that are part of our catalog. This system manages leads, tracking pixels, order information, commissions and cancellations for all applications that expose products from our catalog. - A generic version of the tracking system described above that can track any item and subsequent transactions associated with it and generate reports for all of this activity. This version can also interface with our product catalog to calculate commissions but an item does not have to be in the catalog to be tracked in this system. - The administration application for creating users, stores, products on top of the catalog system described above and reporting on web analytics and order management. - The frontend application for stores created on top the product catalog and embeddable product widgets. Nov. 2008 - July 2010 Newgistics Austin, TX Senior .NET Developer - C#, VB6, MSMQ, MSSQL, Team Foundation Server, NUnit At Newgistics, I was brought in to help work on their new logistical systems to handle outbound packages. Newgistics was already processing returns and needed to expand their existing systems to process and route outgoing packages. Specifically, I was brought in to work on the label generation framework that would be used to render labels for all of their packages and containers in several different formats (ZPL II, PDF, GIF, JPG, PNG and BMP) and configurations. After having completed this, I was tasked with porting a lot of their legacy VB6 COM libraries over to C#. Later, I worked on enhancing their existing "advanced notification" subsystem so that it would generate and process the new messages associates with outbound packages. After completing my contract through TekSystems, I was asked to join the Newgistics team as a permanent employee. My responsibilities were extended to include the support and extension of their Intellistation suite of tools used to generate labels, research packages/containers, generate quality samples and reports among other things. I also supported, maintained and upgraded the messaging systems that were used to communicate between software products deployed at the processing facilities around the country, the central processing system and all of their clients. This includes a custom document processing system that consumes and generates XML, CSV, EDI and a few other file formats. I also was tasked with maintaining and troubleshooting BizTalk 2006 R2 custom maps, orchestrations and libraries. Jul. 2008 - Nov 2008 Technology Navigators(BHI) Austin, TX Senior .NET Developer - C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Visual Studio Tools For Office, JavaScript, MSSQL, NUnit, Nant, [login to view URL] At BHI ([login to view URL]) I was brought in to work on the billing system that was used by the financial and sales department to collect information about all of the BHI clients and generate reports and invoices on a monthly basis. My first task was to convert the application from VB.NET 1.1 to C# 2.0. Then, I had to automate the generation of several Excel reports that were used to compile the information that would then be used to generate monthly invoices in the Microsoft Great Plains system. After this, I worked on adding tools for defining and maintaining the various products and fees that can be associated with a BHI client. Then, I used these items to define billing cycles and generate invoices that can be edited online by each account manager before they are submitted to Microsoft Great Plains. The invoice system includes auditing and approval systems that guarantee that all changes can be traced and must be approved by the appropriate users before they can be posted to the Microsoft Great Plains system or written out to Excel reports. Apr. 2008 - Jul. 2008 TekSystems(Wachovia) San Antonio, TX Senior .NET Developer - C#, ASP.NET, Perl, JavaScript, Web Services, MSSQL, Visual SourceSafe, CVSNT, NUnit, Nant, [login to view URL], ExtJs Toolkit At Wachovia I was part of the Internet Loan Services team, an Agile development group. In this position, I was responsible for the maintenance and enhancement of existing web applications as well as the development of new Web 2.0 applications. During my time there, I worked on several different types of applications including web services, database driven applications, a framework to generate PDF documents, build script, and test fixtures. I also led the conversion from Visual SourceSafe to CVSNT and was a major part of the conversion from Visual Studio 2005/ReSharper 3/.NET 2.0 to Visual Studio 2008/ReSharper 4/.NET 3.5. Feb. 2008 - April 2008 Freelance San Antonio, TX Software Developer - C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX, Cold Fusion, JavaScript, Web Services, MySQL, MSSQL, ExtJs Toolkit, NUnit After leaving SWBC in early February, I worked as a freelance software developer building applications is many different environments and programming languages. These applications include personal websites, custom IE/Firefox toolbars, enhancing a TIFF viewer ActiveX control and e-commerce websites. Sept. 2006 - Feb. 2008 TekSystems (SWBC) San Antonio, TX Senior .NET Developer - C#, ASP.NET, ASP.NET AJAX, JavaScript, Web Services, MSSQL, NUnit In this position, I was responsible for the development of new database driven desktop and web applications in .NET 2.0 as well as the migration of existing Delphi applications into .NET platform. During this time, I worked with another contractor to build the .NET framework that was being used to port all existing Delphi applications. I also conducted training sessions for all of the existing Delphi/Cobol programmers in my department to help them learn C# and the new framework that we were developing. After being hired on as a full-time employee, I finished the .NET framework that was started while I was a contractor and used it to port about 10 different applications that are part of the SWBC's FocusNet platform into .NET. At the same time, I continued to mentor the Delphi/Cobol developers in C# programming. Sept. 2000 - Sept. 2006 [login to view URL] San Antonio, TX Software Developer - C#, ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, Perl, C++, VB6, JavaScript, MS SQL, FTP, XML, NNTP, RSS, SMTP, NITF For my first 3 years at [login to view URL], I was responsible for the design, development and maintenance of the software applications that were used to publish and maintain the [login to view URL] websites. This included the automated applications that import data from [login to view URL] partners and content providers, the applications that export data to 3rd party companies that use it on their own websites, the web and desktop tools that were used to maintain all of the databases that [login to view URL] utilized and the actual web pages that are accessible through [login to view URL] and the other websites that [login to view URL] maintains. Web Development Manager - C#, ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, Perl, C++, VB6, JavaScript, MS SQL, FTP, XML, NNTP, RSS, SMTP, NITF After 3 years of working for [login to view URL], I was promoted to the Web Development Manager position. In that role I was responsible for 3 software developers, 3 web designers and a technical assistant. As their manager, I was responsible for assigning tasks and making sure that they were completed on time and met all acceptance criteria. In addition to this, I met with our clients and partners to gather requirements and set expectations and deadlines. At the same time, I continued to design, develop and maintain the applications that are listed below. The following is a partial list of the applications that I worked on for [login to view URL]. - Created automated applications in C#, Perl, C/C++, Java, Visual Basic and Cold Fusion to import data from [login to view URL] partners and 3rd party content providers into a MSSQL server so that it could be published on the website. These included news articles from the San Antonio Express-News and the Associated Press, announcements, obituaries, classified ads, high school sports data, police reports from the San Antonio Police department, real estate listings, recipes, and weather feeds. - Created automated application to batch process images that are displayed on the [login to view URL] website alongside text that is imported through automated processed listed above. These included applications for processing comic strips, story photos, announcement photos, obituary photos, real estate photos and web cam images. - Create a desktop application to automate the process of encoding, optimizing and upload videos for our website. - Create dozens of tools that are available online and were used to maintain most of MySanAntonio's different web applications and database. These include tools to create/edit/delete and publish articles, obituaries, announcements, classified ads, slideshows, e-cards, real estate properties, employment listings, vehicle listings, weather data, contests, polls, surveys, elections, keywords, quizzes and videos. - Installed, configured and maintained IIS, Cold Fusion, Real Media, MSSQL and file replications servers that were used to develop and host the websites that we maintained. ? Created custom web application, COM objects and maintained existing applications for clients including the San Antonio CVB, The San Antonio Symphony and The University of the Incarnate Word. 1998 - 2000 Applied Computing Systems, Inc. Los Alamos, NM Software Developer - C++, Perl, Visual Basic, Oracle, CVS Applied Computing Systems was a government contractor in the chemical weapons program whose primary product was called EMIS (Emergency Management Information System). During my time there, I was responsible for the development of complete software products including custom database servers and portable window based client applications. - Developed a database server that was capable of processing approximately 35 SQL commands including the ability to create, drop and populate database tables with optional index fields. It also provided for locking of individual items, columns, rows, or entire tables. The ability to create large binary objects was also supported. Probably the most advanced feature that this server provided was the ability to register an interest in a specific column. This feature allowed a user to be notified asynchronously of changes to that column without having to poll the database. - Developed several utility servers that supported a couple of client applications that were developed at ACS. These included an authentication, file lock, and mail lock server. - Worked with another developer on a C++ graphical user interface toolkit that was used to create portable interfaces for some of our existing products. This toolkit used an embedded Perl interpreter to create portable Perl/Tk widgets. All of the complexities that were associated with communicating with a Perl/Tk widget from a C++ object and from a C++ object to a Perl/Tk widget were hidden inside of C++ widget classes and Perl/Tk composite widgets. - Worked on several bug fixes for a Visual Basic application that was developed by another company. This involved looking through thousands of lines of Visual Basic code as well as ArcView GIS scripts to find such things as variables that were not properly initialized or instances where the improper format was being used to display information. - Developed a portable GUI application to track the flow of data in an Oracle database that was used by the same 3rd party application described above. This allowed the users of this application to determine, in real-time, whether other clients had received the data that was sent to them. The necessary information was tracked through the database system by looking for specific bits of data inside of different database tables. - Worked on several SQL and PL/SQL scripts that interacted with and Oracle database.
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Excellent worker. We had a little timing issues, but overall I am very pleased with the result.
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15 år siden
$73,50 USD
Miguel was an excellent worker with attentions to details. We will continue to give him more projects. So far so good. Sammy GlobalITSoft
PHP Cold Fusion Engineering Software Architecture Software Testing
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15 år siden
$552,50 USD
Thanks Miguel I enjoyed working with you. My site is great and I am anxious to start adding my stuff to the great database.
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15 år siden
$1.104,99 USD
High quality work.....a little better communication would have made this an excellent rating.
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15 år siden
$233,75 USD
Very Happy with the work. Would recommend this worker anytime and work with him again in the future if there is a need.
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15 år siden

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