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ABOUT US Veprox Digital World is an indigenous IT firm situated in Lagos. It was incorporated on April 5, 2007 to undertake services of hi-tech solution provision. We serve individuals, small and medium scale enterprises. Ours is a multi-dimensional platform company. By this, we mean we are a leader in application development, graphics design, web development, database design, training and IT consultations. Also recently, we have incorporated large area networking by designing the Delsoft Ltd / [login to view URL] networks presently in use. Along side these areas, our background has been that of hardware maintenances and repair. We actually moved a step higher by entering into the world of programming –taking into cognizance the number of common business solutions technology can proffer. We have since November, 2006 been building sophisticated technologies in the following categories: mobile phone applications, website portals, internet marketing, forums, blogs and desktop applications like density calculation program, intranet management solution, HRs, Content management systems and Time management programs. Our database skill is one of our precious assets, as it helps serve companies looking towards having a structured and organized data management system. We enjoy patronage from different companies. For example, we have built the websites solutions for the following companies: Learning Cottage, Stellobis, Ltd, SKG Consulting, Union Maritime Agency Ltd, Jton Productions (USA) and Jton Magazine (USA). WHAT WE DO As already mentioned above, we develop solutions in the form of web, mobile and desktop applications. We create technologies that have applications in many day to day business needs. We design website for companies, individuals and governmental bodies. Our experience in various design specs helps us build and customize rules specific to organizations. In other words, companies can be rest assured of being provided an automated internet company featuring all aspects of their business ethics. We design graphics for all kinds of medium: print, web and outdoors. Our special team of graphic artists helps put together strong and well composed graphics for many purposes. The following are examples of areas we can demonstrate our dexterity: hand bills, posters, web template, software template, T-shirts and Logo Design (or branding). We design, maintain and manage databases for any size of organization. Our database management tools include: oracle, MsSql, Mysql, Sybase etc. We help develop sound data centric apps for managing: human resource, financial data, accounting and statistical streaming. HOW WE DO WHAT WE DO Many years ago, we resolved that we will be a leader in helping companies transform known traditional methods of doing business to modern hi-tech means. Our sole purpose was to help automated business systems for maximum productivity on the side of clients and for us, more profits. In the pursuit of this dream, we took the step of learning and equipping ourselves with what was necessary for the journey. And today, we are confident that we can help bring any organization to automation forefront. Our strategy is simple: we conduct what we call a design study for our clients, make the necessary observations and proffer solutions and tools in alliances with their business goals. Our study helps suggest what is needed to achieve the clients set goals. Our job as an IT consultant may well be what the company needs to move forward and achieve their desired growth. Other times, we went ahead to provide the solutions. Our approach may also be to conduct research or study on behalf of institutions we do not fully comprehend and then come out with necessary facts about what automation to imbibe. The cycle chart of our design is as follows: Design Study à implementation à design development -àtesting (to meet specific requirements) à Publishing. OUR VISION • Our vision is to be a leader in quality, hi-tech solution provision applicable in many business and social scenarios. • To provide platforms where people can freely express themselves resulting in empowerment for them. OUR MISSION To deliver highly skilled instrumentation and professional services supporting our stakeholder in the development of critical organizational infrastructures and competencies necessary to achieve sustainable growth rate. To be the company of choice for application development and business solutions OUR SERVICES Our services descriptions are as follows: Website design / Development: Website design involves building a web based profile for companies looking forward to interface with large audiences. It is the direct representation of a company offline processes in an electronic medium – where pages carry set of specific information about them. Our website team builds for companies a structure that runs on the internet and having sound navigational system that allows flow of information sharing. The website features highly creative and accessible template, user friendly instructions and products / services presentations. We incorporate animation in place to help pass specific information to the surfers. And above all, a contact system that will help gather visitors to the site on a daily basis as well as having auto response in place for help desk matters. Web application on the other hand is a super website that involves full blown functionalities. These functionalities range from auto emailing, after sales support to socials networking. The web application systems may incorporate: content management systems (for regular changing information e.g. News, Chats, Forums, sms messengers and blogs. Website pages can carry different form of a company’s activity e.g. marketing, sales, proposals, products description, payment, profile, mission, contact etc. We sometime refer to it as online company as the case may be. Graphics Design We design graphics for all kinds of medium: print, web and outdoors. Our special team of graphic artists helps put together strong and well composed graphics for many purposes. The following are examples of areas we can demonstrate our dexterity: hand bills, posters, web template, software template, T-shirts and Logo Design (Or branding). We illustrate animations for quick information references and interactivity. Database Management We design databases for company for high end data centric processes. We install management tools in place to help organize different sizes and flow of data. For effective retrieval of report information, subset of needed information from a large data bank, easy back up of object and easy storage, it is very necessary to implement a database in place. Large organization may require a database to manage human resources, capital resources, clients, finances, assets, distributors, products and services, business plan and many more. Our team will apply the illustrated strategy above to build for you database systems that will turn your company processes around. Training And Consultation Our training involves delivery of tutorials on diverse areas of computer science to help empower clients and prospective professional for performances. We deliver the knowledge needed to undertake a specialty in the field of information technology. We make use of online and offline training strategy. Our offline training includes seminars and home training. The online method involves delivering changing tutorials on diverse subject on the website. You provide the form of downloads as hard pages. Our training topics are as follows: • Web Programming • Software development • Website graphics designs e.g. Flash, Macromedia Fireworks, CorelDraw • E-business • Latest Technologies • Hardware Maintenance More to join in due course Our consultation involves conducting for businesses research that will provide them with the needed information for way forward. This information involves technology use base, process automation, ecommerce and e-marketing, new technologies for doing business, staff training and building of solutions. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES • Our client will enjoy Innovativeness, creativity, dynamism, interactivity and speed • Client will enjoy the direct expertise of the CEO and other management staffs • Competitive pricing, which is below the industrial average • Competent and multi-skilled professionals handles every project we execute • Our project development approach is unique and customer-centric • Strategic partnership with foreign web hosting and service companies in the UK and USA OUR CLIENTS Web Below are some of the projects we have handled: [login to view URL] , [login to view URL] , [login to view URL], [login to view URL] we maintain [login to view URL] Others Lincoln Technologies Stellobis Ltd Learning Cottage Delsoft Ltd [login to view URL] OUR MANAGEMENT TEAM Veprox Digital World Ltd is owned and run by a group of distinguished, vibrant and youthful individuals with track records in the world of Information and Communications Technology. The company is managed by a blend of seasoned professionals from diverse fields of IT, Business Management, E-Commerce and Public Relations. The group sets out to represent the future of IT globally by building a formidable workgroup of committed, extensively trained and well positioned staffers. The following form the management of the company: OMOIGUI EFOSA ABEL Omoigui has a first degree in Mechanical Engineering. A purposeful leader with foresight, his sound judgment about IT future led him to acquire skills in diverse areas of information technology. His area of expertise cuts across Web development, Software Engineering, Networking, Hardware Maintenances and repair, Graphics and Multimedia etc. OKUNBOR FRANK He acquired a Bsc degree in public administration as first degree. He also went ahead to obtain Networking and Hardware skills. His dexterity is embraced with appreciation when on the job. His skill also stretches across business development and strategy formulation. LINDA EKELENI Also acquired a Bsc degree in business administration. She had since been spending most of her time perfecting her marketing and business development skills through her involvement in the company operation. Linda has since demonstrated her substance by clearly showing creativity in computer over the times. OTHER PARTNER AND CONSULTANTS SAMMY ORERE He’s a an experienced programmers in Germany who works with the organization on different development matters. He has experience in diverse software platforms. Sammy is a development think tank for veprox using the environment he lives in as a strong influence on our development processes. MATTHEW IKECHUKWU He lives in Denmark. He has also chosen to be part of the management. Matthew has worked with Yahoo Denmark as a programmer. He is well exposed to software development and as a result helps to develop chunks of development task for veprox. He has also on his own built large solution like hotel management system, video rental suit, and content management currently selling on the internet. Lekan A very experienced programmer currently heading Lincoln Technologies. He is also very sound in job of design and development. He collaborates with veprox on large project.

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