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    We currently seeking a professional and creative freelancer to develop a cloud based automated trading strategy for use in Forex, stock and cryptocurrency markets. <<<Neural Network Selection>>> We would like to employ the use of machine learning algorithms using a combination of the following approaches: ANN (Artificial Neural Network) RNN (Recurrent Neural Network) LSTM (Sho...

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    SpaceSense 6 dage left

    Deep Learning- Computer Vision on Satellite Imagery

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    YOLOv2 object detector 6 dage left

    I have a Matlab program that used for detecting traffic signs. I faced issues in designing suitable CNN layers that able to be trained and detect the traffic signs properly. I need a domain "expert" to review all my program steps and modify what necessary to allow the program to achieve high accuracy. I need the work to be done within three days and the budget will be 50$

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    Deep learning in medical diagnosis 6 dage left

    Build a deep learning model that can identify anxiety disorders, based on diagnostic criteria. The model has to be administered through an app to collect patient data, to continuously improve accuracy of predictions. Please present samples of work done.

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    Hello, I need to train a Google Colab project from a specific Dataset. It must be simple and clear and, obviously, it has to work! (see the attachment) I want a person who can start right now and give me all the explanations that I need to understand it because I'm a newbie.

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    Need Computer Vision Expert Required I can provide help but you have do things by own.

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    I need you to implement code which is in a blog. The implementation details are also available in the blog.I need you to help me implement this code in my local system so that I can submit this for my project

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    I have 30.000 photos that are severely damaged. The job is to solve this through image inpainting / machine learning, or any other way possible I am attaching a few demo files - successful restoration of one of the files takes you to the final.

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    I need Deep learning specialist who can train Foot model for me.

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    I am looking for a Co-founder for my AI0based Start-up. Must have experienced in AI projects. Thanks

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    We are searching for free lancers with the following skill set CUDA - CUBLAS, CUFFT, CUPSARSE OpenGL - 3D Deep Learning Tools OpenCV - C++, Python-opencv Knowledge on Optical Coherence Tomography is appreciated

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    Medical Image processing 5 dage left

    Skill set required: CUDA - CUBLAS, CUFFT, CUPSARSE OpenGL - 3D, Deep Learning Tools OpenCV - C++, Python-opencv

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    Looking to build a tool that will take existing summary of locations and rewrite them based on various data sources. Using GPT-3. Do you have access to OpenAI GPT-3

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    I need computer vision expert who can perform complex [log ind for at se URL] see the attached description

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    CNN-ELM algorithm 4 dage left

    Need an expert who has many journal papers in IEEE and magazine belong elsevier to implement hybrid Convolutional neural network and extreme learning machine. Anyone who already do this hybrid model can come to discuss

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    MicroEnergy Credits (MEC) is looking for a team of expert data scientists to analyse MEC partners' data by performing big data analysis and machine learning technique to support the development of a mobile marketplace for the lending of clean energy technologies in India and Africa. This work is in part supported by Energy and Environment Partnership covering Southern and East Africa (EEP Af...

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    Solving a task in deep learning 4 dage left

    Need to solve an task in deep learning by applying k means and random forest approaches

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    Location constraint - US or Canada only We are looking for a superstar data scientist, who is familiar and experienced with natural language processing and natural language understanding, using the latest deep learning techniques (Spark NLP, transformers, multi-task learning, etc.). This role fits software engineers with proven hands-on experience in Python, Spark, and TensorFlow. A PhD degree in...

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    See sample below: [log ind for at se URL] Most important functionalities required: 1. Eye tracking 2. Emotion recognition through facial imagery 3. Audio analysis 4. Predictive analytics for depression, anxiety, loneliness, anger, stress etc disorders 4. Recommendation of Next Best Action.

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    Computer vision 3 dage left

    I need you to develop some computer vision algo for me. A camera is placed in a box and it should give me a flag , when an item is put in the box and when it is removed. We can talk more about it once we connect

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    Deep learning for Medical Images 3 dage left

    Hello, I am looking for a freelancer who has good understanding of deep learning so that he or she may help me in modifying a CNN for medical image processing (enhancement). The network already works on natural images (pytorch implementation). I can share the details later. Thanks

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    Deep Q Learning program 2 dage left

    I need someone that is capable of programming a program that will make decisions based on live data stream.

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    you have to implement code based on the methodology. or if you want to change the methodology that is also okay. I need the result and discussion part to complete. Check the attachment. this is a theme of this paper .

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    I have code for one paper and want run it with different dataset you need to do preprocessing for dataset and then run it and get result after that run it in my machine You need to know Pathon and deep learning too and working in linux

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    The tasks are the following: 1. One video to show the ability of the algorithm to measure car or bus duration of appearance. 2. One video to demonstrate the ability of the algorithm to measure an outdoor walking-human duration of presence. 3. One video to show the ability of the algorithm to measure the length of the appearance of indoor walking-human.

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    I am training an agent to self drive with reinforcement learning, with code I haven't written, and the only thing that is being trained is steering, while throttle is static. The only thing I would like, is for throttle to be trained too.

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    The solution must be cost-effective. The solution must be able to measure the temperature of a person. If the temperature is too high it must create an alert. The solution must be capable of detecting if a person is wearing a face mask, and be able to warn the user to wear a face mask. So the system is to detect that there is a person (and his face) and it is not important to define if he is pe...

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    Build me a very powerful and highly accurate predictive Football Sports Model, Using the most advanced tools and statistical methods (Such as R/Deep Learning/Probability Distributions/Etc) for the: 1. English Premier League 2. Italian Serie A 3. Spanish La liga 4. German Bundesliga 5. UEFA Champions League I want to predict, using data that are available and updated on the internet: 1. The Expecte...

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    Look for someone who already finished phd in deep learning and published many journal papers regarding hybrid deep learning like CNN+ GAN , CNNs+LSTM , CNN-ELM PLEASE who not have phd and published papers as above don’t accept my project

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    I am looking for an API which can provide me the below details: 1. Translations from any international language to any other languages. 2.. Translation quality score for the translation 3. The API response time should be less than 100 ms 4. The response should in this format { "prediction": { "score": 0.98 }, "source": "कृपया इन सवालों पर म...

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    machine learning 9 timer left

    need a code for handwriting recognization

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    Python coder.. 3 dage left

    I need the python coder for my job. Details will be shared

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    I need a data science expert for my current projects. If you have knowledge please bid. Details will be shared in message with the freelancers.

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