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The project in this semester is an interdisciplinary project. It combines distributed systems design, computer science and computer networks.

PDA based flexible ticket system

You are going to implement a prototype of a flexible ticket system. In its complete version it is going to replace the current RF-id tag based system. The new system expected lifetime is 5 year only. In 5 years it is expected that face recognition has advanced sufficiently to allow ticketing based entirely on automatic unattended image processing.

While the proposed system only partly reduces the manual control, it will reduce the amount of sign in /sign out equipment on platforms and placing that equipment entirely in the rolling stock.

Each train compartment or bus is already equipped with a wireless LAN connected to the InterNet. The train or bus computer knows the current position (GPS). A passenger simply associate with the wireless network as usual but for those passengers that have registered for an electronic ticket service the train computer now registers boarding and during the journey registers position either based on time intervals or passing of taxation borders. On active disassociation or by just leaving the train or bus the registrations done by the train computer form the basis for the fare calculation.

A customer might use several trains and/or busses for a complete journey. Charging is based on the current ring zone system and for the entire journey according to the current rules known from the - still used - 10 trip stamping cards.

On request customers should be able to retrieve the current journey price.

As a special service to our customers with this PDA based service we want them to be able to get advice on how to get to their destination as fast as possible – not based on the announced timetable but based on the current traffic situation – delays, cancellations ….

Each team should develop their proposed solution including:

- One or more centralized computers for fare calculation and the dynamic traffic advice function (“rejseplanen on steroids”).

- A train computer for customer registration and trip registration. You may disregard the GPS module and interface and just simulate a trip in the prototype.

- The applications for the customers PDA. It is acceptable to use a standard portable computer instead of a PDA.

- The necessary custom designed protocols and or distribution techniques to enforce corporation among the units. Custom protocols should be fully documented using relevant sequence diagrams and FSMs.

- A “web based” interface to the users account on the central server. Users should be able to register, login and manage their information – as well as view statistics on recent journeys. - You might implement a manager role that can view statistics about a particular bus/train line or multiple users.

Servers and train computers should be located on our virtual servers (“Goonhilly” / “The Lizard” ) and use relevant DBMSs – either PostgreSQL, mySQL or SQLite. It is however acceptable to use a number of a team’s portable computers as train computers.

The prototype should focus and demonstrate the potential of your proposed architecture. Especially the future shift to image recognition should be as seamless as possible.

It is fully acceptable (and recommended) that security and tamper issues are left to coming prototypes.

Equipment provided

- 'Goonhilly' and 'The Lizard' – two servers running at a separate network.

- A virtual server pr group member. (upon request)

- A number of APs using the 5 GHz frequency band (in order to limit the crosstalk) is available for demonstration of the prototypes.


Requirements to the software

• A CD containing source code for all programs in the project together with the build files and/or make files must be enclosed.

• Descriptions of how to compile, install, and run the programs.


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