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Hallo, I have a project, almost finish actually, but I'm stack with the time and knowledge of logic programming in Java. The one who bid this project should have a good logic and have experience programming in java. Actually this project devided into 2 parts, my colleague works in other part. My part is to build GUI and of course implementing control in the GUI from the message of other system.

There are two choices you can bid:

1. I give you the program what I've done so far,

and you will tell me what should I do to achieve my goal.

I'll compile it by myself.

2. I give you the program what I've done so far, and you do it the

rest and compile by yourself. In this case you have to have:

- eclipse 3.1.2

- java 5

- LS/TS library

- SWT and JFace

- Jigloo (it's not really necessary)

Now the description of the project.

Right now I have two classes which are GuiClient and Grundriss:

1. GuiClient make connection to the Agent System (LS/TS) -- done

2. Then GuiClient make request about how many agents and

their name and also their role -- done

3. Then GuiClient should make request about the location,

price, budget, schedule of the agents -- done

4. If GuiClient received response from respective agents, GuiClient

should implement it in Grundriss. -- partially done

5. Grundriss has many objects in it. -- layout done

6. If message received, for example location "waiting" from agent

"Marry" then the object label "Marry" should be visible in the

window (ex. [url removed, login to view](true). --- HAVE TO BE DONE

So you have to be able to connect between both classes.

7. And the interaction in Grundriss it self, if the cursor select

one object, for example Marry, then the windows should show

the schedule information about her (you will get the schedule info

from the message too) --- HAVE TO BE DONE

8. There is an economicgraph canvas in grundriss, it should have

a content of prices and budget info that alse sent via messages


Here you can download files that I produced until now, so you'll know whether you can do the project.


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