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Menu design back and front

The views are the whole design, a little explanation, the front part where it says Desserts Menu has the first page of the menu on the back, in the previews you can see all the designs, closed you would only see the front page "Dessert Menu" and an image of the back menu preview at the back. Once the client opens it, he would see all the dessert options as well as the drinks. It's also designed in a way it could stand opened in a table without the client having to unfold it. There have also been used colours related to food and dessert in general so that they make everything look more "desirable". There are many details that give the design a little bit of personality. Each image has been designed separatelly so that even though they make a whole image together the menu folding design could be easily changed in order to reduce possible printing costs. Any doubt, comment don't hesitate to email me Cheers

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