The Time Tracking Tool That Helps Boost Your Earnings

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Some say tracking your time at work is a total waste of time, but it’s not, especially if you’re getting paid by the hour.


At, tracking work hours is an indispensable part of completing Hourly projects. In case you haven't been tracking your time, there's a handy tool for this -- the Freelancer Desktop App.


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Why use the Freelancer Desktop App?


Since you're getting paid for every hour you've worked, every minute that constitutes an hour of completing a milestone is highly significant, it’s good to keep a record of it.


The Freelancer Desktop App tracks your time, captures proof of your work, and helps you increase your earnings up to 300%*. You can focus on your tasks while the app tracks every second you're working.


How can you boost your earnings using the app?

A Milestone Payment is automatically generated every Monday based on the hours tracked from the Desktop app. You don't have to fill in a time sheet or manually calculate the equivalent amount of your time at work.

As you go along, the app will randomly take screenshots of what you're doing. For transparency, you can use the screenshots as proof of your hard work that your employer can review.


Say goodbye to untracked and unpaid worked hours! With the help of the app, you can have accurate and transparent billing both you and your employer will be thankful for.


What are the other benefits of time tracking?  


Tracking your time is more than just counting every tick the clock makes. It's something that when you do on a regular basis, will let you become more productive and efficient in getting things done.


Your work process improves. Which process in your workflow takes the longest time to finish? Which step can be dropped to make the workflow simpler and shorter? You will be pushed to prioritize and create a workflow that actually works for your time.


It can minimize your tendency to procrastinate. “The problem is, you think you have time” -- this quote from Jack Kornfield’s “Buddha’s Little Instruction Book” best proves this one benefit of time tracking. If you’re not tracking your time, you think you have plenty of it that you tend to slack off. Seeing your time running prevents you from procrastinating.


Improve work efficiency. If you’re tracking your time, you know you have to make the most out of every minute. Knowing that the desktop app randomly takes screenshots, you'd want to refrain from opening Facebook or browsing that news satire websites. Turning your back from distractions helps you become more efficient.


Get paid for your hard work. Download the app now!

*Comparison of average freelancer earnings between timetracker app users and non-users from January to June 2016.

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