Calling All Social Media Marketers! Here Are 27 WordPress Plugins You Need To Know About.

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As a site owner, it is necessary to go the extra mile to ensure you create and maintain an active presence on social media. We live in a contemporary world where digital marketing thrives, and having a detailed social media strategy is a necessity. However, many people do not realize how much time and effort this requires. Without the right tools in your arsenal, it is especially hard to keep up with your profiles on various platforms.

As a result, WordPress plugins were born out of necessity. They enable you to automatically post and share your content on a selection of social media platforms. Furthermore, they provide insight into how the posts perform on each site in terms of sales and traffic.

1. WordPress Social Stream

Choosing between your Twitter and Facebook feed can be a bit confusing. WordPress Social Stream gives you the best of both worlds by enabling you to merge and display feed from various social platforms on your site. The (combined) social feeds help you to have an overview of all of your social engagements. This plugin is compatible with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Dribble and Delicious.

2. Social login

Social Login lets you pick from up to 30 different networks to let your users access and log into your site.  Your user only needs to have a social media profile to gain access to your site. It is free to download. The placement options for the Social Login plugin range from basic comments, to sidebars and registration pages.

3. Pin It Button

The easiest way to get your users to share your products and content on Pinterest is by having a “pin it” button that leads to your site. The button is versatile and comes with a wide range of options that are easily customizable.  This plugin lets your users isolate the image they want to pin, or save from your page. You also have an option of selecting the image your users will be asked to choose when pinning. You are able to customize your 'pin it’ button by choosing different sizes, shapes, and colors, with more options for the pro version. The button can be positioned on your blog with a shortcode.

4. Snapchat Snapcode Widget

The Snapchat Snapcode widget is a small widget that enables you to position your Snapcode on your site. Your visitors just have to take a picture of the Snapcode, upload it on Snapchat, then they can find and follow you. This plugin is free, and also allows you to include a title and your account name.

5. Instagram Feed

This plugin connects to your Instagram profile and displays the images that have been posted there on your site. It is useful for helping to drive traffic to your Instagram profile and increasing engagement.  The account also has to be a publicly viewed profile. The Instagram Feed plugin accommodates single and multiple feeds that are customizable to your preferences. This plugin is mobile-friendly, and easy to use.

6. Custom Twitter Feeds

Your twitter feed is the best way of integrating your social media presence with your website. It helps to keep your readers up to date with all your latest tweets, hashtags and multiple twitter users. Regardless of the feed option you settle for, your users will be able to view a call to action button that encourages them to follow you on twitter. It is mobile-friendly and when integrated, it adopts the style and theme of your site.

7. Simple Social Icons

The main aim of any social media strategy is to not only get your users to share your content but to get them to follow you. This plugin is effective in helping you increase your following on the various social media platforms. The social icons will direct your visitors to the social media profiles you would like to link to.

8. Disqus

Disqus is an easy to use WordPress plugin which is integral to the comment system. Commenters can log in and take part in the discussions, while getting notifications when being tagged or mentioned.  You also get access to subscription prompts, spam filtering, white and blacklists.

9. WordPress to Buffer

This is one of the plugins that is optimized to make content distribution easy and seamless. It makes it possible for you to automatically share your latest posts to all your social media accounts. The free version has a wide range of customizable options; the pro version gives you more freedom and options.

10.  Custom Facebook Feed

Just like the twitter plugin, you are able to customize this plugin according to your preferences, and that of your site’s visitor. It allows you to broadcast a Facebook feed on your site alongside the share and like buttons. The Custom Facebook Feed button is mobile-friendly and free to use.

11.  WordPress Image Hover Lite

This plugin has similar characteristics to the Pinterest “pin it” button, the only difference is that the WordPress Image Hover Lite gives your visitors the option to share on numerous platforms. When a user hovers over a particular image, they get prompts to share the image on multiple social network platforms.

12.  Pinterest Widget

With the Pinterest Widget, you can position various widgets on your blog to highlight up to 30 of your pins and Pinterest boards.  The plugin allows you to include follow buttons, and embed pins on your site to replace or add on to the basic ‘pin it’ button.

13.  MashShare Social Media Share Buttons

MashShare Social Media Share Buttons is a free plugin that is designed to help your visitors and users share your content with ease. It is fast, customizable and incredibly easy to use. You have the option of choosing which social platform you want to link to.

14.  Monarch Social Sharing Button

With the Monarch Social Sharing Button, you can select from differently styled social sharing buttons. They typically appear at the start or the end of your posts, in the form of pop-up pictures and social sharing bars that are positioned in different sections of the website. It is compatible with up to twenty different social networks.

15.  Sucuri Security

The Sucuri Security plugin is designed to ensure your site and users are safe. It offers security monitoring functions for your site. It provides comprehensive information on the login details of your visitors, scans for malware and flags you in case of any suspicious activities among other things.

16.  Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

This plugin is helpful for the effective installation of the Google Analytics Tracking code on your WordPress site. It is easy to use and the tracking code is integrated into every page of your WordPress site. You are also able to access your statistics on your dashboard with ease.

17.  Backup Buddy

BackupBuddy is the perfect plugin for backing up the content and data on your site. You are able to decide how frequently the plugin backs up, and where the backed up data will be stored. This includes the BackupBuddy storage space once they are completed online.

18.  Theme Check

One of the daunting tasks for any social media marketer is maintaining and keeping your site up to date. Setting up the theme and knowing when to change it can be frustrating as well. Theme Check makes sure your theme is up to standard and complies with WordPress rules and regulations.

19.  Facebook Conversion Pixel

The Facebook Conversion Pixel helps you in maneuvering the technical bit of social media marketing. It aids in installing the conversion pixel on your WordPress site which in turn helps to keep track of your Facebook posts and advertisements.

20.  Akismet Spam Filter

There is nothing as annoying as having your comments section spammed. This reduces the credibility of your site, as well as driving genuine users away. Akismet is an effective spam filter that detects and stores the spam in a different spam folder.

21.  SEO Yoast

SEO Yoast helps you to allocate adequate keywords to your posts. This ultimately gives leverage to the posts and helps them rank better in the search engines. It evaluates your post’s SEO potential and gives you recommendations to correct any loopholes or mistakes.

22.  Newsletter Sign-UP

Having an email list for the purpose of social media and content marketing is paramount. This plugin allows you to set up action buttons that lets your users sign up for your site’s newsletter. It is compatible with ConstantContact and MailChimp as well as others.

23.  Display Widget

The Display Widgets makes the process of changing the widgets from one page to the next easy and effective. It enables you to customize the sidebar with the click of a checkbox.

24.  The Events Calendar

The events calendar lets you promote all your events with ease. You can add information like the date and venue, and display the relevant information pertaining to your event on the site. It can also sync with Google Maps, and includes a selection of add-ons that help you with ticket sales among other things.

25.  WooCommerce

This plugin is useful for the people who sell their services and products from a WordPress site. It integrates with WordPress to make it easier for you to advertise and close sales. You can include shipping rates, as well as multiple payment options.

26.  WordPress Popup - Popover Maker

This free and easy to use plugin guides you to creating attractive pop-ups that prompt your visitors to take action. You can set up a customized trigger for the popup and add other options that give the user some sense of choice and freedom.

27.  ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates helps you manage all your affiliate links on WordPress. You can easily add links to your posts, and observe how each link is performing. The plugin also gives you an option of organizing your links into different categories.

There are many plugins created on a day to day basis. Taking advantage of these tools will help you keep up with the management and advancement of social media marketing. Finding the right plugin tool can be challenging.

Do you have any other pieces of social media marketing advice? Let us know in the comment section below!

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