Freelancers Create Their Own Versions of the Uber App Icon

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Uber, the multinational ride hail company, introduced their new app icon earlier this month. This massive rebranding, according to CEO and co-founder Travis Kalanick, is their way of celebrating Uber’s technology and the cities they serve. The color and pattern palettes are specifically designed for each country where the company operates.

When the icon was launched, it seemed like the public was divided. That’s when we thought of asking the designers from our community to create their own versions of Uber’s app icon.

Of all the design proposals submitted, we chose this entry by Mustafawadiwala of India as the challenge winner.

Uber - Entry #87 by Mustafawadiwala - India.jpg

Entry #87 by Mustafawadiwala (India)
He formed the letter ‘U’ using four arrows that symbolize road directions. He also noted that the ‘U’ is seemingly pointing to a location, like maybe a pinned pick-up point on the map.

Take a look at some other entries from this challenge.

Uber - Entry #80 by sankalp - India.jpg

Entry #80 by sankalp (India)
The designer used a dotted map background to symbolize Uber’s global presence and ambition. He opted for the classic black and white color combination.

Uber - Entry #57 by kavadelo - Ukraine.jpg

Entry #57 by kavadelo (Ukraine)
The down arrow represents location, while the hexagon cells are for the cities where Uber is operating.

Uber -Entry #9 by Anaxid - Croatia.jpg

Entry #9 by Anaxid (Croatia)
In this design, the hexagon cells symbolize the roads.

Uber - Entry #93 by itsthisjustin - USA.jpg

Entry #93 by itsthisjustin (USA)
Straight from the designer’s description: "This design combines the new brand direction of Uber along with the idea that location is at the core of their product. The hidden U shape inside of the flower symbolizes growth and new beginnings for Uber as a company while still invoking the classic brand image."

Uber - Entry #60 by Mustafadiwala - India.jpg

Entry #60 by Mustafadiwala (India)
‘U’ symbolizes the road and the background and its twists and turns.

Uber - Entry #123 by joanguevara - Ecuador.jpg

Entry #123 by joanguevara (Ecuador)
This design proposal is based on the Uber Partner icon. The designer chose a distinctive color upon seeing that most participants used black in their entries.

uber - Entry #146 by sankalpit - Nepal.jpg

Entry #146 by sankalpit (Nepal)
Always a good thing to have choices, right?

Uber - Entry #152 by sankalpit - Nepal.jpg

Entry #152 by sankalpit (Nepal)
Here’s another black and white design for those who love the timeless color combo.

Uber - Entry #81 by Ghost0415.jpg

Entry #81 by Ghost0415 (Slovakia)
To those who like a livelier color palette, which one do you think can represent Uber’s new branding?

It’s a wrap! View the rest of the contest entries in this link.


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