6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Digital Makeover

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Digital presence is everything. If your business isn’t reaching its full potential, consider implementing changes to revolutionize how you normally get things done.

So what’s the real purpose of a digital makeover? You know it’s not just about having a cool website design or a sleek logo. Here’s all the absolute reasons why you should have a business digital makeover:

1. Your website isn’t mobile-responsive.

You can’t expect everyone to be on desktop today, can you? With mobile devices becoming the go-to tool for information, optimizing your website has turned from a frill to a necessity. Mobile-responsive websites load quickly and easily on phones and tablets.

There’s also the guarantee that you retain customers on your website to see what you have to offer -- even if they’re not in front of their computer screens. Hire a professional web designer and developer here.

2. Your business needs an app.

The fact that mobile app usage increases yearly (up 58% just last year) is proof that you should sooner opt to have one designed for your business. Make your app the go-to for your company’s products and services, whether you own a cupcake shop or a portal for jobs.

Consider that not every customer would enjoy going through your website on a mobile Web browser. Reel in more customers and provide them a better user experience with a professionally designed mobile app. Find a top mobile app developer here.

3. Your products and services can be better promoted with explainer videos.

Some customers process information visually, so you might want to veer away with blocks of text on your website. Explainer videos are a dynamic means to present information and engage your audience. A friendly voice over and creative animation are key to an impactful video. Find a freelancer to create a video that will work wonders for your business.

4. Your copy reads dryly and can be improved with a wittier tone.

Still going with the old and traditional website copy? Boring! Get the attention of your readers with copy that commands authority and triggers excitement (of course with brand persona kept in mind).

Go for a pleasant and professional tone, or an aspirational and empathic voice that understands your customers’ pain points. Hire a copywriter so your material strikes your customers and urges them to take action.

5. Your business needs ads.

If you think your business is not getting enough leads and clients organically via word of mouth and localized marketing, then consider putting up online ads. You can start small, from Promoted Tweets to Facebook boosted posts. A little promotion goes a long way to get your brand out there and get noticed.

Certainly, you’d need amazing graphics to reinforce your marketing strategy. Get a professional graphic designer to create the perfect ad to help catapult your business to success.

6. Your business has a weak social presence.

Who doesn’t have at least one social media account? If you haven’t setup a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account for your business, then you’re missing out on building relationships with customers. Social media strengthens brand awareness on where most people in the world spend a good fraction of their time. This is the trend that you can’t simply pass out on. Find an expert to help you with your social media marketing strategies.

Why not take your business strategy up a notch? Make a resounding impact and bring more value to your business with a digital makeover. Freelancers can help you in projects under website design, app development, video animation, and copywriting.

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