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    I want to develop a car cleaning website fully function

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    We currently have a website on Django rest and Vuejs. In this case, you need to add a new examination function, can monolith can rest. Need help for this job

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    ...scrolling through each line very quickly we can determine the exact pressure positions on the sensor mat. We have used multiplexers and switches in the past to achieve this function and it worked really well so we suggest the freelancer to use a similar method. Voltage dividers also help give the matrix a wide sensing range.. We have our own sensor

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    ...-Record all incoming data and save it to a txt file to that user profile -Feature to screen video record and save to a video file MAIN MENU: -Include controller connection function (show that the Bluetooth device is connected and name) -Include reading test of incoming sensor data -Include a page for GAME MODE (this will be developed in part 2 and not

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    Building a kiosk 6 dage left

    The kiosk can take a person's temperature and allow them to fill in their NRIC by scanning the barcode or key-in using a virtual keyboard. I am using Fl... the keyboard cannot be called within the flask loop and produces the error "RuntimeError: Calling Tcl from different apartment". I just need help in calling the keyboard function in the flask loop

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    Voice search & FAQ from DB 6 dage left

    Need to add a voice search function and a FAQ page that grep data from the database top frequently asked related topic based on the title.

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    ...use C# and/or .NET framework to develop it because it will be a windows application. But you can also use React, Vue.js, etc... as long as you will be able to convert it to function as a windows app. So keep in mind that the final project will be a Windows based app, so keep that in mind to ensure easy conversion later on in the future. If you are detail

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    Detail Flow of the Web Application req...catalogue the existing tile catalogue into the web application database (not more than 100) - To have a user interface to allow upload of images for searching - To have a matching function to match the extracted information from the uploaded image with the catalogue - To display the matched results back to user

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    Lodgify currently offer plug-in widgets, but they do not function as desired for me. I need you to create or import a booking widget from Lodgify to use in my own website. Lodgify API info here: [log ind for at se URL] My website is [log ind for at se URL] it is a squarespace site. The booking engine and availability calendar I would like to copy

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    Looking for someone to add a wordpress crowfunding feature to my website as well as making web design changes

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    ...single PHP file which pulls data from an external website and hands it off to TablePress. The data is behind a log-in for two (2) of the four (4) sources and we are using curl function written in PHP to log-in and fetch the data. We already have a mechanism in place to store both external logins in the database, and to fetch the data from the first site

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    6 bud collaborate with on wireframes, information architecture and 3-4 comps of key screens at this time. This person should sweat the details of systems and how things work/function more than how it looks, but you should still enjoy a good-looking pixels. Skills: 4+ years UX/UI professional product design experience Web + desktop app design expertise

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    swift code -- 2 6 dage left

    hello everyone I am looking for someone who can add small function to the game there is automatic sorting ships you need to change it to manual that is all

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    Android Assistance -- 2 6 dage left

    My partner and I need assistance with our Android application, we need help with populating a recycler with information which is being queried from Firebase. The query function is done and the layout is done as well. The only thing that needs to be done is setting an adapter for this recycler view, then directing the user to another screen. Specifics

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    we have 2 function in C# and need convert to procedure to speed up the software

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    I build bespoke race car trailers and...trailer on the website, which in will give them price options and the ability to order and pay a deposit. The site is built on template by mobirise, ideally we can build this function in the site. or we can always just add a page or redirect to another URL which I am happy to set up specifically for this project

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    I need someone to fork [log ind for at se URL] and adapt it to: - look like this: [log ind for at se URL] - swap function and price estimation should use [log ind for at se URL] contract which acts as an aggregator You need to know what [log ind for at se URL] is and how to use it to call smart contracts. If you want this job, please install

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    I woudl like to have a power point presentation that consists of 12 slides. It is about the the function and purpose of a product portfolio management in a company. It shall have a opening and closing slide and in between, dynamic and animated design. I would deliver the content of each slide. it shall contain SWOT analyses, GAP analyses slides and

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    I need someone to fork [log ind for at se URL] and adapt it to: - look like this: [log ind for at se URL] - swap function and price estimation should use [log ind for at se URL] contract which acts as an aggregator You need to know what [log ind for at se URL] is and how to use it to call smart contracts. If you want this job, please install

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    I am a sales person who sales Clover Stations to business owners and I need an app built that serves a function that Will make there life easier. For product details go to [log ind for at se URL] [log ind for at se URL]

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    ...have a Trail Camera Software and Hardware business that needs a website designed in Wordpress. It will need to be mobile first in design. There will be a paid subscription function that allows for billing monthly and a free trial period. Also the look and feel of the website must be intuitive and blatantly easy to navigate. This will be primarily targeting

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    ...any bug. Our current projects use firebase API, but this function we want to create using Codeignitor & MySQL. Also once admin panel and REST API is created, we want freelancer to implement same in our web app. Web app is built in HTML, bootstrap, firebase, but you can add this function using PHP, MySQL as ultimately we want to shift our complete

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    Wordpress Plugin 6 dage left

    Hi, i need a specia...front end. In the point (SECTION) it should be possible to define individual sub-points (TOPs). Files should usually be able to be uploaded to the sub-items. Using the search function, it should be possible to find the items, the sub-items and the files. Is there to be realized? How much would the effort or the price be for it.

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    Chatbots are conversation-based virtual assistants designed to answer specific user questions related to any business function—CRM, sales, HR, taxes, etc. Similar to tax bots, chatbots include a bot or software program at its core to automate tasks, such as answering tax-related inquiries from a knowledge base, scheduling tax filing reminders, emailing

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    Hello im looking for making a function checkout/cart page Requirements : Professional wordpress developer Making the project by today Not proposing price more than the estimated budget Reading the full description of the project. Description I want to make a cart/checkout page which has some own design and functions : Design of the page will be

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    I want a freelancer who can build a paigham bot and build a website to that .It should scrape data that will be exportable and also function as a contact form [log ind for at se URL] bot has be designed into simpler user friendly for the user to be interactive. look into this link for more info http;//[log ind for at se URL]

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    ...If the user clicks on the "back" button of the browser, the page is simply reloaded. I would like the previous page to load. So in the end I just want to restore the normal function of the back button. 2.) If the homescreen is reloaded, there are problems loading the data from the database. Only the homescreen has this problem. The web application just

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    Fix bugs on a Simple graphic website/app for color selecting. Need to fix a few bugs in the website including an export function to export the created image to PDF.

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    Mobile Website - Telehealth 6 dage left

    ...database and book appointment tick boxes for needs and comments section Doctor Signup populated to database and skills tick boxes, description. Matching Patient to Doctor Function based on key words. (In production will use AI Machine Learning later on) Telehealth Appointment testing using Chime SDK embedded in App. There will be ongoing relationship

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    ...Modeling and 3D Animation. About the project: For this project 5 demonstrators shall be presented in 3D for an AR project. Each of the demonstrators will be extended with an AR function. Animations as well as interactions, images and videos are to be integrated. We need 5 different animations including interaction parts at 5 different places. Therefore, individual

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    Hello, I need create custom action for Playmaker plugin on Unity with c#. More details - [log ind for at se URL] Script code is-...for job in [log ind for at se URL]'s means you read details. In file section you can find couple examples. Play and setcustom is what you need make for playmaker. And Characted how function is working.

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    Opencart mail disappear in spambox 5 dage left

    Opencart with Journal Only get mail function working, but all mail to us and to customer goes into spambox. Need to solve this NOW, because the mail containts important info on payments details Spent 3 days of research on it, me is lost Deliverables solve it, so as less as possible our mail is seen as spam

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    ...Mobile App Analytics To give some details: - Our site is Magento2 and Mysql as backend We need a Google Analytics expert to set Conversion in Google Analytics and make every function work. The Conversion include the following: 1. Goals (1) Overview (2) Goal URLs (3) Reverse Goal Path (4) Funnel Visualization (Setup Multiple Funnels to Track Conversion

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    ...file name, function names etc one of the example problem is we define Church number n as λf n: (fn z), where (fn z) represents the n-fold composition of function f applied to z (i.e., f(f(: : : (f z))) where f is repeated for n times). a) (5pt) Implement a function funPower, which takes a function f, an integer n and returns the function fn. For examp...

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    I need a function written in; Function should accept a parameter for an instance of the SFTPClient object ( [log ind for at se URL], from the NuGet package [log ind for at se URL] by Renci ), Scans the list of files in the SFTP client directory, and deletes any files in the directory found with file extension .7z, only for files where the file's creation date

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    ...Whatsapp API Connection 2. Connect our existing server based database with Zoho Analytics & CRM for unified reporting 3. Add a custom function to Calls Module namely Next Follow up Date (NFUD) - With this custom function, there is an additional date field in the calls module - upon selecting that date, automatically next call shall get scheduled with

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    3 bud their dashboard to enter another members deposit address to send them bitcoin. There should be a notice when the destination address does not belong to a member ("send function is for members only"). To be clear: The site already does deposits. It already has a working API. This is just a modification job. That's it. Please provide the details

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    Trophy icon fix async issue 1 dag left

    ...with the Fetch function which is async. SEE [log ind for at se URL] 2-then on the client page i want to output one or several section with the <script> tag : the getschedule(), getplayerstats(),.. SEE [log ind for at se URL] THE PROBLEM the first time the user load the page the object ( "DICTIONARY OBJECT") doesnt exists then i have to use the fetch function ...

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    I am going to new functions. • Enable browsing of images which are stored in a hierarchically structured directory tree. • In addition to displaying images, your GUI should also display meta-data associated with the images. Available metadata may include image file name, file path, image file type, image size (number of rows and columns), number of pixels (number of rows x number of col...

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    [log ind for at se URL] ethereum Base Defi (decentralised finance) token YFI ,SUSHIS 2. Our user add liquidity as USDC, USDT, DAI like function [log ind for at se URL] their liquidity token use to our website user earn more our defi token . just like [log ind for at se URL] also this liquidity token use for our swap and user also load liquidity to our website

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    1. Schedule Meeting with Reminder( Work with Google calendar and outlook), Only Registered user/Admin can create Schedule -- Need to create a calender menu item with following options. -- Google Calendar -- Outlook Calender When you click on any of the above will open the calender page with meeting reminders 2. Currently from admin panel admin can create user, need to add option that a...

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    I am conducting a study on how pharmacists use calculators, for example for checking dosage, renal function, etc. (These could be hand held, or software based calculators.) If you are a nurse or pharmacist you may participate in a 20 minute interview by phone or text. (email survey in German is also possible) Fee is $50-$75+ Offer Available week

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    10 bud looking for someone to design news website from the ground up. I already have a domain and a website page with Wordpress & Wix, but needing someone to do the design and function work of the website. You can take this mention website as reference for the design, [log ind for at se URL] . Interested people also quickly check the designs of the

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    I want to only Edit Oxoo App Exoplayer Like this function work 1 Multi Audio Switch 2 Resume Notification 3 External Subtitle Support You Need Oxoo App Knowledge You Can See Its app [log ind for at se URL]

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    [log ind for at se URL] Let's discuss on chat more details

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    62 bud looking for someone to design news website from the ground up. I already have a domain and a website page with Wordpress & Wix, but needing someone to do the design and function work of the website. You can take this mention website as reference for the design, [log ind for at se URL] Interested people also quickly check the designs of the

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    build app in react native 5 dage left

    We have an open source project to build, rockeychat mobile, we added some function for us, but know we have to build the project for android.

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    ...are currently rooted. The device has 2 apps which will be updated. Simply put the customer can put one or both updated apk files on a memory card and tap a button. The function will look at the apk files and determine if they are newer. If they are newer it will delete/override the existing apk file/s or uninstall/install the new app. Our coder

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    ...digitally delivered software and control licensing subscriptions via easydigitaldownload licensing add-on. Website should be loaded with existing demo content and MUST look and function identically as on the developer’s demo site....

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    I want to convert java to PHP as manyone copying my code from view source. Here is the sample page link :- [log ind for at se URL]

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