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    ...View of employee 4 messaging to members 5 add photo with name 6 edit phone number 7 edit email address 8 change password 9 send location sharing 10 Drive detection (for enabling the location for individual people) 11 forget password 12 map type like ( auto view, street view, satellite view) 13 Daily,Weekly,Monthly Loction Report of employee (employe

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    document builder (ASP.NET, SQL) 6 dage left

    ...application that have like PDF templates and let me to edit it and export it. E.g. template for employee identification letter. I will just choose the employee and I can export his identification letter PDF. So, I don't have to make PDF for every employee. This the basic idea of the application. I need it to be coded using ASP.NET and SQL server Thanks

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    Mobile App development 6 dage left

    I want a mobile app which will help me automate my retail business's various parameters such as order management , employee management and coordination and quotation making etc.

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    ...visible on the site, but the name of the employee must be visible, whether he is employed or not, and whether all documents are complete. 6. Employee registrations must be sent to both Admin(Accountant & Another contact) 7. It must be possible for the employer to indicate in the dashboard that the employee is ill or has a day off. These notifications

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    Fix a website based on Laravel 6 dage left

    ...conference and screen sharing the first issue to be fixed is as follow if the employee import the student's attendances from excel , these attendance records are not shown in the student account the student can see only the attendances records entered manually by the employee this feature was working 3 days ago, no idea if the code is linked to any online

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    Consider a system with N blocks of storage, each of which holds one unit of information (e.g. an integer,character, or employee record). Initially, these blocks are empty and are linked onto a list called freelist. Three threads communicate using shared memory in the following manner: Shared Variables: freelist, list-1, list-2: block (where block is

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    I'm looking to build a random webcam site that connects multiple parties together. From a minimum of 3 people up to 8 parties leveraging the opensource [log ind for at se URL] or other WebRTC technologies. The site should randomly connect people together using webcam + audio with a chat included. There should be security features to flag users for inappropriate

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    ...use some video service in these social distancing times where he should be able to send an email / phone number, and the service should send a link / SMS, to the client's employee and the client's customer. At a specified time both can click the link and have a video chat, this should be recorderd and be downladable. There is probably a similar way

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    a video production agency of size 2 -9 employee, trying to source out our incoming video to freelancers to complete the job. white board explainer, and 2D animated video explainer. one of each type and 30sec long for each video. Inclusive of: voice over recording background music & imagery scriptwriting storyboard custom design animation

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    ... I have a Google Spreedsheet table with 8000 postal codes and it's coordinates (latitude/longitude). I need a developer that can create a first table using "Graphhopper opensource distance Matrix API", its OpenStreetMap — Example: [log ind for at se URL] Once it's created that matrix, I need to export a second table (sreenshot

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    20 bud and help me upload it on 2 different domains. I need the website to have a nice landing page, several pages to present the various types and levels of service, event scheduler, simple customer accounts and online payment. Some features will be similar to other coaching websites such as businesscoach. We need the following deliverable: - complete

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    Video Developer 5 dage left

    We are looking to create a 30sec to 1 min video for COVID-19 awareness for Employers and Empoyees. As we are a Recruitment and HR Industry, we want to let emp...and employees know what to do and what not do at at this phase of the Corona Crissi. A simple Example is using online platforms for initial interviews between employers and employee/candidate.

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    This project involves the integration of Outlook calen...job and then again evaluated for conflicts. 6. Continue the above process allowing the user to schedule the next job etc. If this cannot be done in Outlook, Syncfusion's scheduler control would be my next choice. If neither of those will work, [log ind for at se URL] would be another possible choice.

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    Wordpress Backup Plugin 5 dage left

    I wish to create a backup, move and restore plugin for wordpress, which can help with following: 1. Take backup of wordpress files, databases, on demand and has a scheduler. Options to exist whether to create just files backup, database backup or both while scheduling. Multiple jobs can be scheduled if required. Example: Job1 backups database every

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    Web Based HR Software 5 dage left

    Hi we are looking for someone who will develop cloud-based HR software which can be used by companies as an employee management system. We are looking for features as mentioned in the attached files.

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    I’m looking for someone that can create me a Microsoft access employee data base for a small company, I’ll fill it in myself. All I need is the layout. Find the needed layout below.

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    Cloud Call Center Software 4 dage left

    I need a software solution that allow my employee to attend calls from home. This includes IVR, Customised CRM , & Call recordings. Option to make outbound calls is needed along with bulk file upload from the admin panel.

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    Human Resources 4 dage left

    Bridge management and employee relations by addressing demands, grievances or other issues Manage the recruitment and selection process Support current and future business needs through the development, engagement, motivation and preservation of human capital Develop and monitor overall HR strategies, systems, tactics and procedures across the organization

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    64 bud, mindset management, sales, accounting, operations, business organization, leadership, supply chain management, cost control, profit strategies, management strategy, employee productivity, market analysis, competitive analysis, budgeting, project management, value creation, capitalization, monetization, optimization, recruitment, training, etc

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    I need someone with a home care background. Looking for someone to write policies, plan, procedures, employee handbook, forms in accordance to Ohio state law

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    UI and PHP developer 4 dage left

    hi friends we are looking for php and UI designer in long term or we are looking for employee in monthly basis ( removed by admins )

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    26 bud, mindset management, sales, accounting, operations, business organization, leadership, supply chain management, cost control, profit strategies, management strategy, employee productivity, market analysis, competitive analysis, budgeting, project management, value creation, capitalization, monetization, optimization, recruitment, training, etc

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    Build me a scheduler website 4 dage left

    Hi there we are creating a website which will include a schedule of daily art classes of different types. We want our customers to buy a certain number of 'CREDITS' and each credit is a class room which they can sign up to. They are allowed to cancel their booking 24 hour before the class happens. Our website would be similar to this one [log ind for at se URL] Can you tell me the cos...

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    Pure PHP expert 3 dage left

    ...[log ind for at se URL] It is PHP Myadmin URL. [log ind for at se URL] (Anna, vybwD11znnv!) (){}+, admin. [log ind for at se URL] There is one room per employee. Meaning: If there are 2 employees working that day, there are 2 open rooms. If there are 3 employees working: 3 rooms. additionally, there is a closed room. The normal employees

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    Dynamic Decision Tree Web Engine 3 dage left

    Looking for simple system to create 'employee self help how to guides'. Needs to be based in aspx c#, jquery, and mssql given my experience for future development. Need back end UI to easily create the troubleshooting queries saved to sql db. Front end, want to be able to call logic on any page via jquery/ajax/web call. I am considering AnswerPath as

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    Detailed crisis management plan 3 dage left

    dears, I have to prepare the below request from our instructor for course "...please use other references to support your plan Please submit by April 30th ---------------- notes: I am working for an internet provider company. and all contact center employee working from home now due to CORONAVIRUS. I can provide any information needed. thanks iyas

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    We have an existing site that needs to have a bulk number of new users that can access a page

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    ...format. (e) To have a depository to allow employees/authorized HR personnel to retrieve past generated letters. (f) To restrict the employee to be able to delete any letter validated and saved. (g) To allow the employee to save a draft before validation and/or use. (h) To enable downloading of the certification letters outside the system, if needed.

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    About Magenta Hive Technologies LLP ([log ind for at se URL]): A leading organization in digital marketing, website development, and mobile app de...client at the core of our offering, we work hard to transform business ideas into success stories. Regarding Project: [log ind for at se URL] Management 2. Customer Management: 3. Employee Reporting and Management

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    Build me a Website. 3 dage left

    ...most likely abbreviation can be used. Website should include: Home page where visitors can view the company's profile. A log in page for employees to access the system. Once employee was able to access the system i want to have their own dashboard their where projects will be posted. More information will be given once i found the right person to work

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    Looking for developing a simalar to these following sites with a better or...following sites with a better or modified UI/ UX. Register at [log ind for at se URL] ( ro see 10 API integrations ) [log ind for at se URL] ( to see interactive form) Using any of these opensource source code [log ind for at se URL]

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    PHP, MySQL Project 3 dage left

    ... or our own apps based on jitsi opensource code. We will leave the joice to the developer to advise. Background Zoom ([log ind for at se URL]) is a full fledged video conferencing system built on top of jitsi video and offers meeting and chat, webinar, and conference room systems. Jitsi ([log ind for at se URL]) is an opensource videoconferencing software designed

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    Microsoft power automate flow 3 dage left

    we need a freelancer to create a microsoft power automate workflow for our company, it is a simple business document flow that will require sign...power automate workflow for our company, it is a simple business document flow that will require signoffs for speciic task completion and reassigning subsequent task to next employee. all up about 10 stages

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    6 bud, mindset management, sales, accounting, operations, business organization, leadership, supply chain management, cost control, profit strategies, management strategy, employee productivity, market analysis, competitive analysis, budgeting, project management, value creation, capitalization, monetization, optimization, recruitment, training, etc

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    Employee Attendance System through Location Mapping a. Back Officce or Employees within a range of 30 mt b. Field Employee with no range but will punch at a particular time with reason c. Location tracker at his working hour, KM Travled, Movement Tacker within a closed area d. Leave Request for Holidays or Sick Leave or Unwanted Leave e Advance Request

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    ...Registering/transitioning email hosting from current Google-hosted service • Setting up filesharing (SharePoint and OneDrive) • Segmenting storage appropriately for personal/corporate use • Employee/account management, especially when employees are onboarding/offboarding • Teams setup/administration, particularly for having both public (internal) and private channels

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    Day Tra... 2. PTO Benefits such as Vacations, National and Local Holidays, Sick Leave, Marriage Leave, Birthday Leave, Parental Leave and Funeral Leave. 3. Bonuses such as Employee of The Month, Outstanding Performance Bonus and Anniversary Bonus. 4. Career development and growth with paid webinars and courses. Internet Reimbursement

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    Screenshot and Paint Tool 3 dage left

    I need a “Screenhot and Paint Tool”, which I can implement with a Button in my Website. I would prefere to combine this two opensource scripts: • Do Screenshots: [log ind for at se URL] • Paint in the screenshots: [log ind for at se URL] ->For more informations please check attached file.

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    Hi , requirements : - a phone call scheduler for leads - forms - chat bot - Articles - hand over for us to manage i am looking to create a wordpressed website and register a name. I have some examples of competition in other countries which id like to set up in the UK, this website needs to be able to compete take orders etc have google analytics

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    ...web-based solution to manage a complete structure of people working in any organisation. this application will have following features 1. Admin Login. 2. Complete details of Employee. like demographics,social site address(insta,twitter etc),position ,division,department,role etc 3. Oraganisation structure should be displayed in form of Tree chart or venn

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    Need a CA familiar with NRI issues related to taxation and DTAA (India-US) to help with India advance tax payments, and later, India tax filing. Working as a remote employee from India and receiving salary ina US bank account. resident status for FY 19-20 is RNOR. Indian citizen, previously resident of the US, No GC. Please provide past experience

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    Trophy icon Design a pension member dashboard 2 dage left joined Company/Plan etc); - Beneficiaries (the chosen dependants who receive benefits on the death of the member (percentage); - Contributions paid history with dates (Employee, Employer and Additional Contributions); - Member accounts balances at a date (with unit holdings in various invested portfolios (Gilts/Bonds/Equities/Cash); - Transfers Into

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    10 indlæg[log ind for at se URL] for other file needed as accounting will be given after award this project. - HR & Payroll have this section Attendance Leave Claim Loan Organization chart employee maintenence Payroll management - adhoc payroll item, time attence, process payroll, CP Recipt Customize payroll template - Customize Template ready. * For Header and Footer

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    ...contains following ability : 1) Employee can register and login. 2) Can upload there domain skills, in what area they are proficient into, including there Cv's and picture as well. 3) Organization can search for people based on the skillset they require for a project. 4) Organization can post opportunities and employee can search them from there dashboard

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    We are a dental company that provides service for dentist. we ...payment is montlhy. so is like a member club that the user can make as many request he need. we need a user interface and a "driver" interface that in this case will be our employee that we include in the system. we re gonna need geolocation and payment (voucher and credit card monthly)

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    ...Menu: -About us, FAQ -eCommerce for apparel/accessories only. (NOTHING ELSE IS FOR SALE on this page) -Cannabis Blog/informational/educational posts page -Appointment scheduler for delivery request. Request submission must include a terms and agreement. All appointment delivery requests must require an upload submission of Gov't ID for age verification

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    ...of each other. Thats why I'm posting this job for the most talented freelancers and people that want to build a new project with me and be part of the company, not as an employee but as a partner. My idea is to build a site + app that will benefit new freelancers that have experiences in their lives but still are new in a platform, also, help start-up

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    Asterisk Dialer and CRM Platform 2 dage left

    ...project: This project will require the following: 500 outbound channels sip (spanability) Administrator GUI Agent Panel Phone list builder CRM - Client Manager with Followup Scheduler for Agents, commission tracking, retention Sales Reports Vendor Manager (Add, Modify, Delete Vendors) Lead List Dnc database and scrubbing tool HIPPA / PCI Compliant Statistics

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    Business Process Model and Notation Develop a process...SOC (Security Operation Center) events for at least three scenarios: - leak event detected information; - an event has been identified, potentially indicative of internal employee fraud; - an event was detected that was not confirmed as an incident. All events were detected using the DLP system.

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    Need to put together a multilanguage (english/spanish) online marketplace using existing opensource resources at [log ind for at se URL] Notice the marketplace is meant for vendors to register and sell their products through the marketplace, much like ebay style (fixed price, bid stile, discounts, etc) with order processing, invoicing, checkout

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