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    i have a simple Scenario and based on it, develop the following diagrams(using IBM-RSA): 1) A domain model class diagram 2) A use case diagra...cases 4) A first-cut sequence diagram for each of the above use cases including both view and data access layers. 5) An integrated design class diagram that includes classes, methods, and navigation attributes

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    I have dozens of problems have to be solved by C++. A little algorithm knowledge is bonus.

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    ...plan in relation to a specific (set of)standards. Remark: at least two tasks and corresponding process elements as well as normsshould be included. [log ind for at se URL] EPF-Composer-based methods for basic compliance (via mappingrequirements). [log ind for at se URL] performing basic compliance via mapping requirements, extend therequirements modelling with rules in FCL. [log ind for ...

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    Please check the file below and only bid if you can solve those type of questions

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    QuantConnect Python code support 6 dage left

    ...RESPONSE. *** Tell me about your QuantConnect specific experience. If you don't have any please don't reply. I need an experienced Python QuantConnect developer to support algorithm creation. Your duties will include: 1) Advice on best practice of QuantConnect 2) Experience with specific QuantConnect features such as consolidators 3) Hands on experience

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    ...the Recruiter. === Overview of Project Requirement Documents. 1. Personalized Health Code a. consisted of 3 colors (red yellow, green) b. With 7 status (recovered, died, critical, under surveillance because have visited places with a positive case, patient under care with difficulty breathing symptom, positive) c. Travel history data (accessible only

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    24 bud of building project in Oman causes ,Impact and mitigation. Objective: [log ind for at se URL] explore all the important factors contributing the cost overrun. [log ind for at se URL] the critical factors of cause and effect of delay in construction project . [log ind for at se URL] the causes and difficulties that hinder the implementation of construction projects . 4. Dev...

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    ...migration and security services. At DQA, our expert teams of project management specialists provide practical frameworks to establish, recover and maintain delivery of business-critical programs. DQA provides delivery assurance through integrating people, process and technology bridging the gap between business operations and technology. DQA is a Microsoft

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    We have TCP optimized algorithm code written "C". We need to wrap it with DPDK package and optimize the PCI access from multiple VMs under linux. We need to put this in the linux container environment for the customer to integrate it on their linux based server. For the above project which we can sign up. We need the following skill set. - Very

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    C++ programmer required with experience in {#include "tcp-utils.h"} and Algorithm

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    I need you to design, develop and deploy an web app using the latest technologies. I will gi...full requirement once we sign an NDA and we agree on the terms. This will be a fixed bid project and the payment will be released once the beta testing starts. Timeline is critical and I need it to be done in a month or two at the maximum. Budget is 1500 USD

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    Looking for Technical writers in Mumbai to create conceptual documentation and API reference pages for methods and resources for Microsoft Teams APIs Requirement: • Technical writing • coding. • HTML • API • Documentation • Validation, pull and repos

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    Algorithm research 6 dage left

    bipartite graph, K ̈onig’s Theorem .. etc

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    8 bud available during Pacific Timezone (PST) North American business hours. - You must have good internet connection. - You MUST have experience with data structures and algorithm, live coding experience. - Any one of Java, Python, Javascript experience. We are ready to begin the technical interview immediately after posting this job. Please send

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    cybersecurity project 6 dage left

    prevention algorithm for an attack

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    Algorithm Expert 6 dage left

    You have to know about complexity, recurrence tree and cost at each level Have find Big-O of the algorithm from algorithm recurrence relations Analyze the running time

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    APP Development 6 dage left

    ...statistics / data presentation). The reason why I have separated the two is because there will be a separate programmer working with the database focusing on the search algorithm. I need someone who is proficient enough to handle both parts however the focus right now is just on the first part which I want to try and get done quickly. Full details

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    ...Management system. The project is to build an adserver platform which will be able to connect via RTB endpoints to other Advertising Netoworks. - Core functionality: Bidding Algorithm. Open RTB protocol (latest version). AdTracking / Analytics. - Extras: Auto-Optimizing / Rules based targeting optimization options / API connectivity / functionality.

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    Wordpress Odd Jobs 6 dage left
    VERIFICERET I want to automatically create a page exactly like "[log ind for at se URL]" each time a new post is created. The new page would have the same path /top-course/post-name and be no-indexed, no-followed. The only difference would be that it would mention the post title "Top X Courses for __________" and would link to the

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    17 bud[log ind for at se URL] Header, form + checkboxes, footer pages should everything be identical. This page has to be build with wordpress. This is time critical. You have maximum of 3 hours to finish this project. This is just a simple one page with a header, footer and simple form. Only contact me if you can start immediately.

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    Am in search for competence Customer service operator who can be critical for offering quick and accurate assistance to customers, and can give an innovative solution to each problem.

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    ...better then any human. Even if you do not have any data, by reinforced learning the AI can learn how to play and master any game. You will let the reinforcement learning algorithm to play the game itself many many times until it figures out how to win. This is can be done with random games too because even randomness has a pattern. If you have historical

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    scientific research paper 6 dage left

    ...of work: Review Article.. Keyword: Sport and Physical Activity, Health & Fitness, Personalizes Lifestyle and Behavioral, COVID-19. Paper Structure: Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Figures and Discussion.. Total Word: about 5.000 words. In word doc. Language : English with free plagiarism Referencing: Harvard style. Deadline: within 2 days.

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    TUNE Affiliate API Plugin for PHP 6 dage left

    ...need to create a PHP plugin to read from various affiliates programs ([log ind for at se URL], All those affiliates have their OWN "TUNE Affiliate API" methods, very well documents. I need a plugin to be able to read and fetch this data automatically from those programs. I have already a working plugin currently fully functional

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    Deliver plus 6 dage left

    ...system allows for independent delivery personnel as well as ride hailing riders to make extra money by picking up and dropping off packages on which may be on their destination path. Riders of ride hailing services may also take advantage of down to make some money delivering packages. Cabi doesn’t own any vehicles but rather creates the necessary platform

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    I have a research paper to be implemented in CloudSIm or CloudSim plus. I want someone to help me with setting up the algorithm in that research paper in CloudSim. It would be easy for people with CloudSim with experience.

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    Building out an affiliate marketing store that meets: 1. High Scalability: A high data-intensive and real-time pipeline to handle a surge in time-critical transactions and serve high concurrent transactions; 2. Performance: An event-driven microservice-based architecture and non-blocking I/O; 3. Personalization - AI: Experiment, and easily test new

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    I am looking to hire a virtual assistant to help with daily tasks. - Understanding of Amazon affi...Amazon affiliate sites is preferred - Knowledge and understanding of using WordPress is a must - Quick response times are important - Ability to follow instructions and SOP is critical - Fast turnaround times for tasks a must Looking to pay $30 per hour

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    ...Chose address - Add Payment method - Manage Bookings - See the history of bookings - Edit Bookings - Manage User Profile - Manage User Info - Manage Address - Manage Payment Methods Preferred technologies: React Native, Flutter But we open to considering other tools We need to develop the App as fast as possible so we are looking for a developer who

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    We are an early stage startup trying to use AI in different domains. We are mostly working on images, text and speech detection. We aim to train our Machine Learning algorithm using some tagged images. For that, we need to get the car images tagged(like scratch, dent and broken etc) using a very easy-to-use online tool.(Shown in attached images) We

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    Water URP Shader 6 dage left

    ...main and additional texture patterns without information from UV map on the surface mesh. It works correct on any types of UV maps. Therefore it is necessary to apply the methods of procedural management of textures and additional details. For development materials you need to create texture patterns and setup shader parameters for a test. For an additional

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    ...moummenths-swanorchid/ See my ideas, what you can create very fast, it is my job to spread the apps and make it popular, yours is the IT side, we will use unconventional methods to spread it. Someone needs to be Steve Wozniak anyway. You can create it using template you already have, Android Studio, XCode, Swift, PWA, Hybrid React Native does not

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    I want to build my duplex house in India with the help if green building concept. I want detail consulting about its planning, materials and methods to use.

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    ...notification to another user (through a middle server) and runs 5 functions on the target device. The main interface is HTML and using Javascript we call android functions and methods using android [log ind for at se URL] we need help to write IOS backend code to communicate with the existing interface with similar functionality on both acting and target device.

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    ...cases 4) A first-cut sequence diagram for each of the above use cases including both view and data access layers. 5) An integrated design class diagram that includes classes, methods, and navigation attributes....

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    Operating Systems monitors 5 dage left

    ...side of the crevasse, and they will try to cross after waiting for a random amount of time. E.g.: $ ./crossing 25 should create 25 threads. Your design should follow the “critical section outside of the monitor” approach. Each climber should ask the monitor for permission to cross in one of the two directions (east-to-west or west-to-east). The monitor

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    I need you to write a research article on distributed agreement. You need to compare existing algorithms in the paper.

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    ...remove the dependency on Pandas and instead use internal python types (ex. Dictionary). I would also like to use the Google Maps elevation API and the "encoded polyline" algorithm if possible. There is some overlapping logic between the two projects that should be replaced with logic from the second project. Description of the final product can be

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    13 bud Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) project. Much of the work we are currently concentrating on is detection of various objects and placards on vehicles, using methods that are as low in CPU usage and as fast as possible on a single frame. Additional work includes average speed detection, advanced vehicle type classification, flow studies

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    Writers - Business, Tech, Markets 5 dage left

    Do you love news? Looking for freelance writers for an online business magazine Time zone not important but speed and accuracy is critical. Must have excellent written English and grammar, social media skills & WordPress. Please provide examples of your published work Note you must be prepared to use our comms tools and update the team daily.

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    24 bud recipient (informational, emotional, instrumental, appraisal) and 2 types of ties that relate the recipient with the provider(weak and strong). Algorithm: The main function of the algorithm is to suggest the most suitable support provider based on support type and social ties (support types and social ties will be selected by the recipient upon

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    7 bud able to turn project requirements into custom-formatted data reports. The ideal candidate for this position is able to do complete life cycle data generation and outline critical information for each Project Manager. We also need someone who is able to analyze business procedures and recommend specific types of data that can be used to improve upon

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    I am looking to the development of an algorithm in a Jupyter notebook that can return a list of projects that are related to one that has been selected as an input. The algorithm should normalize the features of the projects and return a result that ranks the projects based on how similar the project attributes are. It should also penalize projects

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    ...strong online company voice through social media Liaise with Marketing, Sales and Product development teams to ensure brand consistency Suggest and implement direct marketing methods to increase profitability Monitor ROI and KPIs Stay up-to-date with digital media developments Manage paid search campaigns – Google, Bing, etc. – as well as other Google ad

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    Python poshmark womens section 5 dage left

    Need a python code developed to list products under womens section in poshmark. They need to be able to get through their authentic test. Most products can’t pass...authentic test. Most products can’t pass this but every so often one gets through. This could work by just continually retrying until it goes through or by figuring out the algorithm.

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    ...give warning alarms when limits of the following parameters are exceeded. ➢ Boom length ➢ Outriggers position ➢ Load ➢ Driver cabinet temperature 4- Experimental results and critical analysis that evaluate two sensors of the LMI system using the NI DAQ/ Microcontroller and NI LabVIEW/ C++ software. 5- An evaluation of signal conditioning elements that

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    Artificial Intelligence 5 dage left

    In this exercise you are required to develop a chess game in a programming language of your choice (though main / driver may be either...develop a chess game in a programming language of your choice (though main / driver may be either in command line or GUI) that implements the Minmax or Alpha-beta pruning algorithm (for those who want to choose it).

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    ...apply vouchers(existing feature) to enjoy additional discount during reservation. - The ability for listings owners & admins to add discount slots - Modifications in search algorithm, eg users can search table in a specific time - Shortcode to display discounted listings. Admin: - Create/View/Edit/Delete reservation schedules that created by all listing

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    I need someone to create a prolog search algorithm that uses depth-first search, breadth-first search, and the best first search in prolog using the london underground stations as the database.

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    1) A domain model class diagram 2) A use case diagram 3) SSDs for three use cases 4) A first-cut sequence diagram for each of the above use ...cases 4) A first-cut sequence diagram for each of the above use cases including both view and data access layers. 5) An integrated design class diagram that includes classes, methods, and navigation attributes.

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