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This is your first repeat assignment, on Hypothesis Testing. It is due in on 31st August at 5pm. The assignment consists of two documents, a PDF with the questions and a spreadsheet with your data. Don't forget to put the last three digits of your student number in the green cell on the first page of the spreadsheet document. You may submit your work on the assignment using the link accompanying the documents, your submission must be in the form of a PDF. No other file type will be accepted. I would encourage you to show a reasonable level of detail in your workings, so it is clear to the person correcting your CA what steps you took to get your results. You are free, and indeed encouraged, to do your calculations in a spreadsheet of your choice. However, you will not be able to edit the assignment spreadsheet; you will have to copy and paste your data (use the 'values only' option or just type it out). Last Three digits of student number are: 914

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