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OpenERP Development

OpenERP is perhaps the most influent ERP platform, allows for extremely fast deployments and customization, even quicker if you prefer a cloud-based OpenERP hosting service OpenERP OpenSource nature, its architecture supporting RAD (Rapid Application Development) with Open Object, and the abstraction provided by MVC (Model View Controller) and the ORM (Object Relational Model). Its capability for integration with Drupal, Magento, OSCommerce, Google Maps, among others, altogether with tons of users and developers world wide makes OpenERP the new de facto ERP system.

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TRESCLOUD focus on technology usability and availability for the enterprises, focusing on Cloud Services (amazon and rackspace) and ERP developments (OpenERP). We want you to have a "usable" system, that makes your company more competitive rather than more complex. Contact us, we will be very happy to answer any inquiries

$35 USD/t