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Billede ikke fundet - The site was built from scratch by myself - frontend and backend development, using my own PHP MVC OOP framework, administrator - all the content is driven by mysql database, social media integration, user location - using geolocation and IP location, view at:

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Om mig

I'm a passionate web developer with 10+ years of experiences in PHP, MySql, MVC frameworks like Laravel, Ajax, jQuery, xHtml, HTML, XML, HTML5, CSS2&3, very experienced on backend as well on frontend, using also LESS, GULP, mongoDB, and I'm familiar with node.js and vuejs, experienced in API implementation. For my work I use git as a version control, worked with github and bitbucked as well. I was building and scaling quite some of web applications (mainly from scratch), some of them were already partially built or needed improvements. I'm carrying about good coding practices, site performance, very keen on W3C standard, PSR, responsive web design, and improving knowledge all the time. With a BSc in Information Technology and Computing from OpenUniversity I have a full understanding of the full life cycle of a software development project. Full time working are available. ( 10 ~ 12 hours per day, 60+ hours per week. ) --TECHNICAL SKILLS Web Programming: PHP MySQL Markup Languages: HTML5 HTML4 xHTML XML Scripting Languages: JavaScript(unobtrusive), jQuery, Prototype (basics) Ajax CSS2&CSS3, with LESS preprocessor Standards: W3C, PSR(0­4), Web2.0 Servers: Apache (LAMP, WAMP), ZEND servers Operating Systems: Linux (Ubuntu, Mandriva, Suse), Windows (XP, Windows7) SEO optimization, including content, headings, keywords, meta description Microformats, MicrodataCross­browser Compatibility Web/Images Optimization MongoDb Node.js Angular.js GULP Composer Test Driven Development with PHP Unit -- COMPETENCES: Requirements gathering System analysis and design and developing code for an application tiers Ability to work with third­party APIs (Facebook, Twitter, Geolocation, GoogleAPI, PayPal, etc) Providing professional documentation for the application and for source code (comments) Quality assurance testing, Testing and Debugging old code Good coding practices (clean coding, commented code, following standards) Excellent understanding of Object Oriented Designs Ability to adapt to any environment and gain the required knowledge in short time. SEO optimizaton (including content and images)Very skilled in MVC frameworks such as Codeigniter, Laravel, etc, having my own as well Proficient in CMSes like Wordpress, modX, custom Proficient in CSS frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap, ZURB foundation -- QUALIFICATIONS: BSc in Information Technology and Computing More than 10 years of experience as a PHP Developer. Proficient in PHP, MySQL, fronend and backend development Proficient in Object­Oriented Programming (basic knowledge of C++, Smalltalk) I'm a good learner and I'm always willing to learn new technologies Hard working, fast, great team player, multi­tasked and self-motivated.

$25 USD/t