Particle/fluid mixing (modelling)

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It was never been published or finalized, as it has been part of a very initial proposal of a fluid mixing video. Over 200000 particles were placed spherically in the initial setup. The plan was to allow them to diffuse. The rendering engine was: Tachyon. The model clearly illustrate the importance: - the importance of rendering with shade (fullshade option) of the solid material - applying ambient occlusion lighting, which means diffuse lightning (with 512 ray paths), so that not only clear shadows. - Phong shading (interpolation and reflection model) to take the neighbouring colors/objects into account which are determining the shade of the pixels.

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I have experiences in the following fields. Image editing: Gimp, ImageMagick. (image transformations, handling layers, overlaying images, working with paths to reproduce bitmap images at higher resolutions, file format conversions, optimized jpgs). Video & audio editing/processing: ffmpeg. (H.264/H.265 encoding, cut/split/join/overlay/zoom/transitions in videos, audio corrections). Programming: including numerical & modelling tasks. (MC simulations, optimizations, "Completed another programming works" could be checked in the portfolio). 3D modelling and animation rendering: Blender / Cycles. (creating basic shapes/objects, apply photorealistic shader composition, extended knowledge about rendering and lighting settings, creating and rendering animations like 3d logos, fine rotation/translation of objects; all renderings are performed on my own i7-4770 workstation without distribution the modells to cloud services; some example works are under "Recently completed 3D modells").

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