Wet 'n' Wild Product Brochure

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Wet 'n' Wild Product Brochure

Client: Markwins Beauty Products Project: Wet n Wild Selling Brochure Brief: To design a selling brochure for the Wet n Wild cosmetics brand detailing products and shades available in the range. Execution: In a gatefold brochure, I used a similar style to the swatch brochure from the US material for the brand. I decided that all colour references in this brochure would be photographs of the actual products. This posed its' own set of problems, as several shades were very light in colour and were difficult to shoot clearly - especially the lighter nail polish shades and lip glosses. This was over come by painting a set of false nails in each of the nail polish colours, as the curve of the nails would cast a shadow that the camera could more easily pick up on. The lip glosses were smeared onto gloss card and photographed very close up using a macro setting which defined the edges enough to be captured in PhotoShop.

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