Privacy Preserving Ridge regression on Million of records

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Project was about implementing a research paper( from client. I started from scratch implementing various parts of projects as it involved cryptography knowledge and machine learning knowledge as well. I used 3 different kinds of cryptography libraries like paillier, RSA and DES. Apart from that i implemented algorithms like cholesky, back subsitution etc. Main challenge as part of paper was implementing Garbled Circuit which is implementing each operation as Binary Gates and then encrypting it's input output for privacy. I also implemented fixed point representation for floating point as part of project.

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Website: [login to view URL] A skilled software developer with 8.5+ years of experience working in various technologies like Python(5+ year) and Java(2.7 year).I have handled US and Canadian Banking Clients throughout my career.I am good at developing web as well as desktop application. I am looking for projects with role as Python Developer/Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer and can invest ~80 hrs/week.. Primary Skill-Set: - Languages: Python, R Programming. - Tools: Jupyter Notebook, PyCharm, Eclipse, R Studio, Github. - Database: Oracle, MySQL. - Frameworks: Django, Flask - Other: Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Engine,d3.js,react.js Python Libraries with Extensive Hands-On: - Data Manipulation: Numpy,Pandas - Data Visualisation: Matplotlib,Bokeh,Seaborn,geopandas,networkx,holoviews, folium,datashader - Machine Learning: Scikit-learn,Statsmodels,Keras,Pytorch,Nltk,Xgboost - Multiprocessing: [login to view URL],Multiprocessing,Dask,Numba - Scraping: beautifulsoup4,requests

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