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$29 USD / time
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Tilmeldt juni 9, 2007
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Maks S.


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$29 USD / time
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$29 USD / time
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<h1>KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid</h1>

Senior ASP.Net Web Engineer Professional Profile Maks is an experienced application developer with an academic background in software engineering. Maks posses 8 years experience in the IT industry with demonstrated successes in Application Architecture, Object Oriented Analysis and Design with high-level programming languages. He has practical experience in Web Project Development, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems and software support. Education Dnepropetrovski Institute of Railway Engineers, 1997 by specialty Software engineer with a focus on Software of Computers and Automatic Control Systems. Training: Developing Web Applications with Microsoft Visual C# .NET Career Highlights As a Solution Consultant introduced invaluable contribution to the Sitecore CMS evolution. As a web developer almost entirely implemented and supported Paraben Forensics Registration Web Site. A shock team member in the American United Web Site Project. Developed significant part of the project. Supported the project. A key member of the SCADA project for electrical network system in the Dnepropetrovski region. Developed several tools, installed Krivoy Rog region cluster of the system. Professional Experience August 2008 -- till now (4 ???? 6 ???????) Freelance Senior Web Engineer Implementing, consulting and supporting web sites using Sitecore CMS and appropriate technologies: \"Stanley Steemer International\" corporate website (USA) \"Skolkovo innovation Center\" portal (Russia): [login to view URL] Qlikview \"Business Discovery\" portal (Sweden): [login to view URL] \"New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants\" portal (NZ, AU): [login to view URL] Informational website (Russia): [login to view URL] Atilect Moscow, Russia Senior Web Developer Interokna( [login to view URL] ) BalticBread( [login to view URL] , ajax ) SuperCap( flash integration ) AtilectCMS Alliance Bernstein (Inspectsoft) 13 Sep 2007 - 22 Feb 2008 Moscow, Russia Senior Software Engineer Alliance Bernstain: Id Management System Significant parts of project were developed, both client web application and windows service. System integration control panel was developed, including bean settings form and dialog for field mapping containing multiple level parameters hierarchy. It allows administration stuff to set all the integration bean properties and monitor results on the fly. Task management panel for task monitoring and controlling. The Devexpress Ajax based library was used. Head windows service part was designed and developed, including integration beans ( for different data source such as mssql, ldap, sybase, oracle and so on) and auxiliary (email notification, data pull result storing) bean set, their collaboration and remoting interaction interface. MS Application Block was integrated for logging and exception handling. Integration and testing were performed on remote client development environment. Technologies: .Net Framework 2.0; ASP.Net, [login to view URL], Remoting, C#, JScript, AJAX, HTML, XML, MS SQL, LDAP, Code Refactoring LuXofT 04 Aug 2006 - 31 Aug 2007 Dubna, Moscow region, Russia Senior Software Engineer LuXofT: Human Resources Management System Roles: Senior Software Engineer Parts of reporting layer, data export web services, Calendar subsystem which consumes data from another system via web service, Audit module were developed and HTML UI refactoring. NUnit was used for Calendar and WebServices testing. Also plenty of bugs were fixed on the maintenance stage. Technologies: .Net Framework 1.1, C#, ASP.Net, [login to view URL], MS SQL, HTML,Jscript, Ajax, XML, Crystal Reports, NUnit. LuXofT: Organizational Structure Chart Roles: Senior Software Engineer Was involved in integration the project with other MS Project based system in aim to import all the organization structure data (organization units and their properties, peoples, people allocation, people moving between units, property dictionaries) from that system. The task was solved with sql script. Also reporting layer was developed. Technologies: .Net Framework 1.1, C#, ASP.Net, [login to view URL], MS SQL, HTML,XML, Crystal Reports. Sitecore Corporate 10 May 2005 - 31 Jan 2006 Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine Software Engineer Roles: Solution Consultant Sitecore Corporate: Sitecore CMS [login to view URL] The Sitecore Content Management System developers and partners support including working with clients, consulting, problems solving, debugging and testing, deployment, developing back-end modules and extending front-end functionality, sites development, documentation writing. The StatCenter and SharePoint Portal Integration modules development and consulting. Partners: Pentia( [login to view URL] ); Codehouse( [login to view URL] ); Ankiro( [login to view URL] ); dtSearch( [login to view URL] ); Lectric( [login to view URL] ); Experian( [login to view URL] ); Codehouse, Emotions, Addition, Eduserv, Novastar, AlphaSolutions, JWT, P5Solutions, Experian, COM-IT, NextInnovation, Itum And more... Modules: SharePoint Connector Module; Web Forms; Newsletter Module; dtSearch; Forum; WebPart; Link Checker; LDAP Integration; StatCenter; Staging; ... Technologies: CMS, .Net Framework 1.1, 2.0; ASP.Net, C#, JScript, AJAX, HTML, XML, XSLT, XAML, MS SQL, MS Access, Firebird, SharePoint Portal, LDAP, Code Reflection Paraben Corporation (APriorIT) 18 Dec 2003 - 16 Nov 2004 Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine Software Engineer Paraben Forensics: Paraben Forensics Registration Site Roles: Architect, Developer The system aim is to provide to the Parabens customers possibility to manage their product licenses (download license keys, transfer license to other customer, download products, manage their accounts) and administration part for managing customers, products and licenses. Technologies: N-tier Microsoft Application Architecture, .Net Framework 1.1, C#, ASP.Net, [login to view URL], Data Access Application Block, MS SQL, JScript, HTML. Paraben Forensics: Parabens P2Commander Roles: Architect, Developer The application allows scheduling all the Parabens products execution via plugins and exchange data between products. Maks analyzed requirements, designed system model and developed UI components and Remoting communication mechanism. Technologies: .Net Framework 1.1, WinForms, Remoting, Serialization, C#, UML, Rational XDE, Crystal Report, XML/XSLT. Paraben Forensics: Parabens Chat Examiner Roles: Architect, Developer The application allows users to analyze different kinds of chat databases. Maks has developed the application architecture, UI components, and business logic and plugins parts. In the first version the ICQ 1993-2003a, ICQ 2003b, Yahoo and MSN messenger plugins were developed. The application UI based on treeview of loaded contacts, contacts detailed table and table and rtf view of messages. The functionality includes sorting, filtering, searching, export to XML/HTML and merging set of messages. Technologies: N-tier Microsoft Application Architecture, .Net Framework 1.1, (WinForms, [login to view URL], C#), C++, unmanaged plugins, XML/XSLT, XSD. Percevia: Percevia Merger Roles: Architect, Developer The application allows data comparison by different criteria, copying and deleting data and data attributes between two databases, stored in Percevia database format. Technologies: .Net Framework 1.1, WinForms, C#. Paraben Forensics: Parabens Cell Seizure Roles: Developer The system is acquiring all kind of the information from mobile telephones. Maks was involved in several tasks, such as GUI revision, XSLT reporting and configuration implementation. Technologies: .Net Framework 1.1, WinForms, C#, XML/XSLT. ALLO Telephone Company: ALLO Discount system Roles: Architect The system aim is to manage discount system for shopping mobile trading organization. Maks has created use cases and presentation model. Technologies: UML, .Net Framework 1.1, WinForms, C#, Crystal Report, Active Report, DynamiCube. Lookout Learning : Lookout Learning Roles: Architect, Developer The system aim is to organize learning classrooms. Maks was involved in initial project model and class library creation. Technologies: .Net Framework 1.1, WinForms, C#, XML, UML. Freelance May 2003  Aug 2003 Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine Project Manager, Architect, Web Engineer Ditium Technologies: Partner Communication Website Roles: Manager, Architect, Developer The CRM website includes strong user management system and content management such as products, articles, newsletters, announcements. Maks designed the system model and developed user management system for the website. It was built with user hierarchy solution with user rights inheritance and includes a permission management API. Technologies: N-tier Microsoft Application Architecture, UML, .Net Framework 1.0, ASP. Net, ADO. Net, C#, MS SQL, JScript WebSignia Corporation : IAF Website Roles: Manager, Architect, Developer The website allows users to create a website template they want and make purchase for it design to WebSignia Corporation. Maks designed the system model and developed registration and account management parts for the website. Technologies: N-tier Microsoft Application Architecture, UML, .Net Framework 1.0, ASP.Net, [login to view URL], MS SQL DDLabs Ukraine (KSE) Feb 2002  Feb 2003 Kiev, Ukraine Software Engineer Americans United: AU Web Project Roles: Software Engineer The website aim is gathering donations for the AU Mission and donations administration. Maks developed several pages for administration part and part of business logic. The backend was built with the .Net Framework technology with C# language using [login to view URL] with MS SQL Server and frontend was made using ASP.Net and JavaScript. Also, he integrated SSL protection and VeriSign payment system to the project. He was responsible for deployment to the host server and the support. Testimonial Technologies: UML, .Net Framework 1.0, ASP.Net, C#, MS SQL, JScript, HTML Applied Messaging Corporation: AMC E-Commerce Portal Roles: Architect The portal aim is supporting of the Convoq real-time collaboration and web-meeting product. It includes purchasing public part; manage accounts and users, reporting and payment parts. Maks designed parts of the portal model using N-tier Microsoft Application Architecture for .NET methodology for distributed applications and made some investigation tasks. The model was made with the MS Visio UML tool. Technologies: N-tier Microsoft Application Architecture, UML, .Net Framework 1.0, MS SQL MicrosoftÓ Corporation: Microsoft Partner Pavilion Enhancement Roles: Developer Maks was a member of the team involved in the work of completing the application migration from ASP-based into ASP.NET technology. As a component of the .NET migration, existing functionality was reverse engineered and integrated into the new application. Maks migrated several pages from Partners part of the site. Technologies: .Net Framework 1.0, ASP, ASP.Net, VB, MS SQL, JScript, HTML, XML/XSLT MicrosoftÓ Corporation: Microsoft Photo Web Site Roles: Tester The site is used for online pictures management. Maks was a member of the development team. He made site testing and created an appropriate documentation. DDLabs: Collaboration Tool Web Site Roles: Architect, Developer He took part in design and business logic development using .Net Framework with C#, ASP.Net and MS SQL Server. Technologies: UML, .Net Framework 1.0, ASP.Net, C#, MS SQL, JScript, HTML DDLabs: Wireless Survey Project Roles: Architect, Developer He made predevelopment research for mobile technologies. He developed MS SQL Server database XML multilingual survey and user parts of business logic. Technologies: UML, .Net Framework 1.0, ASP.Net, C#, MS SQL, JScript, HTML, XML DDLabs: Internal project Roles: Developer VBA Script for MS Word document checking in aim for correspond to internal standard. Technologies: MS Word DOM and VBA DDLabs: Internal project Roles: Architect, Developer .Net Framework class library for scheduled execution of class methods. Technologies: .Net framework, C#, Reflection, Timing and Threading \"Automatic System\" Association May 2000  Jan 2002 Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine Senior Software Engineer Dnepropetrovski Regional Electrical Network: \"Specter 2000\" SCADA system Roles: Architect, Developer Maks took path on development Specter 2000 project, which supplying on OAO EK DneprOblEnergo enterprise. The SCADA realize, collect and control of telemetric information from industrial electrometers and combine electro-substations and electro-enterprises into one information system. As senior software engineer he was involved in the following tasks: Modeling and development of SCADA components, including task description, analysis, design, programming, testing, debugging, documenting and accompaniment; SCADA development consulting; SCADA testing, debugging and revision; SCADA administration at setup time; and SCADA deployment. He developed the following components for the Specter 2000 project: \" A class library for the electrometer Oblik (two-level protocol, page memory organization). \" ChannelTuning - dynamic visualization of real-time telemetric channel states (logical signal, signal duration, telemetric code). Data for visualization are taken from shared memory by proxys changes. \" UserRights - interactive administration module of the DB users access rights to SCADA database tables. \" UserList  interactive administration module of the system users list. \" ModemConnection  interactive module for parameters setting of the modem connection between a QNX node and remote nodes. This software allows the automated queuing of calls until they are answered, with each connection being registered, and automatic recovery of connections taking place in case of break down. Technologies: OOD, C++, QNX, embedded SQL, Photon MicroGUI Software: Watcom C++ v10.6, QNX v4.25, Sybase SQL Anywhere v5.5.05, Photon Toolkit v1.14 \"Automatic System\" Association: Internal Library Roles: Architect, Developer The protocol and software for receiving measured data from controllers were developed. This software collects data and sends them via TCP/IP to the Fastwell company \"universal OPC-server\" on a Windows based PC. Technologies: OOD, WinSock, DLL; Software: Visual C++ 6.0

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