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I am a Canadian citizen, born and raised as an English speaker, and of direct UK descent. I have written as a hobby for years, and maintained an amateur writing website for people looking to improve their skills. As such I have a great deal of experience with proof-reading, editing, writing and re-writing everything from poetry to full length stories. During this time, I have been working in the customer service and hospitality industries. I have worked in technical support, customer service, sales and quality assurance positions. This grants me a great amount of skill; not only with custo mer service, but also with understanding accents and poor English with ease. For these reasons and more, I have many of the skills needed for freelancing. Those include website administration, customer service, technical support, sales, marketing, proof-reading, writing, editing, and English translation. I am still new to freelancing, however I have already begun to prove myself. I look forward to having a chance to provide you with quality work. There are certain jobs I will not do. These include any immoral or unethical practice. Those include: - Black Hat SEO (This includes writing articles based on keyword research for spam sites.) - Misleading or dishonest sales campaigns. - Unsolicited calling or spamming of any kind. If the customer didn't ask to hear about your product, I'm not going to contact them for you.

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