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$30 USD / hour
$30 USD / hour
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$30 USD / hour
$30 USD / hour
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Banner Ad Design Introduction Banner advertisement is the most common method of advertising on the internet. Its proven results and efficiency has made advertisement banners appear all over websites. Therefore, it makes sense to have the most attractive banners for advertisement purposes. PlasmaGlow banners are not only interactive and eye-catching, but also capture the message at its best. Applications Banners are advertisement methods and in the modern world of internet advertising, banners are not only found on websites (although 90% are). They also appear on many other creative places such as forums, classifieds, e-mails, pop-ups, and other mediums. PlasmaGlow banners with multi-platform advertisement solutions enables interactive banners to be placed on a variety of picture-based platforms while retaining its splash and interactive activity. Logo Design Introduction Logos are the identity and icon of your company. It is the representation that captures what your company stands for all in one picture, and it speaks louder than words. PlasmaGlow logo design utilizes the most up-to-date visual technologies and top-notch award winning architects. Whether it is in 3D, flat, or dynamic, the perfect logo that represents your company is waiting at PlasmaGlow. Applications Logos are icons that are commonly used to represent a company. Today, logos appear in a variety of places such as letterheads, mailing envelops, invoices, wherever company representation is needed. This demands professional, quality logo design more than ever. PlasmaGlow is here to make that happen for your company. Graphics Design Introduction Where creativity meets reality, graphics design is the innovation from the mind and the translation at hand. PlasmaGlow award winning graphics design services is the solution to all your graphics needs. With a wide variety of award winning designers at hand, anything is possible at PlasmaGlow. Sometimes, words are not the best option and a picture is worth a thousands words. PlasmaGlow is the place for custom graphics. Applications Custom graphics has endless applications. Graphics account for more than 75% of all content on a website and that is just one of the most common applications. Graphics are also commonly used in many advertisement banners and has a wide array of other purposes. Desktop Media Design Introduction Desktop media such as dynamic screensaver and dynamic wallpapers are excellent advertising mediums to any marketing plan. Not only does desktop media represents your company in a creative and stylish way, it delivers the message at the same time. Unlike traditional wallpapers and screensavers, PlasmaGlow desktop medias are interactive, dynamic, and calibrated to commercial-like quality. Applications Sometimes an overlooked element, desktop medias are effective ways to showcase your company and use as a marketing tool for promotion. It is a creative and stylish element that is simple to integrate and effective to the purpose. It is widely used as a media component by the company for further promotion and customer retention. Its subtle yet interactive nature of desktop medias make an effective component overall. Commercial Design Introduction The oldest and yet proven method of direct marketing-the T.V. commercial. Although it is traditional, it is proven to be effective over time. However, comes effectiveness always has room for improvement and calibration of design has been known to be a crucial determining factor in the effectiveness of commercials. PlasmaGlow commercial design is interactive and dynamic that integrates the message. Applications Commercials do not only appear on television. Digital commercials are often seen on websites, pop ups, electronic distribution materials such as e-mails, software and applications, electronic books and tutorials, and many more methods that are just emerging. Digital commercials has a wide array of applications opportunities now and it is compatible for many more digital marketing methods in the future. Multi-Platform Advertisement Solutions Introduction PlasmaGlow advocates creative advertisement campaigns and sometimes the ideal advertisement project has small platform complications that stop big plans. Platform diversity is extremely crucial as innovative advertisement projects have an even larger advantage when combined with platform diversity. Not only does this cut the competition by creating diverse marketing options and techniques, it also exemplifies style and creativity at the same time. The Solution Multi-platform advertisement is the answer. Some of the best places for advertisement has not been used are because of platform incompatibility. With multi-platform advertisement solutions, it creates a new league of advertisement assortments as it enters many platforms that are impossible and unexamined before. This, in turn, is extremely advantageous to your advertisement campaign as it will pioneer your advertisements and eliminate your competitors. Applications Dynamic multi-platform advertisements such as interactive banners, commercials, and presentations can be implemented in a variety of platforms. For example, often, classifieds ad websites allow one to post a picture of what the owner is selling. The picture does not have to be one-dimensional. PlasmaGlow multi-platform can transform the picture into an interactive, dynamic, presentation to display the product at its best. Not only does this standout among your competitors, it shows a sense of style as well as giving you an edge at the same time. The possibilities are endless and multi-platform solutions is the basis of creative advertisement PlasmaShow Exclusively developed by PlasmaGlow, PlasmaShow presentation technology is the future of digital presentations. Pioneered by PlasmaGlow, PlasmaShow presentations are far more powerful than PowerPoint in every aspect. PlasmaShow presentations are digital, dynamic, and interactive based with features such as automatic audio to visual control, transition control, timed sequence movements, dynamic content effects, plug-in demonstrations, and much more. PlamaShow is ideal for any presentation such as business, personal, and academic. The new generation of presentations is here. PlasmaShow.

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