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Sample Digital worldwide recognized company by their innovated multimedial solutions. We developed a native ipad applications "Dax|Mobile" with a full mobile support for their platform providing a tool designed for the professional production of TV and Films

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Hello! Welcome to the profile for TICTAPPS. Put simply, TICTAPPS is a boutique technology firm located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, specializing in mobile application development for iOS and Android Platforms. Our team is made up of young professionals from Argentina and the United States with multi-national experience, allowing us to better relate to our clients and provide unparalleled comfort and communication during every step of the development process. Our developers have a great deal of experience working with large tech companies such as IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and Global Logic, to name a few, and it is evidenced by the highly competitive products we provide to our clients. Although we are a relatively young company, we have seen rapid growth and success, and have been selected the preferred vendor for several award winning development agencies based in New York. Being in the same time zone as the USA has been a major benefit in terms of our company/client relationship, allowing us to virtually be next door while still providing the benefits one expects when working with a company overseas. If you're ever looking to delegate some of your future mobile development projects, keep TICTAPPS in mind as we are currently open for new business!

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