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Ever drove by the supermarket without getting grocery only wishing if someone would have reminded you? Geo Remind can be that someone. Geo Remind is a location-based task reminder that would prompt you to perform tasks when you're at the right place. Geo Remind can be used as an aide-memoire by everyone to increase everyday life productivity but can be of special assistance to travelers to tag locations they want to visit at their destinations so they won't forget! Geo Remind is here to save you time, money, fuel and multiple trips to a single place. Features: oConveniently save reminders with Geo Remind (virtual boundaries on geographical locations) oLocal Notifications/Alerts on entering and leaving the Geo Remind oSee Reminders on both map and list oKeyword search for any location oRuns in the background to save battery life oSimple/uncluttered interface oTag high traffic areas oTag recommended or favorite eating places and hangouts in other cities

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