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This was a long and detailed process with the client with a great deal of variants, with specific animals being used. There was a lion, and an eagle with a dead snake in it's mouth. These were combined with some existing templates and some custom work in Illustrator. The biggest issue came when sending this to the embossers to create the stamp - it was far too detailed for a stamp of that size. The design was simplified in the end, where many strokes were combined into larger, less detailed areas. This was the final digital version that was used for print.

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Equipped with 20 years of experience, I’m a graphic and digital design crackerjack that’s familiar in corporate, fashion, events, sports, bespoke designs and print material; brochures, business cards, logos, annual reports, postcards, conference materials, stationery, and more. A blend of North American and European luxury design, I bring a fresh outlook and a drive to grow with the ever-evolving world of design and video. Advanced expertise with Adobe Creative Suite and extensive work with professional photography and off-camera lighting. Working in the design industry I’m no stranger to last-minute deadlines and being able to produce accurate, high-quality work. Knowing specific print reproduction, and photography requirements needed, I’m able to help reduce the time and money needed for completing materials. I feel that my graphic design and marketing experience techniques would be an asset in many roles. Thank you for your consideration.

$50 USD/t