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When I was a kid, I became friends with Gary, the worship leader of my church. His son invited me over to play one day, and because Gary had a computer, I continued showing up at his door, day after day, asking if I could use it. Gary saw something in me before anyone else, and as we became friends, he told me then, at 10 years old, that we would start a business together someday. Eight years later, he approached me to make good on this offer, and I eventually agreed. We sold that company in three years. Gary retired, and I moved on to my next startup while sharing my skill and experience with other companies along the way. Just like you, I'm a tech entrepreneur. I know how to make stuff work. I have done business with startups of all types, using every major programming language, platform, and operating system out there. I love working with new startups, and especially love working with people who haven't quite gotten things off the ground yet. Do you run your business from your garage, home office, or co-working facility? This is the way I've always done business, and I love it. In 2010, I even started a nonprofit that enables low cost co-working, workshop, and tool access to entrepreneurs of all types, and I still work out of it today! This is the reason I choose Upwork instead of working a big corporate job (I’ve been there, done that, and will be glad to share my insight on how we might disrupt their hold on the market). I'm someone that you can call to strategize with. I can help you lead your team while writing code for 72 hours straight without sleep. But even if you just want someone to talk to, I really have only one goal in life: to help figure stuff out that makes YOUR life even better. I turn your ideas into working systems and software to help YOUR business grow. I'm no "computer wiz" or "rock star". Just as one wouldn't aspire to be a "hammer guy" or "skill-saw guy", I'm not a "Python guy" or a "C++ guy". I'm not even a "Linux guy" or "Windows guy"; we all use both whether we know it or not. Nor am I a "LAMP guy" or a "MEAN guy". Even though I've been coding since I was 7; even though I have all the fancy computer degrees; even though I have experience with all right technical keywords, none of it is really what you need. Instead, I want to be known as your technical lead who is able to think on your level and adapt to your situation. I offer much more than just systems architecture, development and programming. Instead of getting stuck in the weeds like others you might consider, I am an advocate of what is important to YOU. I'm your "get it done" guy.

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