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Running the Turkish Facebook page for -more than awesome- tshirt company Threadless. I really love the idea and the company (and the staff), it's like a passion for me. Number of likes and people participating is increasing everyday, I'd say I'm doing well.

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Om mig

Professional Turkish translator residing in Istanbul. Quite experienced in the areas of medicine, pharmaceuticals, media, manufacturing, agriculture, education, applications, websites, guidelines, fashion, sports, games, interwebs and so on. Very good at researching and writing articles and creating content. Also running a Facebook page for a famous apparel company from USA. Could teach you Turkish or English as well. Promise that I won't bore you. <h2> <b>Education</b></h2> <p> B.A. at Hacettepe University inEnglish Language and Literature (2004-2008)</p> <p> High school education at Icel Anatolian High School and AKB Anatolian High School in Mersin/Turkey (1997-2004)</p> <h2> <b>Experience</b></h2> <p> -The Oil and Gas Year (Wildcat Publishing) - Transcriber between November 2011 - Present</p> <p> Transcription of interviews with important names in the oil and gas sector all around the world</p> <p> • Supreme Master TV, USA – Freelance Translator between November 2011-February 2012 (Discontinued broadcasting)</p> <p> Translation of the scripts for the shows about spirituality, living healthy and veganism</p> <p> • Threadless Clothing Company, USA - Translator, Turkish Representative between September 2011-Present</p> <p> Translation of legal disclaimers, terms of use, agreements, press releases, marketing materials, trainings and workshops; also administrating company’s Facebook page for Turkey.</p> <p> • DeltaMed Translation Agency, Istanbul/Turkey - Translator between 1 July 2010 - Present</p> <p> Translation of texts on legal and pharmaceutical texts such as Apostils, Certificates and Licenses (Activity, Import, Free Sale, GMP etc.), Agreements, Memos, trainings, inspections, trial reports, correspondences with the Ministries, regulatory guidelines, directives, websites etc. Client sectors are: law, production companies, pharmaceutical companies, marketing, ad agencies etc. For Clients such as: Pfizer, Eli Lilly, Servier, GlaxoSmithKline, Roche, Merck etc.</p> <p> • Dogan Publishing, Istanbul/Turkey - Translator between 30 January – 30 April 2010</p> <p> Translation of the book “Money Shot” by Christina Faust</p> <p> • Human Resources Development Through Vocational Education and Training Project (Ministry of Education) Ankara/Turkey - Translator/Project Assistant between 2 July 2008 – 30 May 2010</p> <p> Translation of the project reports, training materials, correspondences with CFCU, governmental institutions and NGOs, press bulletins, Assisting the team members with their tasks and organizing social events for the team.</p> <p> • Linas Translation Office (Formerly known as YNR Translation), Ankara/Turkey - Freelance Translator between January 2005 – Present</p> <p> Translation of texts on law, economy, media, European Union and World Bank Projects (trainings, reports, visits, correspondences etc.), project drafts, marketing, education, women’s rights etc.</p> <h2> <b>Internships and Volunteer Work</b></h2> <p> • Flying Broom Women’s Festival, Ankara/Turkey - Volunteered as a translator between 20-30 April 2009 The movie “Murder, Spies and Voting Lies” • International Blue Crescent Relief and Development Foundation, Turkey - Translator between 11-18 February 2009 The book “Island of Birds” • TRT Turkish Radio and Television, Ankara/Turkey - Intern between 1-30 June 2008 Foreign News Department – Translation and production of news from all around the world • Flying Broom Women’s Festival, Ankara/Turkey - Translator between 17-22 April 2008 The movie “The Greatest Silence: Rape in Congo” • United Nations (UN) Youth Services Center, Ankara/Turkey - Volunteered as a translator between 11-18 March 2007 Youth Policy – The Council of Europe Approach</p> <h2> <b><b><b>Professional Development</b> </b></b></h2> <p> <b><b>•</b></b> [login to view URL] Online Training Courses - August 2011-Present</p> <p> • Trados Training, Linas Translation - February 2010</p> <p> • 2nd International IDEA Conference, Ankara - 17-19 April 2007</p> <p> • English Teaching Certificate, Hacettepe University - June 2007</p> <h2> <b><b><b>Skills</b> </b></b></h2> <p> <b><b>- </b></b>Fluency in English and Turkish, Intermediate German and Beginner Japanese knowledge</p> <p> - Full computer literacy (Vista, Win 7 and Mac user)</p> <p> - Using Trados and Wordfast</p> <p> - Ability to work under stress and meet deadlines</p> <p> - Experience in working as a team</p> <p>  </p> <h2> <b><b>Rates: </b></b></h2> <p> <b><b>Translation: </b></b>0.08 USD per source word <b><b> Editing/Proofreading: </b></b>0.025 USD per source word <b><b> Minimum charge: -</b></b>  </p> <h2> <b><b><b>Interests</b> </b></b></h2> <p> - Trivia games, pub quizzes</p> <p> - Nature, environment, animals</p> <p> - Vegetarianism, vegetarian cooking and baking.</p> <p> - Movies and TV series - English literature</p> <p> - Travelling</p> <p> - Technology and the interwebs</p> <p> - Psychology</p> <p> - Personal Development</p> <p> - Paranormal events</p> <p> - Early baroque period</p> <p> - Indie, electronic, chillout and classical music <b> </b></p>

$20 USD/t