An 3d Exploded View of a Headlight Assembly

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An 3d Exploded View of a Headlight Assembly

This a an exploded view of a motorcycle headlight assembly, which I created using Autodesk Inventor and Adobe Photoshop. When I began the drawing, no cad models were available so I reversed (measured) all the parts of a headlight I had onsite and then i created those 3 dimensional parts using Inventor. Once i had the cad model built i exported this view to Photoshop and added the arrows, part number balloons, the ghosted view of the inside of the headlight, and the wire harness (minus the plug). This illustration was used both as an installation guide for a published service manual, and as a web graphic for ordering spare parts.

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My name is Laura Shank and I am a Technical Illustrator and CAD Designer, with 15 years experience. I can take your product illustration/design needs from concept to completion, working from photos and sketches (or physical parts) all the way to an owner's manual or a set of assembly instructions, laid out in InDesign and ready to print. I can provide any style of illustration you prefer: from clean black & white line drawings to photo-realistically rendered 3d models, using a multitude of techniques (tracing existing images/drawings, recreating existing drawings, reverse engineering physical parts, working from client sketches and images to create brand new drawings, working from client's written direction only). I have a Bachelor of Science in Manufacturing Technology and a background in Graphic Design. I use Photoshop, Illustrator, Autodesk Inventor, InDesign and Wordpress extensively. I also have experience working with a translator to create materials for distribution outside the USA. You might call me a "ONE STOP SHOP" for all your technical illustration and design needs.

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