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## BIO We are a team of professionals with a lot of experience in information technologies and engineering. We specialize in Game Development* for PC and modern Consoles. We work as a whole with high degree of discipline and energy. No matter how tough the problem may seem we can provide the solution. We also provide fair pricing. Our work is quality assured and stress tested against maximum possible situations. We provide solutions for large projects and problems but we don't hesitate to help the newbies and beginers. *Please note that our game dev studio has a different commercial name than the one we propose here, because it's a seperate branch and because of legal issues. Keywords: Game development, OpenGl, DirectX, AI, Robotics, XBox, Playstation, Playstation2,Physics, 3d development, models, mods, 3d Studio Max, Visual Basic, HTML, ASP, VBA, JavaScript, Pascal, Delphi, RPG, Java, SQL, Batch Files, Perl, VB.NET, Access, Fortran, C, Perl, C++, C#, Assembler, COM, COM+, DCOM, ODBC, ADO, JET, OLEDB, Win32 API, ActiveX Development (Using C++ and VB), TCP/IP (QOS, Kerberos, SMTP), NetBEUI, IPX/SPX, PPTP, L2TP, XML, Crypto API, TAPI, Sockets, DSL, Ethernet, Cisco, PPP, programming, business process improvement, network design, relational database modeling, foreign import procedures and relationships, needs analysis, strategic and tactical business / technical planning, creative problem solving, delegation, staff development, accounting, banking relationships, user interface design, ActiveX development (using C++ and VB), network administration, network security including firewalls, Exchange and SMTP servers, Internet testing/development, project and product management, packet analysis, market development, assembling, troubleshooting and configuring IBM compatible and Apple personal computers both hardware and software. ## Area of Expertise | **General Skills :** * <font color="#FFFFFF" face="Arial" size= "-1">**Programing/Scripting Languages and Interfacing:**</font> * * <font color= "#000000">Assembly</font> * * <font color= "#000000">x86/AMD</font> * * <font color= "#000000">MMX</font> * <font color= "#000000">SSE/SSE2</font> * <font color= "#000000">3DNow!</font> * <font color= "#000000">MIPS</font> * <font color= "#000000">ALPHA</font> * <font color= "#000000">C/C++</font> * <font color= "#000000">Delphi</font> * <font color= "#000000">Visual Basic</font> * <font color= "#000000">.Net Platform</font> * <font color= "#000000">Xbox Console Platform</font> * <font color= "#000000">Playstation/PSOne console platform</font> * * <font color= "#000000">Yabasic</font> * <font color= "#000000">Assembly</font> * <font color= "#000000">PlayStation2 console platform</font> * <font color= "#000000">Texas Instruments Series Ti 8x assembly</font> * <font color= "#000000">Pascal & Fortran</font> * <font color= "#000000">HTML/CSS/XML</font> * <font color= "#000000">PHP</font> * <font color= "#000000">Unix Shell Scripting</font> * <font color= "#000000">JavaScript</font> * <font color= "#000000">Java (mediocre)</font> * <font color= "#000000">MaxScript, 3D Studio Max and Maya Custom Plugins</font> * <font color= "#000000">SQL</font> * <font color= "#000000">Perl</font> * **Software Engineering and Analysis :** * * <font color= "#000000">Optimized Cryptology including: RSA, RABIN, BlowFish, TwoFish, Coherent S-Boxes, MD4, MD5 and others</font> * <font color= "#000000">Engineering and Analysis of Drivers and Installable Kernel Modules</font> * * <font color= "#000000">Windows Systems</font> * <font color= "#000000">Unix Systems</font> * <font color= "#000000">Robotics and Smart machines/AI engineering and Machine-Computer interfacing</font> * <font color= "#000000">Networking engineering and analysis</font> * * <font color= "#000000">Client/Server Systems Implementation (Web,FTP,Portal, ISP,...)</font> * <font color= "#000000">Monitoring</font> * <font color= "#000000">Statistics</font> * <font color= "#000000">Security</font> * <font color= "#000000">Software Analysis and Reverse Engineering</font> * <font color= "#000000">Automated Services</font> * **Platforms :** * * <font color= "#000000">Windows 95,98,NT,2000,XP</font> * <font color= "#000000">Unix</font> * <font color= "#000000">FreeBSD</font> * **<font size= "3">We are a team which is specialized in <font color= "#000000">Gaming Production</font> to produce <font color= "#000000">great and extraordinary PC and Console GAMES</font></font>** * * <font color= "#000000">Three 3d game engines developed of which the third is still in development. It'll be a Doom III class engine.</font> * <font color= "#000000">Use of OpenGL and DirectX</font> * <font color= "#000000">Very Powerfull shading Interface built upon Cg to support a variety of Graphics Cards</font> * <font color= "#000000">Extensive use of optimization techniques for more real-time eyecandy</font> * <font color= "#000000">Constant research of new unexplored alogorithms for more realism in graphics</font> * <font color= "#000000">Advanced State of the Art physics Engine</font> * <font color= "#000000">Human Like AI. Combination of Genetic and Non Deteministic Algorithms. Long ago we said Goodbye to State Machines.</font> * <font color= "#000000">Extensive Use of Pixel Shaders and Bump Mapping Techniques to produce **movie like lighting effects and microstructure**</font> * <font color= "#000000">Motion Blur, Depth-of-field, Cloud Dynamics, Water Dynamics (waves, caustics, "split" rays,...)</font> * <font color= "#000000">Portability</font> * <font color= "#000000">Games and Engines for Different Platforms</font> * * <font color= "#000000">**WINDOWS (ALL)**</font> * <font color= "#000000">**UNIX**</font> * <font color= "#000000">**XBOX**</font> * <font color= "#000000">**PLAYSTATION2**</font> * <font color= "#000000">**PLAYSTATION (obsolete)**</font> * <font color= "#000000">**Coming Soon : Game Boy Advance**</font> <font color= "#000000">We provide thorughly tested and checked Code with all documentation. We provide updates and Technical information at no extra charge. Our main goal is quality and customer satisfaction. We take great pride in variety and constant advancement in our work. **Research is the main aspect of our Code production Pipeline as we are always loking for better and more flexible solutions to some problems.**</font> * **Some of the Previous Projects :** * * <font color= "#000000">LigthningFeatherLNS: a very fast and balanced Large Network Server fully done in assembly</font> * <font color= "#000000">Rampagefx Engine: our first 3d engine (Quake II class)</font> * <font color= "#000000">RampageFX 2 Modular 3d engine : our Second Engine (Quake III class engine)</font> * <font color= "#000000"><u>CHewap(it's internal name. It's Retail name is different.): Our current and most sofisticted 3D engine. Still adding new features every day. Waiting for DirectX 9 to come out fully. When Finished it'll be Doom III/Unreal 2 comparable.</u></font> * <font color= "#000000">Cryptonitizer: A fully optimized encryption library featuring over 20 toughest Algorithms.</font> * <font color= "#000000">SmallGL: a full OpenGL 1.1 implementation for TI 8x Calculator</font> * <font color= "#000000">Over 3 million lines of code analysed and engineered</font> * <font color= "#000000">**... AND MANY, MANY MORE. CAN YOU GIVE US THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE.**Choose our bid and try out our Expertise.</font> |
Freelancer PHP Developers Bosnia and Herzegovina

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