Larry The Lemon Squeezer

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Larry The Lemon Squeezer

Concept Illustration for "Larry The Lemon Squeezer" a poem by Jane Doe. Larry The Lemon squeezer, he's a lemon squeezin' man. He likes squeezin' lemons, simply 'cuz' he can. He learn't to squeeze those lemons, at a lemon squeezin' school. 'Cuz' Larry likes the ladies, and lemon squeezin's cool.

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I am a 28 year old fine artist and illustrator based in the UK. I graduated from the Lincoln School of Art with BA hons degree in fine art. I have been working in the arts for over 5 years now, doing everything from graphic design, sculpture, sets for theaters, web design, tourist maps and book illustrations. I started my training in traditional media and have recently updated my repertoire to include digital media. I am competent with all digital software and can provide images in all most any format or media. My greatest strength lies in my adaptability to adapt to fit the individual needs o f each client.

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