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Tila Tequila Twitter

The challenge was to crate a flyer template that represented the function of Twitter, while personalizing the templates to a specific person on Twitter. I chose to use vellum paper stacked one on top of another to represent the function of Twitter. This way the previous Tweets can be read through the most recent Tweet on the top of the pile. Obviously this represents how all of an individual's Tweets on Twitter can be read at any given time, with the most recent posted on the top of the page. The individual these flyers represent is reality tv star, Tila Tequila. The vellum paper was chosen in pink, the typography is sporadic on each "flyer" page, and the typeface is very girlish/fancy which are all representations of Tila Tequila's personality. (Her Twitter account was deleted midway through my project, hence the "this page doesn't exist" for the first 6 pages) The Tweets were later hung in a bar bathroom for any pass

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