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Si has contratado BuilderAll, y no sabes por donde empezar, te voy a asesorar y a apoyar en tu creación de un buen funnel. Conectaremos skype, compartiremos la pantalla, e iremos paso a paso durante 1 hora. 1. Crearemos conjuntos de emails para los nuevos clientes y prospectos. 2. Crearemos un funnel con varios pasos y productos (según tus necesidades) 3. Conectaremos el funnel a chatbot de facebook y a las herramientas que ofrece BuilderAll. 4. Te asesoraré para crear un buen anuncio con Facebook Ads, para ahorrarte dinero por click. Lo primero vamos a hablar, entender lo que necesitas y entonces contratas si te interesa este producto conmigo, y empezamos.

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I speak SPANISH and also PORTUGUESE (BRAZIL) Digital Entrepreneur, constantly learning and training myself on the latest trends, online marketing and ecommerce, to help and support my client, to sell their product and service. How I usually work: 1. Review your website, articles and products, to understand what you do and what you are looking for. 2. Set together objectives that you want to achieve with the work to be done. 3. Create actions and consider one step at a time how and how long it will take us to do it. 4. Deliver the project divided into actions so that you have control at all times of what is being done and created. 5. Perform a first - second or third delivery, we work with sprints. 6. Make any modifications or alterations you consider necessary. 7. Deliver the project. I speak Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.

$11 USD/t