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design and production

We made tehe design all the print for the banners, window stickers etc. Work from idea to finish. All the ads, stickers, banners you see in the pictures are done bye us.

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Om mig

Force is a company with over 13 years of experience in visual communications and execution. Today our focus is on strategic design. From 2007 to 2017 Force was working on marketing and visual communications. During that 10 year period, we delivered work for over 300 clients and brands (from Australia, UK, Ireland, Finland, Japan, China, Estonia, USA, Russia, Canada, Dubai, Bulgaria to name a few), bringing to life over 5000 projects. At the end of 2017 we decided to take a break and 2 core members went to learn and discover new areas and improve themselves. The founder had a strong belief in the importance of design and creativity and wanted to keep contributing to it. After 4 years of researching on the subject of design from the psychological and neurological perspective it was time to restart the business. In 2021 a return of an original member back to the team, now as a partner made it a perfect time to reopen, but with a different focus. Now Force is focusing more on strategic design and strategic advertising with execution being a supportive role. We use design in its broad sense and implement it throughout your business or organization to Increase Time's Value. This means that instead of 1st going after your products and services, trying to change them and people who work in your teams, we 1st change the environment that your products, services and people exist in so that they can do and be more.

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