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Vision We believe in step by step development based on offering genuinely professional solutions. On a continuously progressive market, true evolution can only be achieved when we are permanently revising ourselves and upgrading to new technologies. Therefore we develop our company by carefully investing in both people and equipment. We strive to become one of the top 10 web companies in Europe through the quality of our services and by meeting our clients requests. Mission Our goal here at eFergus is to provide clients with complete services for creating a web site. Therefore we offer a wide range of services (web design, company identity, web sites maintenance, templates, Web hosting, domain registration, integrated promotion) both for clients interested in establishing an online presence and for those with specific requirements. We invest money, time and energy in order to bring forward the best solutions, adapted to every client's specific inquiry, and with the future in mind. Values Proficiency We like well-done things so we choose to work carefully and responsibly. The eFergus team is made up of people with at least 5 years experience in our field and who are very passionate about their range of expertise. Our solutions also include partnerships with known companies. The equipment and technologies we employ are state of the art and constantly upgrading. Moreover, all the templates on our web site are verified, tested and approved, in order to ensure the comfort and safety of our clients. Significance We weigh every option to make sure we choose the ones that serve our clients interests best. Likewise, we treat each client with the same importance, regardless of the price of their acquired service, and place the same value on each partnership we become involved in. Promptitude We believe in honest and responsible communication. Therefore staying in touch with customers represents one of our quality standards. We promptly answer all products requests and we are always at our clients service with 24/7 support and assistance. Originality We see young people as precious resources of creative and innovative ideas, so we work with a young team who is always open to new concepts. All products from the "online identity" section are made by young experienced designers, always ensuring the uniqueness of all solutions offered. Responsibility Because we take pride in the bond we share with our clients, we offer support and maintenance for web sites for up to 6 months after delivering the product and 99.9% server up-time. In fact, the only moments when the server will be down is when we make updates in order to offer even better security services. Quality services We are always connected to news and market standards because the web is constantly evolving. In order to offer all clients the best services, regardless of their location in world wide, our servers are placed in European. Due to backup generators, they have never had a second of down time since their launch. Furthermore, all our websites and templates are tested by a specialized team, in order to warrant the satisfaction of our customers. Benefits / Why us? We are the only web-service in Europe to offer complete services for creating and promoting a web site. In so doing, one of the most important advantages for our partners is to benefit from all services in the same place, saving time, money and energy. This leads to simply the best value for money on the European market. Our servers offer high speed to users while keeping costs down. The equipment and technologies we use are the latest on the market and continuously updating. We use the latest generation servers Intel Dual Xeon. As opposed to other companies, we offer unlimited traffic regardless of the hosting package you choose. Administration is simple through cPanel, the most common complete hosting management service. We also offer complete data security for our clients and frequent backups. Finally, in order to provide the best quality services, we have partnerships with the biggest domain operators worldwide: Verisign, 101Domain, RapidSSL, as well as ROTLD and partnership with state institutions.

$40 USD/t