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I am 51 (the grave beckons!), married with 5 children and a grandchild on the way. I live and work in South London (UK). I run a claims management business. This simply means I work closely with a few solicitors specialising in compensation claims. Essentially, my company generates leads for non-fault accident victims, qualify them, process them, package them and then hand them over to the appropriate solicitor for possible litigation. If they accept the case, they pay us an agreed commission. I have been doing it for 9 years. I quite enjoy it! The backbone of my business is my marketing strategy which consists of an affiliate programme and a referral programme. In effect, joint ventures. How do they work? The Referral Partnership Scheme is an extensive network of businesses like mechanics, taxi companies and telemarketing companies. They generate leads for me and I share the resulting commissions. Although I pay them a huge referral fee for their lead generation work on my behalf, I don’t mind because I only pay them on results. They get paid for their leads when I get paid for them. This way, cashflow is always positive. It also means I don’t have to spend money on advertising. Naturally, I am always looking to add to this ‘army’ of Partners. I am always happy to hear from experienced lead generators. Particularly, telemarketing companies who already have contracts that involve them calling UK-based consumers for related but non-competing companies and services anyway. If your company is already engaged in calling UK-based consumers in the fields mentioned above, then you could make substantial extra income. For every lead generated by you that takes advantage of my services, I shall pay you £240 ($344). I also run an affiliate programme from my website which pays extremely good commissions. Whereas most affiliate programmes on the Net pay their affiliates a few dollars for leads, I pay my affiliates up to £250 ($367). However, being a results-focused company, I don’t pay this kind of money for ‘clicks’ or even leads. I only pay for leads that meet my very specific criteria and have been subsequently validated as being from real and genuine people that require my services. In other words, not just any ‘Mickey Mouse’ enquiry! After all, anyone can ‘employ’ his friends and family to sit and click on a banner on a website all day in the hope of earning up to £250 a time! However, rather than focus on recruiting affiliates to the Programme, I actually made it profitable for others to do that on my behalf. Instead of recruiting affiliates, I recruit affiliate recruiters, people who can recruit affiliates for the Programme. The way I have devised this is that the recruiters would join the Programme as Level One affiliates, and anyone they recruit into the Programme would join under them as Level Two or sub-affiliates of theirs. Level One or Two receive up to £250 ($367) for each successful lead they generate. But I also pay £30 ($44) override commission to Level One affiliates, that is, the affiliate recruiter for each successful lead generated by their sub-affiliates. For example, if a ‘recruiter’ were to bring 100 affiliates into my Programme, and each one generated at least one successful lead per month, they would earn 100 x £30 ($44) = £3,000 ($4,400) per month passive income. Moreover, I actually offer my new affiliates £50 ($73) just for signing up! Also, my service is entirely free to my clients. So, there is no real ‘selling’ involved. Moreover, I actually guarantee to win compensation for my clients or give them £1,000 ($1,468) if I fail them. So, as you can imagine, my conversion rate is extremely high. If you wish to participate in any of these schemes or want to find out more about any of them, please contact me and let me know more about your background, experience and area of expertise. As I said earlier, I am in the UK therefore, any Dollar amounts quoted represent the prevailing rates as at posting of this profile. Naturally, I am committed to paying the GBP amounts stated regardless of any future fluctuations in the exchange rates.