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Here is the original logo for my flagship company, Emagyn Media Company (back when it was known as Emagyn Productions). A simple logo, and one of my first. Not my best, but I'm still proud of it. THe logo has only been slightly modified over the years and appears frequently at the beginning of a number of international video broadcasts. Created with Photoshop in a few hours, back when I was still introducing myself to it. Trademark 2008

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I am a professional graphic design artist, videographer, photographer and broadcasting consultant with over 5 years experience in all aspects of my professions. My experience and expertise are primarily in linear video and photographic editing using Premiere, Final Cut and Photoshop. I also have a great deal of experience with videography and photography as an art and a tool. My specialty is branding for corporate logos, publications and web graphics, yet I am proficient with creating videos and have directed two full length documentaries. I am also a writer and journalist with published work internationally. I love what I do, and I love to help bring reality to my clients visions. I look forward to putting your brand, logos videos and photographs a step above the rest!

$15 USD/t