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hyderabad, india
$16 USD / time
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$16 USD / time
Flag for INDIA
hyderabad, india
$16 USD / time
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RESUME Key Skills ” C “ (Linux/ Windows), OS Internals, Frame buffer, GTK+, Maemo SDK, Free Type2 Professional Experience (Total: 3.9 Years) v Senior Software Developer, Olive Technology Limited, Hyderabad : Oct, 2005 to till date • Worked on device based application development • Expertise in Linux frame buffer programming with “C” language • Worked on font libraries and graphics Using “C” language • Worked on “Nokia 770” Internet tablet device with “Maemo” SDK • Worked on Open source applications and development v Programmer, NIO, Regional Centre, Visakhapatnam : Nov, 2002 to Oct, 2005 • Developed scientific and commercial products in Windows and Linux platforms using “C” language • Supervised nine project assistants over several projects • Experience in handling large-scale projects using “C” language • Experience in handling multiple projects, code reviews and debugging • Good knowledge in Operating system internal architecture Software Skills Languages : “ C ” (Linux/Windows) and Mat Lab 6.5 Open Systems : UNIX, Linux and Windows PC : Oracle, HTML, ASP and Networking Education v [login to view URL]., (Computer Science), Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, 2000-2002, 72 % v [login to view URL]., (Computer Science), Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, 1997-2000, 68% v Intermediate (M.P.C), ALFA Junior College, Visakhapatnam, 1995-1997, 79% v S.S.C., A.P.Residential School, Simhachalam, 1992-1995, 90.16% Achievements v “Prathibha” award for scoring 90.16% in S.S.C., examinations by Govt. of Andhrapradesh Projects v VoIP PBX Technology : - C, Perl and MySql Tools and Platforms : - Linux and Digium FXS & FXO cards Open Source : - Asterisk* Role : - Research, Analysis, Coding and Implementation Client : - Olive Technologies Team Size : - 4 Description: VoIP PBX is complete soft Private Branch Exchange (PBX) software. This software runs on Linux and provides many features including the features what you would expect from a PBX. This software does voice over IP in many protocols, and can interoperate with almost all standards-based telephony equipment using relatively inexpensive hardware. This software provides Voicemail services with Directory, Call Conferencing, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Call Queuing. This software supports for three-way calling, caller ID services, SIP and H.323 (as both client and gateway). This software needs no additional hardware for Voice over IP and Intercom. This software supports a number of hardware devices like “Digium” and “Sangoma” Cards, for interconnection with digital and analog telephony equipment. v Intelligence Embedded GSM Auto-SMS System Technology : - J2ME Tools and Platforms : - Java, GSM Modem with SIM Role : - Research and Analysis Client : - Saddle Back Church, CA, USA Team Size : - 4 Description: Saddleback church is one of the most popular churches in US, located in Saddleback valley (in Southern California). Using this application the client is able to send prayer requests to all registered and authorized Christian users. The main goal of this project is to send and/or receive SMS, MMS Messages, and Flash SMS through GSM modem to mobile phone. The remaining features includes creating member groups, sending scheduled messages to groups, automated backup of all messages, automatic query programming system etc., v Porting eWord Application onto NOKIA 770 ([login to view URL]) Internet Tablet Technology : - C, Linux Tools and Platforms : - SuSe Linux 9.3, Maemo, Gcc, ScratchBox, Flasher Role : - Coding Client : - eWord Inc., Florida (USA) Team Size : - 3 Description: The main goal of this project was to develop a custom eBook reader application (eWord application as mentioned below), which is suited for Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. The device supports easy reading of eBooks using a touch screen. v eWord Technology : - C, Linux Frame buffer Tools and Platforms : - SuSe Linux 9.3 with Frame buffer support, Gcc, mClibc, FreeType2 Role : - Coding Client : - eWord Inc., Florida (USA) Team Size : - 4 Description: The main goal of this project was to develop a custom eBook reader application, which is suited for both the PC and a PDA. The device reader application holds more prominence here, as that’s the client’s major marketing tool. eBook Reading Device: To capture the niche market for eBooks a revolutionary electronic device was developed with features such as animated page flipping, ability to read in day light, eBook Security with a unique DRM (Digital Rights Management) mechanism and a user friendly page navigation by means of a touch screen. Device Reader Application: The device reader application takes an xml/pdf-formatted eBook as input and renders it onto the frame buffer based graphics display screen of the device. Revolutionary Aspects: a) Only the owner of the eBook can read the eBook. The eBook can’t be pirated or copied like any other eBook b) Ability to read the book in both portrait & landscape views c) The user can book mark a page where in he can refer back when ever he needs. d) The book pages can be filled thanks to the device’s unique hardware Graphics layer e) The user can write & retain notes on each page. f) The book can even be read in day light because of the customized graphics screen. g) The books can be lended by the owner for a specific time. There by allowing resale or lending of second hand books. v Event driven software package for the database of Integrated coastal and marine area management (ICMAM). Technology : - C and Graphics Tools and Platforms : - Mat Lab 5.3 and Windows Role : - Designing, Coding and Testing Client : - Department of Ocean development (DOD), New Delhi Team Size : - 3 Description: National Institute of Oceanography (NIO, RC, Visakhapatnam) had taken up the Integrated Coastal and Marine Area Management (ICMAM) project funded by Department of Ocean Development (DOD), New Delhi. The main objective of this project is to classify the coastal waters of East Coast of India, by compiling and collecting various data sets, viz., physical, chemical, biological, microbiological, meteorological and climatilogical. The data was compiled for the stations, viz., Digha, Konark, Puri, Gopalpur, Visakhapatnam, Krishnapatnam, Pondicherry, Nagapatnam and Tuticorin. A huge database was generated for the above stations. Based on the overall information, the coastal waters will be classified which will help the state governments and pollution control boards to plan the future industries/activities along the coast. The project was successfully completed and the final reports were submitted to D.O.D in the year 2003. An event driven software package was developed for the above database. The graphical user interface (GUI) software using “C” language helps to retrieve the required parameter at a particular place/station. This is very helpful to search for the data of a particular station. The present developed software is a set of “C” language programs, linked by number of functions and user defined header files. This software is used for rapid retrieval and display of physical, chemical, biological, microbiological, meteorological and climatilogical data. Data are stored as sequential access disk files for rapid access. Programs are interactive and have graphics capability. A wide range of display and analysis outputs is available. v User interface software for Sound propagation. Technology : - C and Graphics Tools and Platforms : - Mat Lab 5.3 and Windows Role : - Designing, Implementation and Testing Client : - Naval Research Board (NRB), New Delhi Team Size : - 2 Description: The developed software “User interface for Sound propagation” is searches eigenrays (A ray connecting between the source and receiver) of infinity number of rays. This software is used for getting eigenrays using deep/shallow water sound propagation studies. This module generates MatLab files for details on ray information and ray coordinates to plot. v Estimation of Sand transport on natural beaches – A case study for Visakahapatnam beach and some simulation experiments. Technology : - C and Graphics Tools and Platforms : - Mat Lab 5.3 and Windows Role : - Designing, Coding and Testing Client : - National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC), Visakhapatnam Team Size : - 6 Description: Estimation of annual volume of sand transport along the coast is important for civil engineering, planning and construction of coastal structures. Sand transport by wind is a major factor involving stability of beaches and backshore of some areas of interest. One of the motive forces for transporting sand along the coast is littoral current generated by wave action, and the other one is wind on naturally grinded beaches. Studies on later topic was carried out from Bagnold’s formula, present reports work, using comprehensively collected time series wind data and sand sampling during November, 1997 to November, 1998 along beach of Visakhapatnam (Mutyalammapalem-Appikonda beach stretch), east coast of India, as a case study. The basic environment input for calculation of annual transport for this method is wind data, average grain diameter of sand and length of reach perpendicular to the direction of wind (i.e., projections). Relevant formulations of mathematical equations and their algorithms and analysis of results of the numerical experiments based on available data along reaches of Visakhapatnam coast are presented. This software package was developed to calculate the sand transport on natural beaches. The present software is a set of “C” and “MatLab” language programs, linked by number of functions and user defined header files. These software routines compute time-averages of wind, D50, projections for given wind data and sediment grain-distribution of the area of interest to compute sand transport. Routines are described from a user’s point of view. The result of output reveals that the total volume of sand transport due to wind is approximately 4593 m3 / year for the entire stretch of the Visakhapatnam beach. v Image Compression Software using Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) Technique. Tools and Platforms : - Mat Lab 6.5 and Windows Role : - Guidance Client : - Andhra University, Visakhapatnam Team Size : - 5 Description: An integrated friendly-user interactive multiple Ocean Application Package has been developed utilizing the well known statistical technique called Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) to achieve image and data compression in MatLab environment. This package facilitates to assign an input file like images (BMP, JPEG, TIFF and GIF)/Data (in the form of Matrix) and automation has been made to obtain compressed image/data for a given Closeness ratio. A worked example reveals that drastic reduction in storage space in compressed image as well as data is achieved. Another interesting feature of present SVD compression technique is that a JPEG image file gains higher compression with less quality loss. v User Interface Software for Marine Acoustic Modeling. Technology : - C and Graphics Tools and Platforms : - Mat Lab 5.3 and Windows Role : - Designing, Coding and Testing Client : - Naval Research Board (NRB), New Delhi Team Size : - 5 Description: Normal mode methods have been used for many years in underwater acoustics. Several normal-mode models existed which were widely used for predicting acoustic transmission-loss in the ocean; however, each had its own problems. Typical difficulties included numerical instabilities for certain types of sound-speed profiles and failures to compute a complete set of ocean modes. In short, there was a need for a model that was robust, accurate, and efficient. In order to resolve these problems a new algorithm was developed forming the basis for the KRAKEN normal model model. Kraken was greatly extended, with options for modeling ocean environments that are range-independent, range-dependent or fully 3-dimenstional. The current version offers a specialist a vast number of options for treating ocean-acoustics problems (or more generally acousto-elastic wave guides). On the other hand, it is easy for a less sophisticated user to learn the small subset of tools needed for the common problem of transmission-loss modeling in range-independent ocean environment. This model allows the both ocean and sediment sound-speed profiles. This is very useful to Naval department.

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