Punto Paper

af CarmineRumma
Punto Paper

Punto Paper is a Full Flash Photoshop-like Tool, implemented to compile the activity catalogue in double A5 Format. Features: - Photoshop-like tools (import image, rotate, scale, transform) - HTML Editor for tecnichal description - Saving Layout in XML (so a layout can be saved, and then continued) - Export of Layout in big Resolution (PNG, EPS, PDF(beta version) and SVG(experimental))

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Om mig

This is My it goes.. 10 years ago, when seeing websites builded with Macromedia Flash i remained stunned. Since then I decided to start with Flash..it was not long and I realized I had a passion for programming. My experience has grown over time, moving from Flash to open standards for device independence..and now i know most programming languages and softwares on the web market. As a Front-end developer I have an extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, jQuery and Javascript. These are my preferred tools as the demand for search engine ranking always seems to outweigh the animation features of Flash. I possess a high knowledge and experience with Back-End programming, result of years of development in ASP Classic, PHP ( increasingly oriented to objects ), that with MySQL Databases, MongoDB experiences, close the circle of my skills, combining languages ​​and performance. The continuing strong passion for programming that prompted me initially pushes me to evolve more and more over time.

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