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Hi, I'm Bogdan. I'm a computers enthusiast with interests varying from simple computer usage and web surfing to web design and development, coding and testing. I have a Master degree in Informatics (Managerial IT) and over 12 years of experience in Informatics. The working methodology with computers helped me develop a certain set of skills: patience in dealing with both the people and the projects that I am taking interest in; the ability to focus under stress and put my best into achieving the goals I set myself to; a certain methodology in thinking, organizing and prioritizing my time and work, thus managing to synchronize them to a better end; the ability to analyze situations and issues from different perspectives and find the most effective solution in due time; overcoming shortages and the need to constantly learn and update my set of skills and knowledge. I am quite a sociable person. I like meeting new people and interact with all kind of personalities.

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