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$7 USD / time
$7 USD / time
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$7 USD / time
$7 USD / time
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System Level Programming: BlowerSoft supports for different kind of system level applications around all kind of popular operating system like Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Sun Solaris, Linux, MacOS using C/C++, Visual C++, GNU tools etc. Our expertise lies on following sectors: • Device driver development using device driver development kit (ddk) in windows. • Linux specific device driver development. • Device specific application development in windows and Linux. • Design and implementation of high performance, scalable and secured server in Linux, Solaris and Windows. • System level application profiling and optimization. • Application porting from 32 bit to 64 bit platform. • Design and development fault tolerant computing for you mission critical application. • Design and development cluster computing for high end computing need. Enterprise Solution: Today's enterprise business demands most comprehensive solution for its complex structure and dynamic nature. We offer quality solution for your ERP to smooth your business venture. BlowerSoft has accumulated extensive experience in developing ERP software solution, customization, enhancement and maintenance. We develop quality ERP solution which are cost effective and will be tailor made for your business. Our skills on ERP solution comprise the followings: • Custom ERP software application development. • Enhancing existing ERP systems. • Web enabling ERP solutions/ERP integration to ecommerce. • Providing constant support and maintenance to the ERP solution developed. Web solution: It is time to alter the use of outdated versions of software applications that are hand-coded using incompatible tools and languages. It is expensive, time-consuming and risky to maintain such outdated software applications. It prevents improvisation of productivity and allows low quality, high- maintenance systems to persist. BlowerSoft has the ability to dedicate an entire team of specialized professionals to each of our custom web design, animation, flash design and web marketing projects. BlowerSoft has a group of highly experienced web developers to provide smooth development and maintenance facility for web solution. Our skills include the followings: • Ecommerce web site design • Professional web application development • Custom web design and Marketing • Flash animation • Developing web based office automation solutions • Bug-fixing, GUI modification & software enhancement • Performance Improvements, software upgrade and optimization • Software auditing • Porting and conversion to other platforms Web Services: At BlowerSoft, our Web Services solutions solve many, often-recurring, business processes; from delivering information between applications within disparate environments to enabling the cost-effective reuse of existing technology assets. Web Services solutions emerge as catalysts for Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), the next generation architectural model that extends the flexibility and reach of existing IT infrastructure in enterprises. SOA brings many organizational benefits, including: • Cost-effective integration of applications as compared to conventional EAI solutions • Platform neutrality and agnosticism makes them the ideal choice for solutions involving data and information aggregation from heterogeneous sources across enterprises • Enablement of cross-enterprise business processes • Forming the basis for futuristic enterprise IT trends like grid computing, pervasive computing and Business Process Management (BPM). Customer Relationship Management: Organizations that understand the strategic value of CRM can achieve dramatic increases in revenue, productivity and customer satisfaction. We can provide you with quality CRM solutions which will help you in escalating sales force performance and in fine tuning your customer relationship management system. Our experiences on CRM are as follows: • Design and Development of customized CRM solution. • Re-engineering and upgrading of an existing CRM system. • Developing a CRM solution from an Open Source resource. • Business and data analysis of your CRM system. Business Continuity Solution: BlowerSoft provides top notch Business Continuity solution for your enterprise need. We are backed by our proven skill of developing, enhancement, configuration and Software quality assurance for industry standard content management system and content server oriented applications tools. We know how to rapidly deconstruct the business complexities and challenges of your organization into the well-defined, innovative, value-producing ECM solutions you seek. We have following experiences on digital content management and backup solution: • Design and Development content management solution for specific business need. • Design and developing capture and recovery systems for Documentum, Microsoft Sharepoint, Hummingbird and FileNet. • Porting, enhancement and maintenance for content server oriented applications. Security Solutions: BlowerSoft can provide security information and event management solution that delivers 100 percent visibility into all security threats across your entire information infrastructure – from switches and routers, to security devices, applications, servers and storage. BlowerSoft accomplishes this through the real-time aggregation and analysis of all the data from all networked elements into a central RDBMS. With the use of BlowerSoft’s baseline learning system, you can see exactly what usual – or unusual – patterns are forming on your network, enabling you to identify security threats literally anywhere in your network, even in remote locations. Distributed System: The power of distributed architecture can effectively kick-start business performance and churn out miracle. Electronic commerce networked solution and distributed business management can be the only means by which you can keep pace with the cut-throat competition and current business scenario. BlowerSoft, equipped with highly qualified professionals has deep knowledge in real life challenging scenario developing distributed system for today’s competitive business world. VOIP and Video Telephony: BlowerSoft has very good experience in VOIP technologies and Video Telephony. Our team has experience in developing software for different types of VOIP solution in both Linux and Windows platform. Our skill set includes the followings: • Experience in development of open standard protocol for VOIP – mainly SIP. • Detail knowledge in different types of firewall and how to allow peer to peer multi-media communication from behind the firewall through Open standard protocol mainly STUN/TURN, ICE. • Experience in development of SIP based client for peer to peer Audio/Video chat and other Instant messenger features. • Experience in SIP based servers and Communication server for Audio conference. • Have very good understanding and experience in video coding and compression technologies and techniques. • Have good understanding of On Demand Video technologies. • Have professional experience in open standard video codecs like H.263, H.263++, H.264, MPEG4, and MJPEG. Image processing, Analysis and Pattern Recognition: BlowerSoft team has good experience in image processing, analysis and pattern recognition. The experience includes: • Experiences in Image Processing and Analysis methodologies include: o Geometric Transformation o Color Transformation o Registration, Segmentation, Combination o Convolution based methods and Filtering o Noise Reduction o Edge Detection o Smoothing, Thinning and Morphological Operations o Histogram and Statistical Analysis • Experiences in Pattern Recognition methodologies include: o Feature extraction o Neural Networks based recognition o Histogram based recognition • Experiences in image conversion between different formats namely: BMP, JPEG, JPEG-2000, PCX, PNG etc. Embedded system: BlowerSoft provides software solution for embedded systems. It has been one of the main strength of BlowerSoft team to develop software for real time systems, real time network. Our skill set includes the followings: • Firmware development for Optical switches and Wireless Access Point • Firmware development and porting for Voice gateway, Media gateway and SONET equipments • Real-time application development for VXworks and real time Linux (ucLinux) Handheld/Mobile application: BlowerSoft team boasts of extensive experience in developing industry's top mobile applications, i.e. Embedded web browsers for different platform like Windows CE, Palm OS and Symbian both in embedded Visual C++ and J2ME. BlowerSoft offers: • Developing mobile application for Windows CE, Symbian like different OS platform • Developing mobile games for Symbian, Windows CE platform using J2ME, Brew and Mophun • Developing 3D application/games using OpenGL ES for next generation handheld market • Developing application for handheld devices (Handheld gaming consoles, PDAs) • Porting mobile application from one codebase to other codebases (i.e. Brew to J2ME) Network Security Information and Event Management Solution: BlowerSoft has a great deal of experience in the field of Network Log Management systems that captures all the data – from security, network and enterprise applications, to mainframe, desktop and storage devices – and enables security and compliance solutions to transform this information into meaningful intelligence. Our engineers have experiences in development, enhancement and maintenance of the SIEM product that performs the following tasks: Ø Transforms the enterprise-wide data into compliance and security information. Ø Collects and protects all the data that drives customers’ businesses. Ø Real-time and historical security and compliance analysis as well as a powerful reporting and alerting solutions Ø Creates a complete picture of network usage Ø Verifies security policy compliance Ø Generates alerts for possible security breaches Ø Analyzes and reports on network performance The solution supports the following pillars of the infrastructure: • Network - Switches, Routers, Access Points • Security - Firewalls, VPNs, Intrusion Detection System (IDS)/ Intrusion Detection System (IPS) • Host and Host-based Applications - Operating systems, Applications • Application - Financial Systems, Content Management Storage - Databases, File Servers It captures all of the data directly from source devices (from syslog, snmp, log files) without the need for agents and manage the data from a distributed network, all from one view. It also generates baselines on all types of traffic, not just security incidents and over 800 reports for compliance and security. The product has implemented compliances with the standard laws: Basel-II: In 2003 the BASEL Committee on Banking Supervision, FISMA: Federal Information Security Management Act(2002), HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act(1996), GLBA: Gramm Leach Bliley Act for requiring financial institutions to protect the security, integrity, and confidentiality of consumer information, PCI: Payment Card Industry Standard Act, Sarbanes Oxley and US Patriot Act(2001). BlowerSoft has engineers with strong skill sets of cutting edge design and development tools and technologies that have driven us to build and maintain a sophisticated, reliable and efficient Security Information and Event Management product. Our skill sets includes: General HTML, DHTML, XML / XSL / XSLT, SOAP, WAP, CSS, Javascript, Cross browser development. Java Technologies and Tools J2EE compliant application servers Java / RMI JSP / Java servlets / EJB Spring, Hibernate, Struts, Axis, JWSDK for Webservice Development Eclipse, JBuilder for Java (IDE) Microsoft Technologies / Tools Windows NT / IIS, AS, CGI-Perl, MTS, COM / DCOM, Windows Socket API (Winsock 2), Win32 API, Visual Studio .NET (.NET framework / Web services / VB.NET / C# / XML / SOAP), MS SQL Server Programming Language: Microsoft Visual C/C++, GNU C, Java. Linux Linux / Apache, CGI-Perl, PHP, MySQL Application Servers Tomcat, Weblogic 6.0a, Weblogic 4.5, IIS 4.0 and IIS 5.0 Apache for Linux Databases MySQL, MS SQL Server , Oracle, and DB2 Other Technologies / Tools Employed Custom graphics designing Macromedia Flash Network Management: BlowerSoft has very good experience in developing and maintaining of different types of NMS systems and protocols. The skill set includes the following: • Network Simulation • Network Security • Intrusion Detection System (IDS) • Packet Capture & Analysis • Element Management System (EMS) • SNMP-based Systems with - • Fault management • Configuration management • Performance management • Security management • Inventory management

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