I am not just normal. I am extraordinary.

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I am not just normal. I am extraordinary.

My name is Prabha and I'm a freelancer. I create print & web awesomeness. And no...I am not normal. I am much more than that. I'm extraordinary. I'm adaptable, loyal, ambitious & an Eagle Scout (shameless plug), which means that I am the cream of the crop. I live, breathe, drink and absolutely love to write. I'm in love with ideas; building them, cultivating them, and watching them come to fruition. Nothing makes me happier. My background is very diverse, ranging everywhere from digging ditches (true story), the restaurant business & even cutting down trees. All this has given me a very unique insight into communication. I understand what they want and why they want it. What they need and why they need it. And how they go about getting it. Which is why I am great at what I do. I have used this insight to polish, cultivate and adapt my skills, in a never-ending mission to learn so that I can continue to be on the cutting-edge

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A graduated student just involved in freelancer.com to earn name and fame.

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